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Soul of a Star.. Chapter 12 – Legally Speaking


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Chapter 12: Legally Speaking

A week before Tara went missing.
Ting-tong.. Ting tong..   the Doorbell rang.
Tara dressed in a sexy halter neck black one piece dress opened the door. Her astonishing good looks which were improving with each passing day gave a mini heart attack to the one standing at the gate.
“What the F***! What’s happening to you, every time I see you, you look more and more beautiful.. This is not fair..” Jennifer complainingly complimented Tara her best friend.
As she entered Dutta family’s house she continued speaking in a loud non-stop way, “Are you practicing black magic or something to reverse your age.. Tell me or I would kill you..” 
Forgetting her growing age for once Jennifer wanted to pounce on Tara but seeing Roohi and Shekhar sitting she controlled herself.
“Damn you Jeans.. When will you grow up..” saying this Tara leant forward to give Jennifer a tight warm hug. She was more than a best friend to Tara and more like a God-sister, an angel in disguise.
Both the ladies were joined by Roohi for a group hug. Roohi was quite close to aunt Jennifer  and sometimes the onlooker seeing them together would fail to understand who was the smaller amongst both of them, Roohi or Jennifer.
“Can I come in?” asked a not so familiar voice which drew everybody’s attention towards the main door of the flat.
A tall, extremely fair, curly haired boy stood standing. His stern face with big spectacles over shadowing the young eyes and the beard on his chin made him look more mature than his age.
“Ta..da.. Surprise everyone.. Look who have I brought along with me.” Jennifer excitingly said.
Shekhar and Tara said in an amazing chorus, “Cyrus!”
Shekhar continued “What a pleasant surprise Jennifer, it’s been ages I’ve met this young chap. Though have seen him growing through photos thanks to Facebook but today we finally meet after such a long time.”
“Come on in.” Shekhar directed Cyrus and gave him a brief hug while patting his back.
Cyrus greeted everyone and all settled down.
“So Jennifer what made you come to Mumbai? Uhmmm.. Let me guess; only work can compel you, right?” Tara started the conversation while offering water to her guests.
Jennifer replied, “Not exactly.. I wanted to meet you people as well. It’s been so long that we had a reunion.  I was missing you all especially Rooh baby.”
“How are you dear? How are studies going on? Do your mom & dad push you too much for studies? Tell me and I will handle them nicely.” Jennifer continued speaking while kissing Roohi on her forehead.
“Not at all aunty.. You know I stood second in my class this year and also won all-rounder trophy”, Roohi replied.  “Only if you can come to my school and handle my class monitor, Ayush, it would be great. He is always complaining about me to teacher that I am a chatter box.” Roohi complained to Jennifer. Hearing this all burst into laughter.
“Common guys dinner time, Come over to the dining table” Tara said.
“So Cyrus what are you doing these days? Are you studying or working somewhere?”  Shekhar asked while guiding Cyrus & Jennifer to the dinner table.
“No I am studying law.” Cyrus replied
“Ok now I know the reason behind your stern looks” Tara jokingly said.
Tara had prepared the entire dinner menu according to Jennifer’s liking. There was Chicken Curry, Chicken Biryani, Paneer Butter Masala, Salad, Pickle and Chapattis for the main course. For dessert she had made fruit custard that was still kept in the refrigerator.
Jennifer started serving all and exclaimed jokingly to Shekhar “Feel at home dear.. Do you know him, Roohi?” She asked Roohi pointing towards Cyrus.
Roohi gave a thought and then said, “No!”
Jennifer replied “He is my nephew. You know when your mum and dad got married, they first met him there. He was ten years old then.”
“Really” Roohi exclaimed
“Yes and I still remember he was standing at a distance and looking at me. When Aunt Jennifer came to wish your dad and me, she brought him along and instead of wishing us; he had asked my autograph on his hand.” Tara added bringing in the custard for dessert.
“Roohi your mom was a star then and I was a diehard fan of her.” Cyrus replied
“Tara you have grown to be a great cook.” Jennifer commented as she helped herself with a second helping of fruit custard.
“Thanks Jeans, Shekhar helped me a lot..” Tara replied.
Getting up from the dining table Jennifer said “So got to go now it’s already late..”
“Stay for some more time.” requested Tara.
“Got to go now but I’ll meet you day after tomorrow for sure. Update your appointment diary.”  Jennifer replied.
“Alright, I will keep myself free around early evening.” Tara confirmed.
After exchanging good night wishes Jennifer and Cyrus left from Dutta house, ‘Cocoon’.
As the cab halted at the porch of hotel Park Plaza, Jennifer and Cyrus headed straight to their rooms.  Walking towards the room Jennifer asked Cyrus his laptop since she said her laptop was low on battery. Jennifer collected the laptop and headed to her room.
She was a quite a social person especially online. She had accounts on all major social networking websites with 1000+ friends, 2000+ followers and so on.. Every night after coming back from office she would lose herself in this over populated and always active social world. This night was no different.
She changed into a black satin night wear brewed herself a coffee and sat with Cyrus’s laptop. Sipping her coffee she clicked on new widow in Google Chrome browser. She found there were some social sites where even Cyrus was a frequent visitor. But then she found one website that was new to her but in the frequently visited list of Cyrus.
Jennifer being a journalist had curiosity running in her system like the blood in the body. Without any further delay and putting an end to her curiosity she clicked on to this website named “Legally Speaking”. As she continued to browse through the website she realised it was actually a blog and the owner of it was none other than Cyrus.
“Why hasn’t Cyrus told me about his blog? It’s so nice. I will talk about this to him tomorrow.” Jennifer spoke to herself.
She was proudly amazed by the progress her nephew had made and how serious he was towards his career.  The blog was dedicated solely for legal matters and had a mixed bag of blog posts ranging from famous civil & criminal cases from India and abroad, legal opinions, FAQs concerning Indian judicial system, posts about various acts and much more. It was very minimalistic in design with a lady justice picture on the top and the blog title mentioned in black colour. Even the posts had clear font type, font size and black in colour against the white background. Despite the minimalism, seeing the visitor counter widget positioned at the right hand column of the blog, Jennifer understood that the blog was a very successful one probably because of the niche information Cyrus was regularly posting on it.
She browsed through the recent posts column placed below the visitor counter which showed five posts on varied topics. Reading the five titles something motivated Jennifer and she skipped the first three and clicked on to the fourth one to read it.
The post was titled –
Meet the leader from controversial Ahuja Enterprises: Mr. Aryan Ahuja
Ahuja Enterprises is a known name in pharmaceutical industry today. Though the company is more than twenty years old but it had to face an exponential fall after the sudden demise of its owner, Mohinder Ahuja and his entire family in a massive car crash few years ago. The only surviving member of the family is Mr. Aryan Ahuja who became the M.D. of the company at a young age of twenty eight years and took up the challenge to transform the fate of this company again. Despite the hardships due to his sheer dedication towards the company and focus on its yearly goals; Aryan Ahuja in a short span of eight years has managed to give the company a miraculous turnaround. Today the company boasts of several path breaking patented medicines and an annual turnover of 100 million dollar.  There are few legal battles and patent infringement cases also against the company but people see most cases as publicity stunts and market competition.
The company might have been in the headlines but its M.D., Mr Aryan Ahuja continue to live a very private life. Having a master’s degree in business administration from Wharton university; Aryan Ahuja is one of those celebrated people who believe in leading a simple life; usually missing from business award functions, social circuits and even shying away from press and media. He is believed to ditch his huge ancestral home in Bandra to live in a flat in a high rise building that has him neighbor to yesteryear star actress Tara Dutta. On a personal front he is one of the most eligible bachelors of the country at an age of 36 years and with a bank balance that could astonish many.  
The post carried a medium sized picture of Aryan Ahuja, a young man with a brief smile, clean shaven, neat hairstyle and black formal business suit. Jennifer looked at it and was attracted by the dashing good looks of this man in the picture. She felt the simplicity and honesty in his character getting onto her mind.

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