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Soul of a Star..


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Chapter 2: Reflections 

Chalo Ek Baar Phir Se, Ajnabi Ban Jaye Hum Dono…” Shekhar sang with a flirtatious smile on his face; he was holding Tara in his arms and intended to smooch her.
“Hey what are you doing, leave me, I am already late for work… I have an important business meeting to attend…” Tara said while freeing herself from Shekhar’s arm. She was getting ready for office in a crisp ironed business suit.
Shekhar had his eyes fixed on his beautiful wife. Time hadn’t faded her beauty a bit; rather, she was becoming more enchanting and beautiful with every passing day.  Tara wore her favorite Rado watch and slipped into the stilettos from Steve Madden. As an afterthought, she signaled Shekhar to come and help her with wearing the pearl necklace.  Shekhar came readily as if to grab a great chance – like the one mega-discount offer that would come up biannually at Pantaloons, his favorite shopping destination. And with the pearl necklace tied he got his reward – a passionate kiss. They kissed like there was no tomorrow.
On the way to office in her car, Tara smiled thinking about the morning episode with Shekhar. Memories flooded her mind as she reflected on how she had changed the game from a lost battle into an Olympic gold medal. She remembered the day she was at Juhu beach holding the medical report which had her pregnancy news sealed.  How distressed she was with her life then. Her continuously downgrading career as a super model, her marriage with Shekhar was on rocks, and then the news of pregnancy…
Walking on the Juhu beach, she was worried about the news of her pregnancy spreading in the fashion circuit and Bollywood. “My career will be permanently destroyed,” she was worried. “How will I survive without a job, without money I have worked so hard to achieve this position of a super model and a successful actress. From being a nobody I have become the most sought after diva and now all of a sudden this thing. Should I abort it or shouldn’t I?” she had asked herself…
Moreover, she had almost broken up with Shekhar, the love of her life… Back then she felt that within two years, distance grew between Shekhar and her. The attraction she had felt before marriage for Shekhar had taken a back seat with the bills that rolled out after passing month.  
Shekhar had failed as a writer; the big dreams he harbored regarding his career had crashed because he refused to accept criticism from publishing houses. Even the talks with two ace Bollywood producers had been in vain with the movies being shelved.
Once a charmer, Shekhar had now become a grumpy person, who picked fights with Tara on trifle issues. Not that they did not spend happy times together, but with the pressures of life and the practicalities to cater to, those days were so few in number that one could easily mark them on the calendar.
The pregnancy report in her hands was the outcome of one such happy day… Was she regretting that day? Was she sad about the news or was she happy about this new development? Lost in her thoughts, she mistakenly smashed the sand-castle of a three year old during her stroll. The little one was inconsolable and ran complaining about Tara’s ill-deed to her mother. Tara was instantly fascinated with the innocence of that child. At that very moment she had realized that God had shown her the way. In an instant, all her doubts were laid to rest. She knew what exactly to do next.
In the evening she had given Shekhar a call and asked him to meet her for dinner at his favorite restaurant. She had broken the news about her pregnancy to him and his joy was visible in his reaction as he instantly took her into his arms. It was a priceless moment in days. With the news of her pregnancy, everything seemed to be falling in place between them. They started to meet often and finally Tara returned to her and Shekhar’s love nest.
Obviously with the growing pregnancy, the bump became evident and Tara’s career as a fashion model & actress came to an end. But Tara harbored no regrets as Shekhar bagged a few good freelance assignments; those were enough to sustain their living during her pregnancy. Moreover, modelling was just a short term career, Tara told herself. Luck had finally showered its grace upon them.
Being a career oriented girl that Tara was she had contacted her friends in top advertising agencies and had bagged a job as a client servicing executive with a front line advertising firm.
As Tara’s chauffeur driven-car entered the gates of the 21 storeyed building in Andheri, where her office was located, she came back from the reflections of her past. From an ordinary executive, Tara had made her way to the post of director of client servicing and relations, in a short span of time. As Tara entered her office, she told to herself, “It’s not that I don’t love Shekhar, but I’m the ‘Man of the house’ and a director of this company. This is no less than an Olympic Gold Medal.” She had a mysterious smile on her face.

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