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Book Review – Panther by Chhimi Tenduf-La

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Honestly, after reading ‘The Amazing Racist’, the first novel written by author, Chhimi Tenduf-La, I was expecting another novel with a humor filled take on life. On my shelf comes a novel with a lot of novelty in the sense of story and the way of story telling.
On the shelf.. #Panther by #ChimmiTendufLa
On the shelf.. #Panther by #ChimmiTendufLa
Book Title – Panther
Authors – Chhimi Tenduf-La
Genre – Fiction
Publisher – Harper Collins India
Published in – July 2015
Pages – 272
Available Formats – Paperback & Kindle Edition
Price – Rs. 222 for Paperback Edition
Available Online at – &
This book took me precisely four amazingly good bedtime sessions for me to read the conclusion.

The Plot:

Prabu, a child soldier from one of the panther training camps, somewhere in Sri Lanka turns out to be a great cricket player. On the basis of this he is accepted in a top notch school of Colombo. This is the time when his struggle for acceptance in the mainstream society and being treated as equal from the other majority group of the country begins. Meanwhile, he comes across some amazing people like Indika & his family and some disgusting people like Coach Silva.

What Didn’t Work for Me:

  • The typical English used in varied conversations made it little difficult for me to understand some conversations between different characters on the novel in one go.
  • Names of some characters could have been kept simpler for better understanding.

What Worked for Me:

  • The friendship of Prabu & Indika.
  • The beauty with which the life and struggle of a child is described from his panther camp days to the time he re-connects with mainstream society.
  •  Some events are convincingly written by the author.
  • Characterization of protagonist and other characters in the story.

About the Author:

Having the exposure to vivid cultures and lifestyles of Hong Kong, London, Delhi and Colombo, the man behind this book is ‘Chhimi Tenduf-La’. He is half English, half Tibetan by birth. Hi first book,  ‘the Amazing Racist’ was an absolute hit among readers. Panther, is his second book.


My rating for this book would be 4.5/5.
My concluding thoughts on this life story of a thin toothpick liked legged, ‘Panther’ is that once you start reading, you unknowingly get involved with the story of Prabu. Caught between the tussle of existence and power show between the two groups prevalent in his country, the pains that the central character has to go through is quite moving. The friend-foe relation between Prabu & Indika is quite interesting yet has a realistic base. Keeping all of this aside, it is very disheartening to read the extent a human can go in  order to express his hatred towards another human being or a group of people. Finally, the success of the protagonist in his ever challenging life leaves a reader, like me with a reassured belief in oneself and optimism to receive life with open arms.
Go grab a copy of this intense life story of a Panther, now!

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