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Oppo F1s ‘Selfie Expert’ Phone Review

We all love to take ‘Selfies’. Selfies with friends & family, in parties, at a beautiful destination, with celebrities, with food and more. Well, Smartphones have revolutionized our lives in many ways. Capturing self-photographs commonly called as ‘selfies’ is the latest trend that apparently the whole world has fallen in love with!
I am no different. So I like to stretch my arm, get the angle right, smile & then simply click! As for me, I have taken selfies in several normal & insane times. Well, you can call me a ‘Weirdo’ but I prefer calling myself a ‘Selfie Lover’.
So I need a phone that is truly ‘smart’ and which helps me in taking amazing selfies apart from a gamut of stuff like being active on more than 5 social websites and mobile applications. No, I am not going to blatantly promote this phone but present an honest view and share my real experience of this phone.
Some Primary Information about this Oppo F1s Mobile Phone:
New Picture (10)You can read the detailed specifications here .

My views about  Oppo F1s ‘Selfie Expert’ phone:

pixl004Apart from taking selfies being a professional blogger I have to be forever active on various social websites and apps; adding to the chaos is the photo editing that I sometimes do over the phone, play games, listen to music and sometimes even write a blog post. Phew! So much to do and everything with the gadget of size equal to my palm, surely the device needs to be a ‘super-device’ to match my pace and complex working style.
Further, I need the battery to perform like our cricketing superstar Virat Kohli who is quite dependable & a super performer. So on all of these criteria, I feel that Oppo F1s is a great smartphone. It performs brilliantly when I multi-task and juggle between different apps. There is no lag, no phone hanging incidences. The battery supports the complex usage of the phone very well.
First Selfie with Rohit Khandelwal - Mr. World 2016 taken with #SelfieExpert OppoF1s
First Selfie with Rohit Khandelwal – Mr. World 2016 taken with #SelfieExpert Oppo F1s {Interview soon on the blog}
But the real show stopper while talking about Oppo F1s phone is the front camera. The front camera is of 16MP and has 1/3.1 image sensor and 2.0 aperture. The auto flash makes sure that even in low lighting conditions your selfies are clear and good. Plus the Beautify 4.0 software enables one to take awesome selfies. Oh my God! I am in love with myself all over again!
Plus there are added features like Selfie Panorama and Selfie Videos. Since it is a Selfie expert phone the rear camera is planned to be 13 MP, the image quality of this camera can give its immediate competitors a tough fight.
Adding to it the sleek design of the phone & light weight makes it really easier to hold the phone for a longer time and to capture beautiful selfies.
The brand ‘Oppo’ isn’t a new name in the mobile market as many people think it to be rather it is a trusted Chinese brand which has made a mark worldwide. They have recently joined hands in supporting Cancer patients with YouWeCan – a great initiative by Yuvraj Singh and also set up a manufacturing unit in North India.

Oppo F1s v/s Apple iPhone 6s



Oppo F1s v/s Samsung Galaxy A7 


pixl9Here’s are some of my unedited selfies taken through iPhone 6s, Oppo F1s & Samsung Galaxy A7. The first one starting from the price range of around Rs. 58000, the next one in the price range of Rs. 18000 & the last one in the price range of Rs. 26000. After all, money does matter!



This is my 6th day with Oppo F1s, take a look at some more of my unedited Selfies in the Beauty mode set at various levels.
Keeping all things aside, isn’t this phone making me look more & more beautiful? :-*
If I start posing, I cannot be stopped so easily and with this stylish Oppo F1s ‘Selfie Expert’ phone more & more pictures are bound to happen. It also doubles up as a stylish fashion accessory!




For a selfie lover like me, life is a bliss to have Oppo F1s phone in my hand. It is truly a ‘selfie expert’ and packed with some excellent features that are really exceptional in its price band!  I wouldn’t want to say that iPhone’s picture quality is lower than Oppo F1s but then F1s is a promising competitor who can get challenging to deal with sometimes. For me a big thumbs up to Oppo F1s smartphone!

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