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Relax, Heal & Rejuvenate Your Soul at Divine Retreat Centre, Muringoor, Kerela

Divine Retreat Centre Muringoor Kerela
Divine Retreat Centre Muringoor Kerela

Human existence is basically an integration of Body, Mind & Soul. A minor disbalance in the three can lead to a lot of physical, mental & emotional problems. Bodily discomforts are curable but mind matters stay in the mind only. Further, issues at the Soul level are even darker. There is all sort of negativity in there, that doesn’t really come out in public but breaks the person bit by bit. This ultimately leads to a pool full of guilt, angst jealousy & hatred. Divine Retreat Centre Muringoor Kerela is a holistic Christian religious centre where the focus is on the ever-wandering Mind & Soul.

But it being a Christian center shouldn’t really stop you from visiting this place. Simply because sometimes in life certain situations come our way, where one feels trapped and science, education, high paying jobs and more seem to fail. The only hope that is left is divine intervention. Every year thousands of Christians & Non– Christians from different religions, from different states and vivid nationalities, visit this Divine Retreat Centre in Muringoor, Kerela. Many come to devote quality time for soul healing while others come seeking divine help for special intentions like for a child, financial stability, mental peace, de-addiction from bad habits, marriage counselling and more.


For people coming from metropolitan cities, Kerala may seem to be an environmental shock as it may seem like one big garden or park with so much of greenery around. The nearest airport to Divine Retreat Centre in Muringoor, Kerela is the Kochi airport. After landing here a short half an hour to forty-five minutes drive is all it takes to reach the retreat centre. Muringoor is a small town outside Kochi city. There shouldn’t be any problem while coming by car as Divine Retreat Centre Muringoor Kerela is very famous.

Mother Mary Groto at Divine Retreat Centre Muringoor Kerela
Mother Mary Grotto at Divine Retreat Centre Muringoor Kerela

Ambiance & Accommodation:

Seating Area before and after sessions at Divine Retreat Centre Muringoor Kerela
Seating Area before and after sessions at Divine Retreat Centre Muringoor Kerela

Divine Retreat Centre, Muringoor, Kerala is situated in a vast area of land. The locals here refer to this area as Divine Nagar. Divine Retreat Centre where the inner healing and couple retreats are held in Malayalam is on one side of the road. It is said that on any day the Malayalam area of the centre is packed to its full limit with people from different backgrounds attending the holistic retreats.

Jesus Christ' body in arms of Mother Mary - Divine Retreat Centre Muringoor Kerela
Jesus Christ’ body in arms of Mother Mary – Divine Retreat Centre Muringoor Kerela

On the other side of the road is the fairly new portion of Divine Retreat Centre where retreats are held in English, Hindi, Konkani, Kannada and other languages. For attending the week long retreats, it is mandatory for all to stay on the same campus and follow the rules set by the authorities there.  So no one is allowed to leave the premise before the retreat ends. Hence, apart from rooms and retreat halls, there is a big food mess, few shops having daily need items, clinic, a small food restaurant, cab assistance room etc.

 The rooms are generally allotted on first come first basis and there are different levels of room available. So one can choose to live in a dormitory to luxury A/C rooms which are priced very nominally as compared to any hotel accommodations. A basic non-AC room which is well cleaned and with attached washroom costs about Rs. 1300 for six days where two people can stay.

However, it is advisable to carry a mosquito net, mosquito repellent skin creams and a bedsheet or two along.


Mess Area at  Divine Retreat Centre Muringoor Kerela
Mess Area at Divine Retreat Centre Muringoor Kerela

The food at Divine Retreat Centre, Muringoor, Kerela, is pretty basic but tasty and filling. For the first day, each meal is given at Rs. 30. A fixed time is there for each food meal starting with a black coffee at 5.30 A.M. in the morning. If you have children along then milk etc. are available at a nominal fee. After the first session, there is a breakfast break around 9.30 A.M. followed by lunch at 1 P.M. The evening tea is generally served around 4 P.M. post that at 9 P.M. the dinner is served. Here one needs to wash their own plates and glasses.

Activities To Do at Divine Retreat Centre, Muringoor, Kerela:

Session Hall Podium

Once a person enters the retreat centre, there is nothing else to do but to connect with the divine power and surrendering yourself to the supreme power. So generally the day at Divine Retreat Centre in Muringoor, Kerela begins at 5.30 A.M.  when coffee is served post that the multiple sessions of prayerful adoration begin. There is a counselling session held in one of the days where you can share your problem with the counsellor and get valuable insights. The last day sessions including the testimony session are not to miss ones!

Our Opinion:

First thing first, anyone planning to visit Divine Retreat Centre, Muringoor, Kerela shouldn’t misconstrue it to be holistic (like NIMBA) or an ayurvedic resort apt for relaxing holiday. It is a religious retreat centre promoted by Vincentian fathers under Christian religion. Only on a visit personally, would one believe that even the non-Christians and foreigners attend it. In no way, the place promotes anyone to change his or her religion. But until the time a person is at the retreat centre, an active involvement in the sessions is required. Sessions see different speakers telling mostly about practical life. There are certain words that are time and again repeated in sessions. Take these words as a ‘Mool Mantra’ and not a thing related to a particular religion.

It is not only for elderly people but also for teenagers, young couples & children. There are different retreats that are held all year long and one can pre-book as per his or her convenience by calling or emailing them. People from all walks of life come to this place and so expectations of luxury holiday would fail here; though the retreat centre is well kept. Teenagers and young couples might feel out of place here for the first one or two days but once you let go yourself and become a part of the encaptivating sessions, one is bound to become more and more interested in it. Just keep it positive and being receptive to what is being said here with an open heart is the mantra of getting benefitted most out of the week long retreat at Divine retreat Centre, Muringoor, Kerela.

Many say that they have received ‘Miraculous blessing/healing’ here after all

“Miracles only happen when you Believe.”

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  1. Every time I visit kerala I feel rejuvenated. There’s something in the air and greenery

  2. That’s such a divine place, healing with religion, wow, loved to know of such a place:)

  3. I didn’t know this place in Kerala..Thnx for letting me know such a great place

  4. Nicely spotted.. in the kind of fast-paced stressful life, this place is really a gem..!!

  5. Ah ! I was actually thinking this would be some kind of spa or therapy ,but a spiritual retreat is what we all need sometimes .

  6. Wow. I am sure a session here would leave you rejuvenated and calmer. This place evokes serenity.

  7. Such an Wonderful place to go in kerala nicely…

    1. Thanks it is really helpful in calming a tensed mind and soul!

  8. great to see this place in kerala…thanks a lot!!!

  9. Pamela says:

    After the first Retreat, I started planning my next, so give it a try

  10. Kumarini Fernando says:

    Praise the Lord

    My name is Kumarini Fernando

    Email address kumfernando@gmail.com

    I am from Sri Lanka. Can someone help me get myself to the Divine Retreat Center in Chalakkudy to follow the retreat.

    I’m attached to the prayer group called the Community of the Risen Lord in Sri Lanka and would like to follow an English retreat.

    I am looking to be there anytime after May 15th 2018
    English retreat
    How I can reach the Divine Retreat Center traveling from Sri lanka
    How much will an ac room cost with meals
    I do not wish to share the room
    The lady Mrs Gunasekara from Sri Lanka If I can please have her
    contact number if possible

    Can someone please give me the answers to the above

    1. Pamela says:

      U can book a flight from Ur place to Kochi .on arrival get a prepaid taxi to Devine mercy Retreat center which is 25 min drive from the airport.

  11. Desmond Lewis says:

    Been to Divine retreat center 3 times about 20 odd years ago. Yes, miracles do happen there. Had a fracture of my scaffoid and had constant pain in my wrists but after the 3rd visit there, suddenly there was no more pain. Most orthopaedic doctors said a fracture on the scaffoid (irregular shaped bone) was irreparable without surgery. It was a miracle. Now I am visiting again with multiple fractures because of an accident in a Dubai accident,with depression and multiple addictions. I am not a religious Catholic but I honestly believe there is something miraculous about this place. I hope to stay there for 2 weeks. One week isnt enough this time for me. I hope my brothers and sisters will pray for me.

  12. Sunitha Santhosh says:

    I am Hindu I am going to attend English treat on 2th of Feb 2019 with my son I want the prayers for my family members for addition and Lord Jesus Christ have to touch my family members with Holy Spirit

  13. Honestly haven’t been here before, but would surely like to visit once on my next trip to Kerala, thank you for sharing this amazing bit!

  14. This looks like a great centre for some rejuvenation.

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