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Toilet Ek Prem Katha – Movie Review


‘Toilet Ek Prem Katha’ released yesterday in India. It has actors like Akshay Kumar, Bhoomi Pednekar, Anupam Kher, Sudhir Pandey, Divyendu Sharma & Rajesh Sharma in the main roles. The film is a short in the arm to the Swach Bharat Abhiyan initiated by Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, himself. It reinforces the significance of having a toilet inside every home while having a romantic story as the base. 

What Worked for ‘Toilet Ek Prem Katha’ Movie (2017):

  • Splendid performances by all the leading and supporting cast. They seem to be at their natural ease.
  • Exceptionally written scene & dialogs. While writing about a sensitive issue for a mainstream Bollywood film the writer has done a brilliant job.
  • It has comic elements and incidents from daily life added to lighten the subject.
  • Akshay Kumar works as the string to keep all characters united aiding in the story narration.
  • A blazing issue in India forms the core of this film. Every possible solution to address this problem is depicted in the film. The best take was reciting the Sanskrit verses from the Holy Scriptures that lay emphasis on good sanitation practices for a healthy living.
  • The pace of the movie is also good.

What Didn’t Work:

  • The last song wasn’t really needed. The facts could have been presented in writing as well. While the Holi song seems to be a bit long.


4.5/5 stars

The film starts with light-hearted comic scenes and a brief introduction to the orthodox mind set still prevalent in small towns & villages of India. ‘Toilet Ek Prem Katha’ is not just about creating an awareness to sanitation & toilet practices but it brings to light many other discrepancies in the conventional system which is mainly patriarchal. Also it highlights the other side of love which is not a mushy romance but protecting and truly caring for the needs of your loved ones.  It is another feather in the leading pair of Akshay Kumar & Bhoomi Pednekar’s hat. ‘Toilet Ek Prem Katha’ excels in being a progressive and a thought leader movie which will also give you a hearty laugh. Highly recommended movie to be watched with family!

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  1. Hey ! Thanks for the review .I’m all for comic movies .

    1. It is a great watch..

  2. Lovely review..I am looking forward to seeing this movie.

    1. It is indeed a great film!

  3. I love to watch akshey’s movies coz he is my all time fav hero in the bollywood. His acting is mind blowing. This movie looks quite interesting as the name itself is comic and attractive. I really like your review and now definitely will watch this

    1. Akshay is a silent mover. Prefers not be in the limelight but has made a mark in Bollywood.

  4. I saw the movie yesterday and I quite agree with your review, though I felt that the second half of the movie was bit slow and the ending little abrupt.. rest yes performances were great and the issue very relevant

  5. Hitasha says:

    Wow! After reading your review, I will plan & watch it this week only 🙂

  6. I’m looking forward to watch this movie ! It’s written well and your ratings are so high ❤

  7. Prakhar says:

    Great review, ita surely making me watch the movie.

  8. joshitajj says:

    That was a nice review. I’ll definitely watch this movie soon…

    1. Thank you!

  9. Eager to watch it now, title did appeal me but I was uncertain how it would come out to be.. Thanks for this review, shall plan in upcoming holidays:)

    1. Hope you find time to see the movie soon..

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