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5 Easy Life Hacks to Re-Energize Your Tired Self!

It’s morning and after a good 8 hours of sleep you still feel exhausted, your body doesn’t seem to call it a Good Morning!

Or say for example its 4 P.M. in the evening and you aren’t really able to focus on your work at office. A sense of uneasiness, dullness so much so that you just wanna get the clock run at a double speed to help you reach home fast?

Or maybe yo are just sitting at home and though your mood is okay but still feel as if your body has suddenly become energy less?

Has this ever happened to you?

Well here are 5 easy tried and tested life hacks that will help you to re-energize your tired Self and no we aren’t going to tell you to hit the Gym or go for a run!

#1 Sing a Song:

Now for reinvigorating your body and mind one doesn’t need to be a trained singer or so. All you need to do is find a place where you are alone and sing a positive song you love the most. A precondition to this first of the five life hacks is that one needs to sing from his stomach/diaphragm and not from his nose. Singing from nose is kind of superficial singing. While when one sings using the stomach, deep breathing caused by this then triggers energy circulation with a more impact.

#2. Help ‘Water’ Help:

Water constitutes 70 % of our body which also shows the importance of it in our lives. So at time when you are feeling low in energy , say hi to Water. In the sense re-hydrate yourself, wash your face, go for a bath or may be go swimming! Truly one of the instant life hacks.

#3. Breathe In and Breath Out:

Feeling energy deprived is directly related to breathing. So why not resort to deep breathing!

For this sit at a secluded place or any place where the noise level is minimum and with a conscious effort take five to ten deep breaths. Doing so keep your eyes open lest you fall asleep. 🙂 Deep breathing relaxes the uneasiness within the body and mental exhaustion. A tried & tested tip here would be to conduct this deep breathing regime while instructing the body for inhaling and exhaling in the mind like a Yoga instructor does.

#4. Dance:

Yes shaking a leg no matter how bad a dancer you are can help you in re-energizing your self. Obviously in the office premise one cannot simply get up and start dancing but you can do this inside a restroom. When at home certainly you can do it more freely after all it is your den!

#5. Get Some Air:

Air again is a vital thing for human existence and so getting some fresh positive air can be of great help for energizing the body & mind. By getting positive air we mean, fresh air that’s prevalent in morning or may be synthetic air which has a good fragrance.  Even applying a perfume can help here. While the negative air would be, air filled with pollution like smoke etc.

Inculcating these simple life hacks in our lives isn’t a rocket science that one has to think thousand times. In fact best part about these tips is that they don’t demand much of your time or effort. 

Don’t forget to let us know if these five hacks worked for you.

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12 thoughts on “5 Easy Life Hacks to Re-Energize Your Tired Self!

  1. I have been unconsciously using 1,3, 4 since my college days..I am very lazy.. these 3 work for me.. especially no 1 is great… It gets your body mind into a rhythm.. choose your favourite song though.. otherwise it may do more harm than good

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