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Simran Movie (2017) – A Viewer’s Review


Kangana Ranaut is the torch bearer of Ekela Chalo Re ideology in the Hindi film fraternity. Recently after her fiery interview in Aap Ki Adalat TV show, she was back in to the pool of controversy. However, any good or bad talk about actors is thought to be good for film promotions. For ‘Simran’ movie promotion too, the recent spat of this National award winning actress worked to create buzz.

Talking about the Simran movie, it is the second film of Kangana after Queen which is based on a single girl wandering to know the true purpose of her life. 

What Worked:

  • Kangana (Praful Patel in the film) has acted stupendously in some portions of film. The eccentricity needed for this role looked very natural on her.
  • Songs are good and well timed.
  • Speed of the film is good.
  • There are some scenes in the film that makes the viewer emotional and touch deep inside. Dynamism of  aspects like Parents-child relation, thought process of a divorced single independent girl and more have been explored here with adeptness.
  • This is one of the first films where Kangana has tried her hands on comedy. The comic scenes are good enough.

What Didn’t Work for Simran Movie:

  • The second lead, Sohum Shah, though looks good and adds freshness to the film but his character hasn’t been built as strongly as his contribution to Praful’s life. Sohum’s character is well read person but still speaks shudh Hindi is too unreal to believe. 
  • The story hasn’t been drafted properly rather the screenplay looks amateurish. If the basic plot would have been taken up by a more experienced writer then probbly the screen play would be better.
  • At few instances, it seems that Kangana has taken her get up for Praful’s role way to casually. At times she is looking horrible, messed up and fake without any need of looking as such.
  • Even the character development of Kangana hasn’t been done correctly. She is told to be a divorcee but there is no context in the film to show whether her attitude towards life is a result of this or not.


3/5 stars

Simran movie reminds one of Queen at few instances but alas both are incomparable. Simran is a one time watch for Kangana’s sake but not a repeat watch like Queen. The basic plot had the potential of being an inspirational story but amateurish handling of plot failed the purpose. The film is far from being believable in logical sense but is strong at emotional level. Simran though is a nice film but lacks the wow factor. An average film to watch over the weekend .

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  1. I am planning to watch this.. Nice review

  2. Nisha Malik says:

    I was really wondering if it was another Queen. ? thanks for the re view. Saved my time and money.

  3. I really like kangana’s acting in her movies. She always does her role with natural expressions. She is one of my favourite actress because of her acting. Will watch simran at least for once

  4. After reading this review and being Kanganas acting fan I’m going to watch this movie soon

  5. Mrinal says:

    You have reviewed this movie really well! I guess I should skip this movie.. i was a fan of Queen!

  6. I’m not a Kangana fan and feel she is overrated, hence the need to rake up controversies before a film. Thanks for the review.

  7. Deepika says:

    I had really high hopes… but the ratings have not been that high… will watch maybe next weekend

  8. I still want to watch this movie… Will go tommorow

  9. It’s so sad that the movie is not up to the mark but I would definitely love to watch it once because of kangna…

  10. I liked this review. I liked the movie in patches. It was worthy watching only because of Kangna. She is a class apart!

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