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Story of BHANGARH – The Most Haunted Place in India!

If you are a lover of flicks like Annabelle, Conjuring and their likes plus you are a traveler too, then this place is sure to pull you! No we aren’t talking about the ghostly attraction; but this is the one place that you should visit to experience the eerie vibes in reality!

Just in case if you haven’t heard of Bhangarh (Rajasthan) until now or want to know more about it then read on. We give you all the reasons why Bhangarh fort is known to be the most haunted place in India and why visiting this place should be in travel itinerary the next time you are visiting Delhi or Rajasthan. 

Travelling & Getting There:

Bhangarh  is situated in Alwar district very near to Sariska Tiger Reserve. It is 255kms. from Delhi which means roughly 5 and half hours of travel. While if you are visiting the capital city of Rajasthan – ‘Jaipur’ then Bhangarh (Rajasthan) is mere 2 hours away. Travelling to this fort can be best enjoyed by road. So one can take up a bus, cab or personal vehicle for reaching the place. Road conditions are fairly good. An equally good alternative for reaching Bhangarh fort is by railway (Alwar station) and then by public transport. 

Staying There:

Johari Bazar area..

Alwar has few hotel options and still fewer good hotels. If one can manage to visit both Bhangarh fort and Sariska Tiger Reserve in a day’s time then they can opt for staying in Jaipur.  On the contrary, if one wants to have a relaxing and detailed visit at these places then it is advisable to stay a night or two in Alwar itself.

Our Experience of Visiting Bhangarh Fort:

During the day, Bhangarh fort area looks like any other historical monument from outside. There are few monuments in the premise that are well preserved but some especially the palace area has turned into ruins.

As told by the old caretaker of the place, the main palace had eight floors originally. There are four floors that are still visible however, the caretaker informed us that there were two more floors above the currently visible fourth floor which came down due to lack of proper maintenance and natural calamities. He also told us that there are two more floors that have are now engulfed inside earth. It is also rumored that the state government is planning to dig in those floors for the possibility of finding treasure. 

At some places especially the Johari Bazar area and the temple there is a dense population of monkeys. But as one continues to go further inside the palace area, the monument is mostly inhabited by bats. This is also one of the possible reasons why some monuments like the palace have a distinct smell and sound prevailing.

The vibes of the place are definitely spooky! There are certain rooms that are dark even at daytime and one doesn’t feel to even enter them also. On the fourth floor there are beautiful pillars with carvings done that are symbolic of that opulent era but now they are nothing but mere rubble.

Locals offering prayers inside the palace.

Tips of visiting Bhangarh Fort:

  • Wear comfortable shoes.
  • During rainy season carry an umbrella along.
  • One might want to keep torch handy.
  • Entering in all rooms is not necessary. So no awards & rewards for bravery here. Go by gut instinct!
  • Carry few eatables & water.
  • There are places in the fort areas with dense population of bats so one needs to be cautious.
  • Do not stay back after sun set.

The Story of BHANGARH: How it came to be known as the most haunted place of India

Today there are many people who only believe on scientific proven concepts from daily life; a place being spooky doesn’t obviously come in this category. However, when the Archaeological Survey of India puts up an explicit board stating the prohibition on remaining inside the premise after sun set then one is bound to believe in such stories. 

Legend No. 1

The most popular legend about Bhangarh Fort is that of Emperor Madho Singh who built the city. This city is also known as old Jaipur. Simply because this city was being made to act as the capital of the then king’s empire. The construction commenced only after getting the approval of Guru Balu Nath, a sage who used to meditate at this place. The ascetic gave approval on one condition that the shadow of the Emperor’s palace should never fall on his resting place. If in case it did, the city would turn into ruins.

Post construction, the house of the Guru was shadowed by the palace due to which Bhangarh fort and city transformed into a cursed city. 

Legend No. 2

The next story about Bhangarh Fort is related to Princess Ratnavati. When the princess was about to get married, suitors from different states came forward to marry her. This news also reached a tantrik (a priest worshiping negative forces) named Singhia. He knew the princess would never say for getting married to him. So he decided to cast a magical spell over her. But all in vain as princess Ratnavati got to know about the magical spell and she poured the oil on the ground that was to be used for her hairs.  The oil took the shape of a giant rock and started to roll towards Singhia, ultimately crushing him to death.

Singhia’s rage for the princess was such that as a revenge he cursed the then town of Bhangarh (Rajasthan) to turn into ruins. Soon after the untimely death of the same princess in a war with a neighboring state reinforced the belief on this curse among the residents of Bhangarh. All the residents ultimately left their homes in Bhangarh fort area all of sudden and relocated. 

Been here or heard about this place then do share your experience with us!

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  1. I have heard about this place and only knew Legend 1. I wanna visit it too! Love the pictures and thanks for sharing, will keep your tips in mind! 🙂

  2. Wow the stories behind this place is very interesting. I think most people not aware about this information. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Most people today won’t really believe in these tales but seeing is believing.

    2. We feel the stories add to the mystery of this place!

  3. I have heard about it and I love such spooky historical stories.. loved the pics and your post! ❤

    1. The place has a mystical charm!

  4. Wow. What a beautiful place. I so wanna travel there. Its so fun

    1. Yup it is a beautiful place.. But it is a fun place or not, we aren’t really sure about. 🙂

  5. OKay the place itself looks so eerie! I wonder how and why you went!! Its all so scary even in the pics!

    1. We like to explore off-beat places so we had to visit this place for sure!

  6. I have heard about this place but never been. It’s on my checklist. Loved the photography. The pictures look so haunting yet hypnotic. Great work!

    1. Thanks!

  7. Deepika says:

    Sounds thrilling…the pictures are beautiful, I have never been to this place but will visit soon

    1. It is a must visit place for the curious souls like you and us!

  8. I have heard a lot about this place being Spooky and haunted

    1. Great have you been here by any chance?

  9. Such Stories actually is very much in. I am sure after reading this many young people will plan to visit this place for adventure.

    1. Jiya agree to you a bit but these monuments also need to be highlighted apart from the cliched places to visit. It’s different 🙂

  10. hena jose says:

    The place for sure looks spooky. Wonder why Bollywood has not made a movie on the cursed princess.

    1. Hope some Bollywood director sees this post.

  11. I’ve also heard many haunted story related to bhangarh which makes it so adventures Wish to explore it soon

  12. Papri Ganguly says:

    really on the day light the spooky vibes are still shown in your photos. Love the story behind this place. Will surely visit.

  13. you know this place has been on my list since long.. but somehow never been able to.. though these haunted stories are interesting but i haven’t got the courage as horror isn’t my idea of entertainment.. did you feel anything

    1. We have described what we experienced there in the article. Plus while writing this article too there was certain restlessness and anxiety that was felt. Though one may call it fear but we don’t mind calling it the that either.

  14. I never heard about bhangarh but After reading this I also want to visit this place , beautiful pictures.

    1. We bet you will love it.

  15. That is a place worth visiting. Need to ready a plan for this. Very good clicks

    1. Thank you for your kind words.

  16. Nisha Malik says:

    I have been to the place and I can still feel the chill. It was quite thrilling to be such a place which is notoriously famous for its supernatural stories…

    1. Agree that it is actually a thrilling experience!

  17. I saw a short documentary about it on Youtube as one of the most haunted place in the world. It might just be the bats or the monkeys making noises, but it sure has a spooky feel to it.

    1. Apart from Bats & monkeys, the place also has something in the air that one can feel.

  18. Hitasha says:

    You have shared some amazing details! Nice read

    1. Thanks

  19. I’ve been to Bhangarh as a day trip when we went to Alwar few years back. The fact that the feel is more so historic rather than getting haunted when we visit there, since we cannot stay after sunset. Still going by the stories, it seems an interesting place to be at!

    1. Perspectives can differ though but this is the first place where we saw dense population of bats even there were holes on the ground. There was a distinct stinky smell in the palace. Many rooms were very dark and inviting spookiness.

  20. absolutely spooky! You have written so well that the eeriness of the place just seeps through 🙂

    1. Thank you!

  21. Good snaps coupled with engaging content

    1. 🙂

  22. Nice and detailed post , never been there seems has lots of tales attached with it’s history.

  23. A place with stories like that, must be so exciting to visit. Seems a nice place to visit. Really well written post.

  24. I hope as the word spreads , the place becomes more visited and less haunted .

    1. Maybe.True that it is little secluded!

  25. India is completely unknown to me, so this legend is very interesting! The fort is very impressive, especially with all the detailing on the stone structures. I’ll take your advice and not enter all rooms, I’m not that brave!

  26. Haven’t heard about the place before. The architecture is great but if the place is more crowded I guess it won’t look haunted anymore.

  27. Joanna says:

    I personally like the second legend of why Bhangarh is haunted, a princess and a dark priest make a more exciting tale. The corridors of the fort do look very scary and I wouldn’t feel comfortable to meet bats while walking through them. The monkeys definitely add to the spookiness of the place, we all know how aggressive they can get.

  28. Carolina Colborn says:

    The title most haunted place caught my attention! The fact that you are admonished not to stay after sunset lent credibility to the title. But I wish you had told more stories about the ghosts or spirits people who visited experienced~

  29. WOW! Love haunted places and India is one of our favorite places to travel and explore. Bhangarh looks really creepy, I haven’t been to Rajastan yet so gonna add this to the list.

  30. I heard about this place from Youtube video. Such cool stories too, but it seems there is more to why this place is so spooky. i guess it’s something to experience.

  31. I have heard so much about this fort – Bhangarh. But I have never been there. It is interesting to see why even the Archaeological Survey of India has put up a board like that. Interesting piece of information about the various tales surrounding it.

  32. Shibani says:

    I have also heard so much about the fort but never got the chance to visit. I didn’t know that ASI added a warning to not stay there post evening is scary!! I guess it would be less spooky in day time and also more maintained & restored. Loved the first image of the post 🙂

  33. We have explored so many places in Rajasthan but this still remains on the list. We would love to explore the architecture. This will surely be on list next time we visit Rajasthan.

  34. Most haunted place in India? That’s interesting. I’d totally want to explore here!
    Staying in Alwar would be a good option I guess. I’m yet to explore these areas. So thanks for the tips about modes of transport & road conditions etc.
    I think I’ll take powerful torch when I venture here to explore those dark rooms.

    1. Yeah it is said to be the most haunted place in India. The thought of it being haunted is reinforced by Archaeological Survey of India putting up a board wherein they have prohibited staying back at this place after sunset.

  35. Abigail Sinsona says:

    Those hallways definitely has a creepy feel to them. But the fort is so hauntingly beautiful. I would probably visit this place even when it’s haunted – just make sure I do so in the day time.

    1. True that.

  36. I am a huge fan of history, places and ghosts so this place is definitely a place I would love to visit for sure. Though I am not sure if I would be scared walking around an haunted places with such interesting architecture 🙂 It is cool to that it is been put of the map because of the Archaeological Survey making it the most haunted. Definitely going on the list

  37. What an incredibly haunting place to visit and explore, just breathtaking. Would love to visit one day if I had the guts! thanks for sharing!

  38. loisaltermark says:

    It looks eerie even in the photos! It’s so interesting to hear the stories behind it. Haunted places like this are fascinating – but creepy!

  39. We totally have this love /hate relationship with scary things. Those are such interesting legends where the story all came from. What is the best way to get there from Dehli that will cost me the least?

    1. By self driven car or bus or train.

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