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Chariot Beach Resort in Mahabalipuram – A Luxury Beach-Facing Privy!

“This change in the air can you feel it,
It’s a new me and I mean it…
The breeze the sun and the water – their magic’s working..
and it’s a new me and I mean it!” – Freemindtree
People living in a landlocked city with brick-mortar view homes can certainly relate to the above lines. For such exhausted souls a vacation at the beach side is a perfect steal. Alas! In India most people can’t take out Goa off their minds when considering a beach vacation. So, Mahabalipuram (also known as Mamallapuram) which is on the east coast of India takes the stature of a great offbeat destination. Chariot Beach Resort with a private beach area exclusively open for its guests invited us for an experiential retreat and here’s the detailed review of the place. Read on..


Chariot Beach Resort is located very near to the Paanch Raths historical monument. People from India or abroad can either take up a flight to Chennai and then take a public transport like cab or bus to reach this beach resort in Mahabalipuram.  The location per say is ideal for a luxury resort as it has beach on its one side. Plus it well connected both via roads for people travelling from Chennai, Pondicehrry & Mahabalipuram city and via the sea route. Guests can either take a boat or walk on the clean beach to the Shore temple which is roughly 1.5 to 2 kms. 

Beautiful Pool..

Ambiance & Accommodation: 


Chariot beach resort in Mahabalipuram is nestled in 42 acres of land. So it is bound to be huge. As one enters the resort the beautiful pool with a depth between 3-5.5 feet is visible in the center. The charm of it is simply enticing. Practically the cottages & main restaurant is planned to be on its sides for the aesthetic value. Apart from rooms there are cottages which have two rooms each.

Room View

Each room has two double beds so a family of four can easily accommodate in a room. The rooms have a huge washroom where in the toilet area along with shower is covered while there is a separate open air shower area for one to bath literally under the sun in their own private space. 

The walkways inside the resort are well maintained and one can either choose to walk or call the hotel buggy for commuting inside the resort.  Apart from this, there is a dedicated spa area and an obstacle course. 



As mentioned earlier, Chariot Beach Resort has two restaurants with a capacity of around 75+ people to have food at one given point. The beach side restaurant has a fully functioning bar counter for people to have fun late evening parties. People especially non-vegetarians can have a range of non-vegetarian delicacies made in both Indian and international cuisines. For vegetarians too they have delicacies but the variety part can be improved upon.

The buffet spread at breakfast, lunch & dinner course is wonderful where dishes from all four primary course of meal are laid starting with starters up till the sweet nothings. The food at this beach resort in Mahabalipuram is delicious.

Activities To Do:

Private Beach area..

One can go swimming, indulge in beach side fun like beach games, soaking in sun, yoga and more. Alternatively have a relaxing massage or spa session (though a little pricey). For adventure loving guests can head to obstacle track for challenging their own limits. Apart from activities inside this beach resort in Mahabalipuram, one can also head outside and explore the rich heritage history of the city. 

Spa Area

Our Opinion of Chariot Beach Resort in Mahabalipuram:

Chariot Beach Resort is one of the best places in southern India to be for renewing your tired self. People who want to spend quality time with their loved ones or corporate companies that plan team building kind of events will find this beach resort in Mahabalipuram apt. As it is, Mahabalipuram has a great blend of heritage and proximity to sea. What sets this resort apart from the many other resorts is supportive staff, great food, beautiful ambiance & the whole luxury experience turns out to be a great value for money selection.

A few tips if you are visiting Chariot Beach Resort:

  • Playing water polo in the pool is super fun.
  • Don’t miss out indulging in beach Volleyball, catamaran ride & partying till late night.
  • Opt for a room that is sea facing for best views at sunrise & sunset.

Planning to visit Chariot Beach Resort in Mahabalipuram then use the code ‘Judy500’ at www.chariotbeachreasorts.com to book your rooms so that you can avail discounted rates.

P.S.: The website reserves the rights for unbiased review. Reader discretion advised. All photographs are copyright of www.TheOtherBrainInc.com.

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  1. What a beauty it is. A must visit for sure

  2. its seems like a beautiful property… what are the tariffs like.. will surely love to visit

  3. Great pics and description. Would surely visit here soon. Looks like a great place.

  4. Chariot Beach Resort is easily one of the best resorts in Mahabalipuram. A sea facing room would be something I would go for. Who doesn’t love sun sets?

  5. Nisha Malik says:

    Wonderful location and wonderful property. ? shall check it out if I ever visited the place…

  6. I’ve been to Mahabalipuram and place is too good. Thanks for the review, resort looks totally luxurious.

  7. Seems beautiful place and best for relaxation near beach. It’s must visit place. Thanks for sharing its beautiful pictures.

  8. The private beach area looks stunning, I’m sure you would have had amazing time.

  9. That pool at Chariot Beach Resort looks super relaxing! I’ve never played water polo, but it seems like a great place to try it! What a wonderful place to unwind!

  10. Chariot Beach Resort looks like a charming tropical resort. The rooms look spacious enough for a family. I’d love to learn more about the rich heritage in the area too.

  11. Hitasha says:

    Wow! This place looks superb. I will visit here soon?

  12. Wow looks like a great place.Beautiful picture and I love beaches!

  13. Wow… Just in love with the beauty… Really heaven… Will visit once…

  14. In love with this place. The private beach and swimming pool is my personal favorite. Would love to visit this place . thanks for sharing.

  15. I visited Mahabalipuram last year but did not get a chance to stay there as I soon left for Pondicherry. The Chariot beach resort seems to be a thing I missed. The resort is lovely and from your pictures I can make out that you had an amazing stay. Great review.

  16. I heard this place is great destination to visit …..Any way iam also planning to visit this place in the future. Thanks for providing with information .

  17. The Chariot Beach Resort looks like a stunning resort – and conveniently close to Chennai. The spa will be perfect for the ladies! It would be interesting to explore the city of Mahabalipuram as well as relax on the beach.

  18. Wow.. I am in awe of this place. The beach side looks amazing and the hotel is equally good. Would love to visit this place. Thanks for sharing.

  19. I had been to Mahabalipua long long ago, I clearly remember the gorgeous beaches of the historic town. Your post just makes me want to take a trip back to this beautiful place. The Chariot Beach Resort looks incredible and a great choice for beach lovers. I love the pool, looks perfect with the beach in the background.

    1. :-*

  20. People definitely need to take a break from Goa and explore new and hidden gems. Mahabalipuram is beautiful and definitely makes a great beach destination. The lovely pictures tell me that you did have great fun at Chariot beach.

  21. The Chariot Beach Resort looks like a hidden oasis! Love the second picture from above, seems like it’s nestled in the middle of all the palm trees. Seems like a wonderful place to relax and unwind.

  22. I always say the perfect hotel is one by the beach and this looks stunning! Would love to stroll along those gorgeous beaches! JUST HEAVEN!

  23. This is a truly lovely and luxurious place which I would love to see and stay at. The food seems especially tasty!

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