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A Walk In the Woods – Aamod at Shoghi

I walk in the woods in this tranquil world  
The talks, the hustle slowly dying out in ma’ mind
treading through the unanswered answers 
viewing the beauty from eye & of inside 
and as I walk in the woods in this tranquil world 
it’s a new me and I mean it!” – Freemindtree

Shimla has always been a popular tourist destination in India but of late it seems to be a little overcrowded. So for those people who want a relaxing hill holiday, nearby towns like Kufri & Shoghi are fast catching up. Far from the maddening rush yet so close to Shimla, there is Aamod at Shoghi.  It is an eco-resort planned for people to be one with nature.


As the name suggests Aamod Shoghi is located in this little town and is barely 17 kms. from Shimla city centre. It is located bang on the Kalka-Shimla Road which makes its location prime. The best way to reach here from nearby areas like Delhi, U.P., Haryana, or Punjab is a road trip or taking a train ride. It is extremely easy to locate the eco-resort in the Shalaghat area. Alternatively, people wanting to visit the place from far away cities in India can take a flight to Shimla airport and then by hiring a local cab reach Aamod Shoghi.

Ambience & Accommodation:

The resort is practically tugged in a forest that has been bare minimally modified. As contrary to luxury resorts which have brick mortar buildings at disposal, Aamod Shoghi offers the luxury of living in the lap of nature. Since it is situated on a hill so the reception, cottages and the whole resort per say is situated a little above than the main entrance. However, there is an in-house car that is available for the guests’ and their luggage to have a comfortable ascend.  The vehicle drops the guests near the restaurant which is also the first thing that one comes across. Post that no vehicles are allowed and one has to walk for reaching different areas of the resort.

Colonial Restaurant

The reception area is a two-minute walk from the restaurant. The highest point of this eco-resort has a spa and jacuzzi centre where one can enjoy a private jacuzzi session under the open sky and with a view of Shoghi and Shimla faraway below.


At Aamod Shoghi there are 20 cottages of vivid comfort levels. Also, there are family cottages which have two rooms in the same cottage for the family to stay together. The cottages are situated at different heights and are far apart making the stay practically noise-free. The areas inside the resort connected by cleared kaccha pathways laid with stone and temporary stairways.

A Cottage at Aamod Shoghi

Few cottages have breathtaking valley views from their private entrance points. Whereas the rest of the rooms open up for one to get the best of the real forest views.

Once inside, the cottages which are temporarily established wooden houses, transform into a comfy resting place.

All the basic amenities are available inside the rooms. As Aamod Shoghi experiences a near zero temperature during winters, heaters are provided while for summers air conditioners are installed in each cottage.

Noteworthy here is the fact that though the resort is located literally in the jungle, utter cleanliness is maintained. The place is insect free at most times and rare wildlife spottings that are to be seen is in the form of wild hen & monkeys.

For maintaining the objective of the Aamod Shoghi as an eco-resort, wi-fi is only available in the reception area.

Food at Aamod Shoghi:

Open Kitchen

The ‘Colonial’ restaurant at Aamod Shoghi has indoor and outdoor canopy laid seating areas. It has an open kitchen which is the only of its kind in Himachal Pradesh. The restaurant serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. The vegetarian main course dishes and non-vegetarian starters are the must-haves when at Aamod Shoghi.

A fully functional bar is in place. An in-house bakery is also in place which dishes out gourmet bakery items like croissants, cakes, biscuits and chocolates. Special Himachali Thali is also available on demand for those who want to relish the local flavours.

Activities To Do:

Staying in Aamod Shoghi is a complete experience in itself. So one can enjoy relaxing walks or take up small to medium length easy treks around the resort. There is an obstacle course set in the lower portion of the resort for one to challenge their grit.

The obstacle course has Burma bridge, resting net, tyre swing, ziplining and many more exciting bunch of activities to do.


For participating in the obstacle course activity, one doesn’t need to be a certain level of fitness but any commoner can easily do it. Apart from this guests staying in Aamod Shoghi can indulge in mountain biking, rock climbing, and more.

The resort has a team of experts for supervision. All the activities are done with proper protective gears.

For rejuvenating self, exhausted souls can opt for a spa session at the resort’s spa. Provision of couple spa and jacuzzi session are in place. If time permits visiting the local villages and nearby Shoghi market is also a fun thing to do. On winter evenings, have a party in the open space of the restaurant with a campfire in the middle.

Reserved rights area dedicated to Jacuzzi at the Spa @Aamod Shoghi

Guests can plant a sapling of any local tree species for which the name of that person is inscribed beside the tree. A fond memory that surely one would love to revisit for.

Our Opinion of Aamod at Shoghi:

Aamod Shoghi is for those who love to be in and around nature. Walking in the hilly area can be a little difficult initially but after half a day or so the body gets acclimatized with the change and then walking is no big deal. It is a great hit with adult & children equally because of the open space.

The spa area of the resort offers unadulterated exclusive points for sunrise & sunset view. In addition to this, there are a lot of activities that one can indulge in here. The resort is highly recommended for relaxed family outings, couple getaway and corporate team building outings.

A few tips if you are visiting Aamod Shoghi:

  • Consider booking your cottage in advance before arriving.
  • Pack a comfortable pair of shoe.
  • Choose the cottage having a valley view.

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  1. Preeti says:

    Looks like a complete family package .I am going to check this one out !

  2. Such a beautiful place will sure visit in holidays

  3. Resorts in the lap of nature are not as many as we city dwellers would love to visit. Of course, there are some, but they have been ‘urbanised’ in their style for the urban folk and that takes away the charm that resorts such as Aamod Shoghi bring for us.
    This place sounds really beautiful, especially as there is not much of wifi connection, which can sure give one some peace of mind! I also liked the idea of planting a sapling as a memento and do our bit for nature!

  4. Beautiful property this seems to be and with giving back to nature by planting saplings it seems to be so unique.

  5. What a lovely little place. I am a shimla born and brought up girl, and this hill used be a popular dating place

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    This place is lovely and can be a good weekend break from DELHI. Perfect for a family getaway.

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    This place is so beautiful.. I love the resort.

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