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Urby Passport Holders – A Luxury Inscribed To Be on Every Traveler’s Wish List!

With the borders being drawn, passports came into existence. Talking about ‘passports’ who doesn’t dread the process for getting a passport issued or for that matter renewed also! (Eh… gotta you ūüôā ) Especially in India, though the passport issuing process is getting better day by day because of being outsourced still there are many states where the problem persists. Agents that have backdoor access to the process still exist. The incoherence¬†of information put up on the website and in reality further worsens the experience. But the sight of the passport when it first comes in hand relieves all the pain. It seems worth the trouble. Isn’t it?

A passport is an important document not for just travelling internationally but also an important document for personal identity. Surely everyone wants to safeguard it and protect it from tampering. This is where passport holders find their relevance. Passport holders act like a cover for the passports.  Of late, passport holders have also been accepted as an urbane travel accessory. So a holder which gives the utility to the maximum and yet has the sophistication is quite in demand. 

Shop From:

‘Urby’, a promising emerging brand which has an opulent range of customized travel & lifestyle accessory range. Urby passport¬†holders¬†are available in vivid designs & textures.

The best thing about Urby passport holders are made of  100 % genuine leather with an exception of few designs where  beautiful printed canvas & waterproof poly-fibre material is used.  One gets an excellent quality in hand with price range starting at just Rs. 795 and delivery absolutely free. Further, one can get the accessories from Urby customized in the form that one can get his or her name, nick name or initials embossed on the accessory. There is a wide color range available for each type of design. Also available are couple passport holders and kids passport holder.

Buy It:

All one needs to do for buying a luxurious passport holder from Urby  is to narrow down the design & color and then select if one needs to get it customized or not. After which simply head to the payment section and then in maximum time of 10 days  get the passport holder delivered in any part of India. 


Delivery is done usually as per the time schedule. Within the courier packing the passport holder comes in an elegant black colored gift box. Encased in the a canvas  pouch within this box is the passport holder. 

Best Selling Urby Passport Holder Design Details:

This passport holder has an open slot for keeping passport on one side while on the other side has slots for keeping credit cards or business cards. Plus there is one open compartment for keeping travel documents like boarding pass etc. Further for keeping some petty cash in hand one can use the extra large open compartment that is available along with all of the above. In short, one can keep the entire travel essentials safely organized and quite handy.  

Final words on Urby Passport Holders:

Our team loved these passport holders from Urby and would like to refer to our readers as a must have. It is an absolute travel necessity especially for frequent flyers. Further more, it is crafted to give a luxury appeal making it a great choice of gift for both him & her.

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  1. This passport holder is very good to ensure our passport book is well kept. And interestingly, it has room for saving card or money

  2. This looks like a great passport holder! I have my own, but if I ever need another, I know what to order. the leather looks so soft too!

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