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All About Taradevi Temple Trek, Shimla – A Beginner Trekking Trail

Taradevi Temple Trek Shimla
A beginner in trekking? Taradevi Temple Trek Shimla is your kind of trek route.

Taradevi Temple or Maa Tara Devi temple is dedicated to the local Goddess and was built more than 250 years ago. It is located on Tarav Parvat (Hill) which falls between Shimla & Shoghi in Himachal Pradesh and is situated 1851 meters above sea level. From the Mall road in Shimla, it is merely 18 kms. in distance. While from Shoghi it is best to take the Kalka-Shimla toy train for the same and get down at Taradevi Railway Station. A couple of steps from here leads one to the base of the temple from where the  Taradevi Temple trek Shimla officially starts.

Tara Devi Railway Station - TaraDevi Temple Trek Shimla
Tara Devi Railway Station

As a beginner in trekking there are few things that one needs to take care and be informed beforehand read some of the DO’s & Dont’s by an Expert Mountaineer here -> 7 Must Follow Do’s & Dont’s for Hiking, Trekking & Traveling in Mountains

Duration of the Trek:

Taradevi Temple trek Shimla is roughly of 2 hours duration one side and if a person wants to do the trek both side then it takes around 5-5.5 hours including the rest time and sightseeing duration in the temple premise. Having a local trained guide is advisable. Professional trekking guide from Aamod Shoghi accompanied us. {Read property review of Aamod Shoghi}

TaraDevi Temple Trek Shimla starting point
TaraDevi Temple Trek Shimla starting point

Who can do Taradevi Temple Trek Shimla:

En-route the TaraDevi Temple Trek Shimla
En-route the TaraDevi Temple Trek Shimla

This particular kaccha raasta is now very rarely used, however, at one point in time this was one of the most important and commonly used pathways to reach the temple by locals. With the construction of a road up till the temple, this nature carved walkway is used only by trekking enthusiasts for trekking and all.

The trek isn’t really a steep climb so it is safe & can be well enjoyed by amateur or untrained people who are totally new to trekking. Even children who love being one with nature are bound to enjoy it as it has scenic view and greenery in abundance. There are portions where a few stone steps here and there have also been laid by government and temple authorities here. However, it may not be suitable for elderly or sick people.

Things to do during the Trek:

View of Shimla city during the TaraDevi Temple Trek Shimla
View of Shimla city during the TaraDevi Temple Trek Shimla

The Taradevi temple trek is an uphill trek which runs almost parallel to the Shimla road. So after reaching a certain height one starts to get a glimpse of Shimla – the Queen of Hills in India.  Though the distance between Shimla and this place isn’t huge, altitude makes even the magnanimous landmarks of Shimla like Church and mall road looks so petite. The view from all through the trek changes and introduces one to the diversity of a real jungle. Walking through these natural paths one gets to see Deodar trees, pine trees, rhododendron trees and many other trees and plants of medicinal and ornamental value. Not much of a wildlife is seen on Taradevi temple trek in the daytime, only a few monkeys are sighted usually.

Somewhere in the mid way during the TaraDevi Temple Trek Shimla
Somewhere in the midway during the TaraDevi Temple Trek Shimla

There is a small hut (in the poor state though) is there somewhere in the midway. One can take a break, sit back and relax there for a while and then continue the trek.

TaraDevi Temple, Shimla - TaraDevi Temple Trek Shimla
TaraDevi Temple, Shimla

On reaching the temple there are actually two big temples. The first one has fewer people and equally more monkeys visiting it.

View during the TaraDevi Temple Trek Shimla
View during the TaraDevi Temple Trek Shimla
View of runway during the TaraDevi Temple Trek Shimla
View of runway during the TaraDevi Temple Trek Shimla

But this one has breathtaking views of Shoghi and Shimla. The next temple has a portion that is currently under construction and renovation. The temple interiors are simple and the entrance has intricate wood carvings.

Langar food which starts with rice and some sweets at TaraDevi Temple during TaraDevi Temple Trek Shimla
Langar food which starts with rice and some sweets at temple during TaraDevi Temple Trek Shimla

On Sundays, there is langar/food community service where one can indulge in simple food made with sincerity and great flavours.

Apart from this one can sit in solitude and enjoy some alone time while enjoying the stunning view of hills & listening to good music. If with a family one can have a small picnic on the same spot.

Best Season for Taradevi Temple Trek:

Tara Devi Temple
Tara Devi Temple

The preferred season for trek would be starting October onward till early summers that are generally till April in India. The temperature during this period is generally moderate to cold and sometimes reaching to minus degrees as well.  The low temperature makes the Taradevi temple trek all the more pleasurable while making it far less exhausting.

Second temple during TaraDevi Temple Trek Shimla
Second temple during TaraDevi Temple Trek Shimla

Take Along Guide:

Since it is a maximum half a day trek so nothing in terms of clothes etc. is required. However, carrying a water bottle some bit of munch-on is advisable. Try and be light on the bag. The dress needs to be comfortable and sports shoes or a canvas shoes are a must. Within the temple, premise permission might be needed to use it and protecting the same from monkeys.  Apart from this a small torch (during evening time) and do not forget to take along a couple of favourite songs in the mobile phone or an iPod along with Bluetooth enabled headphones like the new Quiet comfort 35 wireless headphones II.

Bose Quiet comfort 35 wireless headphones II #boseQC35
How we wish we had a pair of these  during our Taradevi Temple Trek Shimla?  Bose Quiet comfort 35 wireless headphones II #BoseQC35

These cool new wireless headphones are from Bose, the world’s leading brand known for best sound systems & related gadgets. The acoustic noise cancelling feature in these headphones enable one to have a clear conversation even in windy places like Taradevi temple. These headphones also have inbuilt Google Assistant. As most people may know, Google Assistant is always the ‘go-to’ helper in any situation of a dilemma. For instance, while one is travelling it helps in weather forecasting, nearby restaurants, markets, helping to find good music, reading important messages, reminding of important things to do & more.

Plus one may not worry at all about the sturdiness of these headphones while travelling as they are made from impact-resistant materials. Further, for wearing it for longer duration it has an equally comforting headband. This pair of #BoseQC35 headphones has a battery life of 20 hrs., well, almost three times the length of this Tara Devi Temple Trek. Commendable, isn’t it?

Yet another view during the TaraDevi Temple Trek Shimla
Yet another view during the TaraDevi Temple Trek Shimla
Another picturesque view from the temple
Another picturesque view from the temple

So have you ticked off this easy beginner’s trekking route as yet? Else Taradevi Temple Trek, Shimla is highly recommended!

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