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Aahana – The Corbett Wilderness Resort: Get More Out of Your Next Jim Corbett Trip Than Just Adventure!

At Aahana Resort ©www.theotherbraininc.com
At Aahana Resort ©www.theotherbraininc.com

Jim Corbett National Park earlier called Hailey National Pak was established in 1936 to protect Bengal Tiger. It is the oldest national park in India. Located in the Nainital district this national park was later named after the famous British-Indian man-eating tiger hunter, writer and nature lover – Jim Corbett. Obviously, the first thing that comes to mind while planning a trip to this side of the Nainital region is to cruise into the woods along for an action-packed safari in search of the fierce Bengal TIGER.

However, staying at Aahana Resort in Jim Corbett area one can expect more out of the same holiday. Aahana Resort is ranked 8th among Top Resorts of India and is the best property in Jim Corbett National Park area according to Tripadvisor. Staying here is a lot different and is an experience in itself!


Barely at a distance of 256 kms.  and a drive of about 5 hours a small town named Ramnagar in Nainital area is located. Aahana Resort is placed in this town, which is also one of the closest man inhabited areas to Jim Corbett National Park. So villagers in this area have regular visitors in the form of Tiger, Leopards, wild Elephants, Jackals and more. Aahana resort is easy to locate as it is one of the first resorts that are situated in the Sawaldeh village. The landmark of Aahana Resort being the government school for primary classes and girls school for middle classes located on either side of this resort.

Ambience & Accommodation:

The resort has been developed in a sprawling stretch of land that almost has the Bijrani Zone of National Park as the wild backdrop. Ambience has been meticulously planned. The resort in many ways has adopted ways and means to remain environment-friendly yet provide the guests with a comforting and luxurious stay.

There is a sewage treatment plant in the premise which works on the sheer gravitational force. This particular area has been beautified by hundreds of lilies growing there. 

Organic Farm at Aahana Resort in Jim Corbett National Park
Organic Farm at Aahana Resort in Jim Corbett National Park

Adding further there is a cow shed and an organic vegetable farm to meet pure milk & organically cultivated vegetable requirements. At Aahana Resort, a mini ecological cycle has been established to meet the requirement of cows and convert the waste into fertilizer & biogas.

Dikhala Restaurant at Aahana Resort in Jim Corbett National Park
Dikhala Restaurant at Aahana Resort in Jim Corbett National Park

Very near to the reception building is the Dikhala Restaurant that has a capacity to serve more than 150-200 guests at a time. This fine-dining restaurant building is beautiful from inside while its exterior seating area with a swimming pool view is equally enamouring.

Restaurant Interiors - Aahana Resort in Jim Corbett National Park
Restaurant Interiors – Aahana Resort in Jim Corbett National Park

The swimming pool area has two pools. One for the adults and the other one is a splash pool for kids. This pool & restaurant area together look even more fascinating in evenings when the lights are on.

Swimming Pool View at Aahana Resort in Jim Corbett National Park
Swimming Pool View at Aahana Resort in Jim Corbett National Park


The rooms are classified as per the luxury level in different kinds of rooms and suites that find their place in cottages & villas. There are few rooms which have a luxurious bathtub fitted in the washroom.  Apart from this for a special occasion, there are bigger & more luxurious suites also available.

Food at Aahana Resort in Jim Corbett Area:

Dikhala Restaurant offers a huge variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food delicacies. Usually, there is an elaborate buffet available starting from breakfast with at least three courses available in each meal. However, guests can order a la carte as well. Further, for people coming especially for naturopathy treatments are given a special diet as prescribed by the in-house doctor. Provision of tea near the pool area and live starter counter is there for one to enjoy the cool breeze and the yummy starters coming straight out of tandoor.

Daily Buffet Spread at Aahana Resort in Jim Corbett National Park
Daily Buffet Spread at Aahana Resort in Jim Corbett National Park

Activities To Do:

A luxury stay at Aahana Resort in Jim Corbett Area is for sure to happen, courtesy the keen attention to details given in each aspect of one’s stay. But other than a luxury stay and safari there are many more things to indulge during the stay at Aahana.


Typical Spa room at Aahana Resort in Jim Corbett National Park
Typical Spa room at Aahana Resort in Jim Corbett National Park

One can indulge in naturopathy and Ayurved based spa treatments. Two doctors are available for consultation in the spa area. There are many naturopathy based treatments for ailments like lack of sleep, digestion problems, sinusitis etc., the doctors can help in selecting a spa or a naturopathy treatment. The spa massages here are not just a namesake ritual here but the masseurs are quite experienced and know their skill pretty well.

In all therapy rooms, the steam area and shower area are present for the comfort and privacy of guests.  The spa area of Aahana Resort in Jim Corbett national park area is designed for the rejuvenation of body, mind and soul – the three pillars of human existence. In the morning an hour of Yoga session is also arranged. Do not miss the beautiful lotus pond in the Wellness centre premise. 

Time for Family Bonding:

Knowing the importance of family bonding that we Indians value so much, Aahana Resort in Jim Corbett Area offers ample of space and activities that can be enjoyed by all members of a family. So there are dedicated sections for indoor and outdoor games like Table Tennis, Pool, Badminton, Basketball, Swings and more.

Bonfire & Live Singers at Aahana Resort in Jim Corbett National Park
Bonfire & Live Singers at Aahana Resort in Jim Corbett National Park

Near the pool area where live starters are served depending upon climatic condition bonfire and live singing is arranged. One can simply sit back or dance to the tune of melodies for enjoying the eve to the fullest. 

Spend Quality Me Time:

At Aahana Resort, there are ample activities where one can spend some quality me time. A meditation room and book reading area are there in the front reception building itself.  One can indulge in a casual stroll in the premise, enjoy cycling, spend a lazy morning lying in the hammock and more.

A few tips if you are visiting Aahana Resort:

  • Try and get the rooms opposite to the park near the restaurant as they are slightly more spacious and have a luxurious stone bathtub fitted in the washroom.
  • Ladies, if you are going to have a Spa massage therapy, opt for Kajol as the masseur. She is very good at her job, is warm and courteous.
  • In the evening if you hear loud unidentifiable sounds of animal then certainly they would be a group of jackals around. Of course dues to absolute risk prevention, the wild animals cannot enter the resort premise but they are audible as they come in the nearby farms etc.
  • Getting your swimwear is a good idea if you plan to soak yourself in swimming pool.

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  1. The place looks like a perfect combination of exotic while keeping you surrounded by nature.

  2. This Resort looks like heaven to me. I have been trying to switch to organic skincare but organic living is something which I always dream. I see many of them visiting Jim Corbett these days, I get a reason to plan a vacation after reading this amazing experience of yours!

  3. Aditi says:

    Nice place. Nice review. Thanks for sharing with us.

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    wow everything looks so calm and peaceful. Such a beautiful place

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    What a beautiful place to be. Thanks for the details. We would surely book this when visiting here

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  8. Wonderful ! While reading i was feeling like i am actually at National Park…

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    1. Sure you should.. its a great property and dont forget to try their spa.

  10. Lovely pics. A wonderful stay is always the best thing during travel. So glad for the comfort they’re offering.

  11. Papri Ganguly says:

    I’m so spellbound by the ambience of the resort. Calm and beautiful.

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  16. Abhinav Singh says:

    This is such a lovely property. This is such a perfect abode for the weary city residents. I am happy to see that the resort offers eco friendly practices. I hope they offer filtered water instead of plastic bottles too. The property is sprawling and the pool area is so tempting especially in this weather.

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