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Easyfone Star – Parents, This Phone, We Bet You Would Want Your Children to Carry Along Everywhere!

Easyfone Star

Easyfone Star

If you are a parent who is reading this post then Phone & kids may not sound to be a great combination. Today, even a four year old toddler can easily operate a smartphone and watch his or her favorite cartoons then leave aside the indispensability of a smartphone in the life of a teenager.  Of course parents will be annoyed cause at the age when the children need to be playing outdoors and do other active stuff they are glued to smartphones. But we bet you won’t mind buying and giving ‘Easyfone Star’ to your children.

Touted as India’s first phone for kids, Easyfone Star is here to stay. This is simply because it is the easiest ‘phone’ and not a smartphone in town that is made only and only for kids!  Crimes against children like bullying, kidnapping, sexual offences have become prevalent in present day; as a result safety & well being of children is the priority of every parent. Especially at thsoe times when the child is away from the parents, safeguarding children from any unfortunate incident is even more tougher. Easyfone Star is a gadget that is made with safety of the child and staying connected with his parents are the main focus aspects.

Some of its salient features that go in line with right parenting are:

  • Limited Phone Calls: Calling or receiving a call via Easyfone Star is restricted to pre-configured contact numbers. This ensures that the child talks only to people known to the parents like parents themselves, grand parents or friends.
  • Track the child via GPS: Easyfone Star has GPS tracking facility which is crucial and the USP point of this phone. For safeguarding kids from any unsolicited mishap like kidnapping and more this feature can work like a magic wand fr tracing the child even in places where no internet coverage is there.
  • Dedicated SOS Button in case of Emergencies: It has a dedicated SOS push button on back which can be used by child if he finds himself in any sort of danger. On the use of this SOS button mobile on its own dials up to three times on most frequently spoken five numbers from the pre-configured contact list until the phone is received.
  • No Internet: Well, kids are free to make faces on this salient feature of the phone but for their own betterment Easyfone Star is designed to be Internet-less.The phone does not have internet browsing feature. So parents can be assured that the kid isn’t hooked on the internet.
  • Parental Control on Settings Configuration: In Easyfone Star settings like contact number addition or deletion, adding reminders, setting ‘Do not disturb’ time windows according to schedule of kids via ‘Care Touch’ service which is accessible only on company’s website.
  • Occasional Spy-check: This kids only phone has a feature of auto receive and so parents can check at any given point what the kid is doing or talking.
@beingRiaanMorris with Easyfone Star

@beingRiaanMorris with Easyfone Star

Price of Easyfone Star:

Rs. 3490/-

Our readers can avail a discount of Rs. 250 using code on Star   –  JUDY250

Easy calling by Easyfone Star

Easy calling by Easyfone Star


Easyfone Star come with one year warranty and 6 months warranty on the charger.

Buy Easyfone Star from:

Easyfone Star is available on Easyfone , Flipkart and Amazon websites.

Easyfone Star is easy and light weight

Easyfone Star is easy and light weight

Easyfone Star Specifications :

  • 2G – quad band
  • Cradle charging (for wire-free charging that can be done even by kids)
  • Lanyard capable
  • Weight 71 grams
    Dimensions 115*53*14
    Model name Easyfone Star
    Form Factor Bar
    Colour Tangy Green, Sassy Pink, Breezy Blue, Rocket Red, Wonder White
    Talk Time 6 Hrs
    Standby Time 160 Hrs
    Display 1.77″
    Sim Slot Single
    Sim size Standard
    Network Type GSM
    Frequency Quadband (850/900/1800/1900)
    Battery 800mAh
    Contacts Memory 30
    Message Memory 100
    Charging Options Cradle & USB
    External Memory Upto 8 GB extendable memory
    Language English & Hindi
    Torch Yes
In the box of Easyfone Star

In the box of Easyfone Star

Look & Feel of Easyfone Star:

The phone prima facie looks more like a toy phone than a regular mobile phone which goes in favor of it being carried by children. Hence, there are lesser chances of it being stolen. Easyfone Star is light and has a very basic, easy to use buttons apt for kids understanding. It has 4 speed dial buttons that can also be customized by putting photo of parent or any person the kid is in frequent contact.

There are call received and decline buttons, up and down navigation buttons quite similar to basic Nokia mobile phones. The phone can be charged via a charger (provided in the box) or cradle charger which can be purchased by the customer from company website. The back cover of the phone can be customized too with a kid’s favorite family photo or a quotation or anything else.

Volume up and down buttons are towards the left side. A normal sim slot is inside the phone and a 8 GB SD card slot is also present.  LED torch is present in the phone.  Language menu is in English and Hindi both and apart from this for reading SMS there all Indian languages have been pre-configured.

There is no slot for ear headphone though and no camera as well. No inbuilt games (not even Snake)!

The color options of the phone are eclectic.

Once the phone is fully charged, it needs to be switched on for the first time where a CareTouch id displayed and using that the menu in the phone can be customized and contact numbers added. CareTouch facility is plan based which can be bought under three categories Silver, Gold & Platinum covering different number of features and services.

Kids love the Easyfone Star handset

Kids love the Easyfone Star handset

Team ‘The Other Brain Inc.’ Experience:

The design of phone is kids friendly and hassle-free. The phone is actually a no non-sense phone that has been designed as a safety device for children. It is ideal for the age of kids 4-5 and above plus it is reasonably priced as well.

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30 thoughts on “Easyfone Star – Parents, This Phone, We Bet You Would Want Your Children to Carry Along Everywhere!

  1. Mobiles are not less than a necessary evil even from the parenting point of view this product sounds like a perfect move to be in touch with kids ehen we are not around, thank you for sharing such an amazing blog

  2. Easyfone star looks like a helpful handy phone which kids can use with ease. Good to know about the features and that there is no internet. GPS tracking is great.

  3. This sounds like a phone for children that every parent would endorse.. Safety and security is one of the biggest concerns and as a parent I would be satisfied with a gps tracking to know my child’s whereabouts and also the predefined calls means no unexpected calls coming in.

  4. I love the sound of this Easyphone star for kids. I bet it will lower the crime rate to some extent. Thanks for sharing xx

  5. With little kids going out for classes, extra curricular activities and tutions, it is important to have some device which can not only track their movement but should also give them option to call us in emergency. Great device.

  6. Must say, right product at the right time! It’s a task to keep the kids today away from smartphone. Hoping now with Easyfone, our jobs become easier and the kids too use it efficiently.

  7. This phone seems so cool. I remember how I would crave a mobile phone when I was younger, and my parents wouldn’t let me have one. Perhaps if this invention had been around then, I would’ve had my own phone at a young age!

  8. I love the GPS tracking feature in this phone. The pics shows the Kid is enjoying a lot with this phone. Can be great gifting option too.

  9. This is an amazing invention. Now a days kids are also addicted to the smartphones and Easyfone is the best option to try with. Will gift it to my nephew. Thank you for this amazing post.

  10. Living in a place like Delhi needs that we have such a device with kids. I loved that it has the feature of tracking via GPS and has limited call accessibility. Easyfone has brought out this phone basis what we need.

  11. I have never heard anything about this phone before ,but must say this is the best smartphone for the kids and its so nice that it is made as per kids need.

  12. I too got this phone for my 4 years old. He definitely doesn’t like it much because it sans the advance features like internet and wide screen. But it definitely grants me peace of mind.

  13. This is actually a good phone for kids however this phone should support 4G to make it near future proof as most of the Telecom operators in India are young their Network

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