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SIBLINGwali Diwali: These things from 1990s done together with your Brother or Sister make those Diwali days the most memorable ones.

#SiblingwaliDiwali - The cherishable Diwali of 1990s Photo Source

#SiblingwaliDiwali – The memorable 1990s Diwali Photo Source

Glorious 1990s.. Oh! yeah, it’s been a while since that decade has ended but everything from back then seems so fresh in our memories. Isn’t it? In fact, sometimes the practical side of our persona also gets dominated by the overwhelming blast from the past stored in the other side of the brain. So much so that it seems as if it was just yesterday when we were small and so wanting to become adults. Diwali has always been a special festival. No matter in which part of the world one is, this festival brings the child-like enthusiasm in our mind and heart.

Here are some aspects of 1990s Diwali celebrated along with siblings that make it unforgettable..

#1 Time for New Clothes

Photo Source
1990s Diwali gave a chance for buying a new dress Photo Source

Unlike today when there are innumerable online and offline stores for shopping and people buy clothes more often, kids of 1990s together with their siblings would look forward to Diwali for getting new clothes. Mostly, the whole family together would venture to the markets for the shopping spree and it would be a fun but hectic day. Fun because the family would also have the rare stint with eateries situated in the market during this trip.  The clothes bought on Diwali were generally the second pair of new clothes in a year apart from the school dress; the first dress of the year would be for the birthday. But just in case if any child of the house secured poor marks in half-yearly exams or tests then the clothes would be bought by the father and the marketing day would not happen as a punishment. As an aftermath of this was an additional point in the sibling rivalry! 😀

#2 Diwali Fire Crackers and their distribution

Firecrackers  and sibling rivalry, do you remember this special moment from Diwali of 1990s
Fire crackers and sibling rivalry, do you remember this special moment from 1990s Diwali  Photo Source 

For most households of the 1990s, fire crackers on Diwali were bought by father of the house for all the siblings as per the budget. Hence, whatever would be the quantity of the crackers, all siblings had to distribute and manage among the same. Sibling fights and the hue & cry around the elder bullying the younger ones for more crackers or vice versa were really common in this decade. Finally, for peacemaking, the mother had to intervene. This could either be a peaceful process or a being-bashed-up-by-mother kind of peacemaking. Much depended on mummy’s mood. What a sweet memory it is! :p

#3 Painting the Pots, Balcony Railings, Diyas & Rangoli

Decorating house with siblings felt so good! Diwaliof 1990s
Decorating house with siblings felt so good! 1990s Diwali  Photo Source

This part of the household cleanliness & decoration was always given to the children. Siblings used to distribute the number of pots and diyas for the same. While painting the pots & balcony railings were a standard job but the entire sense of creativity was tried to emancipate while painting the diyas. True isn’t it! Further for rangoli, there used be two rangolis and so on if there were two sisters in the family or so. It used to be the ultimate clash of the titans.

#4 Relishing the Fragrance of Pakwaan 

remember the Mega lunch Diwali of 1990s
Remember the Mega lunch 1990s Diwali  Photo Source

In 1990s, Diwali was the biggest festival of the year and so the preparation was done on a mega scale. Unlike today when almost everything is bought from sweet shops and convenience stores, moms of yesteryear would start preparing festival special sweet & savory items from at least 15 days prior. Remember those days when you along with sibling would come back home after the evening play time to be welcomed by the fragrance of pakwaan being made by mommy. Heavenly it was!

#5 Getting 11 or 21Rs. from Grandparents

The blessings of Grandparents in the form of meagre Shagun money: Diwali of 1990s
The blessings of Grandparents in the form of meager Shagun money: 1990s Diwali Photo Source

In the present day, grandparents are expected to bring gifts on festivals but back in those days, kids generally used to get a modest amount of money from grandparents but still, the excitement for the same was immense. Ask why and the answer would be because all the siblings used to pool in the money and buy more firecrackers from it. This was done as a top secret mission fro m parents. Well adding to this, do you remember that spoilsport cousin who would refuse to pool in the money!

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#6 The Grand 1990s Diwali Lunch & bursting of Fire Crackers!

Siblingwali 1990s Diwali Photo Copyright:

1990s Diwali meant all the cousins coming together at grandparents house. It certainly wouldn’t be a low key affair cause so many people in the same house meant so much of fun. Sleeping on floors and terraces with lots of chit chat wow we miss it. Then the same old kitchen would turn into a mega kitchen with mummy and all other aunties busy in preparing food stuff and more. Finally on the main Diwali day there would be a grand lunch prepared. Post which in the evening after pooja the fire crackers were burnt. All the kids would light the big firecrackers while the younger ones would try their hands on burning snake, phuljharis & chakris.

Those days were bliss, are we right on our part in saying so, do write to us?

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  1. Brought back memories of Diwali as kids …Beautiful post!

  2. Nostalgic to read this post, Judy. You have revived so many memories beautifully. Loved it.

  3. alpanadeo says:

    Those Diwali days with siblings were so much fun. Making rangoirand sleeping on the terrace was my favorite part. Since I am living outside India, I try to make all the authenticity Maharashtrian dishes at home on all the festivities. I want my kids to know what all we used to do and enjoy during festivals.

  4. Akanksha Goel says:

    I can totally relate to that 1990s decade and that siblings wali Diwali. I have not celebrated any festival with my siblings for the past 8 years now. I miss them specially during Diwali period.

  5. I am following this blog train and I am loving all the articles. This post made me nostalgic. I still remember the vatnis of patakas we used to do. “This much is yours and that much is mine.” Loved the post.

  6. Misha says:

    Oh yes. Those days were so beautiful. Being a 90’s kid, i am glad that I had experienced these time.

  7. such beautiful memories. takes me back to my time of diwali which i use to celebrate with my brother 🙂

  8. N. Chawla says:

    Wow your blog post really made me feel so nostalgic! Apart from everything you have mentioned, let’s not forget consuming all that yummy mithai which our mothers would slave over for days before!

  9. Hey, I can absolutely relate with this. All the things done in 90s during festive season was so much fun….

  10. Riddhi Jhala says:

    Ah! Those childhood memories relished! Those days were definitely the best! I loved your post

  11. Loved reading the blog, beautifully drafted in an amazing tone, it seriously took me back to my childhood days, thank you for sharing such an amazing blog

  12. Enjoyed reading the post and it indeed brought back the memories. This blogtrain is awesome.

  13. So beautiful Diwali memories we had from our childhood, far from home has changed a lot in this traditions.

  14. Your post made me nostalgic. I remember the time when Diwali was a completely fun experience and those were the best days. Our childhood Diwali was the best.

  15. Omg you brought back to my childhood where we use to this only…
    Coloring diyas, playing cards which is shagun to play on Diwali..
    Wish if those days come back again in my life 🙂

  16. That’s a lovely post.. brought back my childhood memories celebrating festivals with siblings and family.

  17. Amazing and beautiful post. Superb collections of Diwali celebration outfits for kids. Very useful and beneficial tips for Diwali celebration. Great thoughts.

  18. Prerna Wahi says:

    I loved the way you took us back to Diwali days from our childhood. I could relate to them and realized how different the celebration is for our own kids!

  19. Linking the concept to Diwali celebrations lends the post a distinctive touch and makes it sound real. Loved the concept.

  20. yes!!! i remember those days too! They were so much fun… and honestly i miss the diwali of the 90s … now a days every one is so busy that it isnt the big fat noisy indian festival it used to be!
    Painting the diyas and decorating the house is still one of my favorites !

  21. Wow! Festivals are wonderful with siblings around, aren’t they? I remember when I was a kid, how excited we all used to be to receive 25 paise from our elders and would save it carefully!

  22. Sibling wale festivals are most enjoyable. I too miss celebrating festivals with them after marriage.

  23. This is indeed my forever diwali… love reading ur post… can relate to its every part… h bring back many memories

  24. Siblings always fill a extra excitment to festival moments & you make me recall all

  25. Nostalgia is all that remains….

  26. Such a nostalgic post. Time has changed and the way of celebrating the festival is changing. And I believe crackers shouldn’t be burnt n this era due to pollution. And yes, diwali Shagun has changed from Rs. 21 to Rs. 2000. Thank you for bringing those memories back.

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