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‘Jai Ho!’ plays LANDWEHR Orchestra on their first Tour of Indo-Swiss Rhapsody at Clarks Amer, Jaipur

LANDWEHR Orchestra is a name etched in the history of Switzerland since Napoleon Bonaparte’s reign. Originally known as ‘Corps franc’ it was founded in 1804 for accompanying the military contingents under Napoleon’s Act of Meditation. With the changing times, Landwehr Orchestra …

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These Indian TV Shows are Giving Us ‘Larger Than Life’ Feeling With Their Fashion Quotient!

Gone are the days when Indian TV shows used to be a low budget production affair and ‘Larger than Life’ feeling was only derived from Karan Johar’s films. Cut to today there are TV actors who are earning more than …

A Nomad's Diary - travel tales, Viewer's View - movie review

Five Reasons Why the Upcoming Indian Travel Show ‘Nexa Journeys On Asian Highway 1’ is Giving Us Adrenaline Rush

A brand new Indian Travel Show named ‘Nexa Journeys On Asian Highway 1 driven by S-Cross’ is all set to be aired on Discovery Channel starting from 21st May. The TV series has been divided into seven episodes which will …