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7 Life Lessons to be learnt from Life of Pi movie…

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Every time I see this movie I am amazed with the writer Yann Martel‘s power of imagination. But I cannot side corner the artistic excellence of director Ang Lee as well. The curiosity of Pi Patel as a young boy towards religion and understanding God is captivating. Adding to it is the chemistry between him and the Bengal tiger named Richard Parker who are castaways and fight their fate for survival.
So here are 7 life lessons that one can learn from this awesome motivating movie:
  • Life Lesson #1

    Some people can never become you friends how hard you try; they can be enemy or just be acquaintance. Accept them as they are.
Either Enemy or Acquaintance?
Life Lesson #1. – Either Enemy or Acquaintance?
  • Life Lesson #2

    All it takes and matters is the will to survive.
Life Lesson #2. Survival..
Life Lesson #2.  – Survival..
  • Life Lesson #3

    …and then there is God, who has many mysterious ways of helping you!

    Life Lesson #3. - Believe!
    Life Lesson #3. – Believe!
  • Life Lesson #4

    Let Go!
Life Lesson #3. Let Go!
Life Lesson #4.  Let Go!
  • Life Lesson #5

    “Even when God seemed to have abandoned me, He was watching. Even when He seemed indifferent to my suffering, He was watching. and when I was beyond all hope of saving, He gave me rest. and gave me a sign to continue my journey.”                                         – Pi Patel from Life of Pi.
Life Lesson #4. God is watching us..
Life Lesson #5. God is watching us..
  • Life Lesson #6

     Take time out and have guts to say a last “Good Bye”. – No matter how hard it may be..
Life Lesson #6. A "Good Bye" is important..
Life Lesson #6. A “Good Bye” is important..
  • Life Lesson #7

    Happy ending is there if you strive for it.
Life Lesson #7. - Strive fr Happy Endings..
Life Lesson #7. – Strive for Happy Endings..

(21) Comments

  1. I dont trust #7 😛

    1. Try and appreciate the little Happy Endings that life give you at different occasions.. 🙂

      1. They aint endings 😉

  2. Great, good to see all the lessons Judy. Honestly all the 7 points are related with the movie, but yes in real life I too believe that point 7 don’t always happen, but yes when you said the little happy endings that life gives us at different occasions, it really makes sense. Good work….

    1. Happy endings are always meant to be momentary, even a happy life can become a pain when it becomes constant.. Life is always driven by challenges.. Even in films one gets to c hero marrying heroine but after marriage what happens is Pyar ka punchnama..:D

  3. Awesome…lessons are obvious but we still do not notice them 🙂

    1. That’s true!

  4. I loved the movie, though I haven’t read the book. I wrote a blog on the movie too. Nice that you brought here some salient messages.

    1. Thanks!

  5. loved the post Judy!!!

    1. Thanks Shruti!

  6. The first lesson is a great lesson and you know what it’s very hard to accept and sometimes people spend their whole life to understand that small demarcation between a friend and acquaintance.

    1. I agree, I have goofed up many times in life about point number 1.

  7. Happy Ending is there if you survive it…that’s how I live. And yes I move on and let go very fast, The post reassured my faith

    1. Thanks ‘coz your comment assured me that the post had a positive impact.

  8. Nice pick up of the precise moments and putting a thought to each, good post Judy.

    1. Thanks Shweta. Honestly I didn’t pick any moments but the moments in the film made me realize these life lessons, though I have known all these points before also but I tend to forget and the film reminded me of them. 🙂

  9. yes very true.. some of the lessons are very valid .. although the first one that “Some people can never become you friends how hard you try; they can be enemy or just be acquaintance. Accept them as they are.”

    I think that can be untrue .. 🙂 depending on if we want to ..

    and happy endings hmm they happen mostly in movies and always in someone ELSE’s life .. why not my own is something i ask always ..

    1. Bikram probably you are over looking the small happiness that life gives you for eg. a food dish you wanted to eat at a moment and you could manage to have it, is also kind of least for me. I know it may sound like “Gyaan” to you, but that’s how we need to lead our lives. (I also feel sometime that it’s just diverting or scheduling your mind away from problems but then we don’t have an option.) ..and after so much gyaan I feel like an Agony Aunt.. 😀

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