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Revamping Home in Style: Ethnic Look

A few days back I had this mega project in hand of redecorating my maiden home in a limited time frame that too with a crisp re-decor brief given by my mother. I have even written about it in my earlier blog post “A Chic Flat to Home Makeover..”
This is when I came across an online home decor website by the name from India which caters to varied home decoration & household products. Seeing the amazing collection of home decoration products there I was literally enticed to think about re-doing my home.
But being a confusion galore that often creative minds are; I plan to try & work upon two-three themes and then implement the best out of all. So here is my home re-do look no.1 that is based on ‘Ethnic’ theme.
‘Ethnic’ theme is my first preference because of the Rajasthani base of my husband’s family. So you know you can take a Rajasthani out from Rajasthan but cannot take #Rajasthan out of a Rajasthani. More so because of the brilliant colorful extravaganza that this place and art influences have to offer you. 

The Location:

The first step towards this ‘Ethnic’ renovation was to identify places where I can incorporate the #Rajasthani Decor elements in my living room. The look should be an elegant one mixed with rich heritage home decoration products and yet the living room should not look over done, was one thought that was constantly resonating in my head. Finally I chose three places that needed a makeover.

The Makeover:

  • Location #1.
Location #1: I Hate #Boring Cliches..
Location #1: I Hate #Boring Cliches..
I feel that the dining area is quite boring  so to make it more interesting I have thought of adding a beautiful wall mount decor item. For this I chose a peacock wall mount with hand painted work  done on it. Once fixed on the wall, I will place 2-3 pillar candles or votive candles or a Rajasthani decorative lantern on its top.
Decor Item #1: Aapno Rajasthan Peacock Wall Mount with Hand Painted Work..
Decor Item #1: Aapno Rajasthan Peacock Wall Mount with Hand Painted Work (Side View)..
Wall Mount (Front View)
Wall Mount (Front View)
  •  Location #2.
Location #2. How about a #Cover-up?
Location #2: How about a #Cover-up?
This location as evident is the main electric board of my house which is visible from living room. So I thought of covering it up with a beautiful wooden jharokha of Jaipuri lady in bani thani style. It’s suave and traditional at the same time.
Decor Item #2: Little India Jaipuri Lady Bani Thani Wooden Jharokha Gift -137
  • Location #3.
Location #3. #Glam-up the floor..
Location #3: #Glam-up the floor..
For giving the final ethnic touch to my home I decided to have a carpet with traditional motifs on it. So chose the Keshan Carpet as it complements perfectly with my other furniture kept in the living room.
Decor Item #3: Keshan Carpet

The Result: 

The big question after all this transformation is, “How does my home finally look like?”
Beautiful Ethnic Look for my beautiful Home..
Beautiful Ethnic Look for My Beautiful Home..

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  1. Nice post. Best wishes for the contest. 🙂 Even I wrote for the same contest. 😉

    Re-do your home with make my home

  2. indrani says:

    Beautiful setup now. Well done.

  3. All the Best for the contest! I loved the doodles

  4. All the best, would like to re do mine too. 🙂 I had forgotten about the contest will look it up now.

  5. lovely makeover ???

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