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Crazy Love Expressions – Take 1

Hawaayon ne aaj ye kaisa hai rukh badla,
dil ki ahate par apna naam likh choda..
Pyar rakh liya hai in dino naam apna,
kehti bahe ye hawaayein..
                                                                  – Judy
Spreading love and making special people feel more special is the flavor of this season. During the mushy courtship period saying “I love you” is the #SoundofLove. However post marriage many things apart from saying these three words become the #SoundofLove.  But at times it can become quite boring. Don’t you think that sometimes doing crazy things as if you were in teens again can actually feel good?
This year, my husband and I will be celebrating our fifth Valentine’s day after marriage. Hence, I am planning to convey my love in five different ways, to make sure my love message  gets conveyed loud and clear.

♥1. Love Message on Facebook Cover Photo:

Facebook is one social website on which people do not shy in displaying their emotions publicly. So this is the first platform where I plan to declare those three magical words for my husband.judy prashant_20150210173324577

♥2. WhatsApp Profile Photo & Message: 

Sometimes, I feel, if my husband could marry this application he would have been more happily married than he is with me. 😉
My Profile Photo..
My Profile Photo..
Silent words with the power to create magic..
Silence with magical powers..

♥3. Love Tingling through Wind Chime:

Childish? No, I simply love wind chimes. The soft tingling sound they make as the wind crosses them fills romance in the air. I plan to bring a new heart shape wind chime this Valentine’s day.

♥4. Gifting Him a Sound of Love Gold Band: 

I have always wanted to gift my husband a precious thing that stays with him forever and that reflects my love for him in truest sense. So a pure 22K gold ‘Sound of Love’ band from BlueStone will be a perfect Valentine’s day gift for him.
The Sound of Love Band for Him..
The Sound of Love Band for Him exclusively available at BlueStone..
The chosen ring with the sound of my love incorporated in its design.

♥5. Food for Love: 

Lastly I would bake his favorite cake on Valentine’s Day and enjoy with him.

“I am participating in the #SoundOfLove activity at BlogAdda in association with Bluestone”.

Photo & Video Courtesy:
#SoundOfLove video

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