Penned Poem..

My First Love..

SRK_TagH (1)
My #firstlove..
His first sight, caught me bedazzled.
His looks, blew me over.
His emotions, touched my heart.
His larger than life moves, set me dancing.
His smile, made me happy.
His tears, made me sad.
His fondness for family, made me close to mine.
His belief in love, made me fall in love.
His idea of romance, made me romantic.
His witty way of seeing world, made my life so easier
He is a star for multitude
but for me the only one
My fondness for him continues..
and his poster continues to be with me
He may not know me
but he is my first love.. my Mr. Perfect..
♥ Shahrukh Khan ♥
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Photo Courtesy: „SRK TagH” autorstwa IndiaFM - Licencja CC BY 3.0 na podstawie Wikimedia Commons -


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