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Easy-Peasy Lehenga Style Saree Drape for a Ravishing Ethnic Look..

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Hey Divas!

First of all wishing you, my readers, a Very Happy & Prosperous Deepawali!
Festive season is here and today as I write this post, ‘Deepawali’ is almost over but the celebrations will continue with the upcoming wedding season.
So while I was away, busy with my ghar-sansaar (family & household), I practically didn’t get a nano-second to think about my dress etc. for this festive day. Finally in the evening when everything was all set and done, the only option I had for getting dressed up was to search my wardrobe!
You see though I have a limited clothes in my wardrobe (a common problem with all girls 🙂 ) but still my wardrobe never disappoints me. Luckily I saw this almost 7 years old saree of mine sitting below three other almost unused sarees.
IMG_20151113_014158This one is a beautifully embroidered and technically a half-half saree the ony difference here being the material of both the halves is the same but with contrasting colours.
So I chose to  try a lehenga style drape in this saree to get a lehenga-choli type Indian ethnic look.
To get the lehenga drape from a saree right, one just needs to change the pleating pattern done around the waist. Instead of tying all pleats together as in usual saree drape, you just needs to make one pleat at a time and tuck it one by one all around the waist to give a look of a lehenga. Rest one can drape the ‘palla‘ similar to the Gujarati style saree drape or a typical lehenga choli way.
IMG_20151113_015924To complete the ethnic transformation I chose some very traditional jewelery like Kamarbandh (metallic string worn around waist) & Maang Tikka (ornate piece of jewelery worn just above forehead typically between hairs) etc. but with relatively more contemporary designs.

Yearning to receive your thoughts on this look!

Yours Truly!

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