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Chatpata Bong, Delhi (Dwarka) – Restaurant Review

Chatpata Bong
Chatpata Bong

Bengali cuisine with its many seafood dishes cooked mostly in the pungent yet flavorful mustard oil is a big hit across the globe. In Delhi, too apart from the big Bengali community settled in C. R. Park, there is a huge fan following for Bengali food. So when it comes to serving specialized cuisine restaurants in general really need to understand their flavours very well. This exactly is the prime reason for liking Chatpata Bong. It serves by & large authentic flavours and that too with a feel of Ghar ka Khana!



Chatpata Bong is easy to find as it is situated in the heart of Sector 4 market of Dwarka. But a site in central Delhi or even South Delhi could be more approachable.

I will give its location a 4/5 rating.



It is a rather small restaurant that can accommodate 20-25 people. The ambience of the place is simple yet stylish in terms of creating a Bengal feel by using few interior elements.

I will give its ambience a 3/5 rating.

Chatpata Bong Service:


The Dutta couple along with their small team manage this restaurant well. While we were having our meal we also chit-chatted with the owners and till the time we finished, it was like a home-like feeling.

I will give their service a 4.5/5 rating.

Chatpata Bong Food:

Chatpata Bong -  Lemon Shikanji
Masala Drink

Coming to the food we first had a sweet and salty refreshing masala drink that resembled lemon shikanji that’s common in Delhi. This drink was a little different from Shikanji though and worked as a re-energizer and appetizer both!

Fish Chop & Devil's Egg Chop at Chatpata Bong
Fish Chop & Devil’s Egg Chop
Chicken Mughlai Paratha at Chatpata Bong
Chicken Mughlai Paratha

Next, for starters, we ordered a gamut of things from the menu like Fish Chop, Fish Fry, Devil’s Egg Chop, Veg Ghoogni, Chicken Mughlai Paratha, Lucchi-Alu. Out of all these I liked the most was Fish Chop, it was perfectly cooked and well seasoned. Apart from this Chicken Mughlai Paratha, Fish Fry & Ghoogni also are must-try ones.


For the main course, we had ordered Ilish Maach, Mutton Kausa, Chicken Kausa, Grilled Catla, Mutton Biryani, Chicken Biryani, Rice, Salad & Roomali Roti.

Mutton Kausa at Chatpata Bong
Mutton Kausa at Chatpata Bong

Grilled catla was brilliantly cooked in yoghurt however in Mutton Kausa, the meat was slightly less cooked which I conveyed to Sonali, the co-owner & head chef of the restaurant. A special mention about the yummy in-house made yoghurt dressing for salad.

Chicken Biryani
Jhinga Alu Posto, Paneer Butter Masala, Kadhai Paneer at Chatpata Bong
Jhinga Alu Posto, Paneer Butter Masala, Kadhai Paneer

The Chicken biryani was really tasty and the chicken was cooked well. But what stole my heart was Illish Maach. Made in yellow mustard gravy it tasted out of this world. The vegetarian friends had Paneer butter masala, Kadhai Paneer, and Jhinga aloo posto. They had fewer expectations with paneer butter masala (which is primarily a North Indian dish) served in this Bong restaurant but it was really good. For my vegetarian friends, the Jhinga (Tori/a type of Gourd) Alu Masala was a standout in the main course.

Bengali Aam Chutney
Aam Chutney

As we were about to finish the main course, at the suggestion of Mihir da, the owner of this restaurant, we ordered an exquisite drink shot of Aam Chutney made from raw mangoes with tadka of Whole dried Red Chilli and other spices. It was simply Superb! It refreshed our palates and as informed by Mihir da, Bengalis drink it to help in better digestion.

Lastly, it was time to dig in desserts. We had Rasgulla & Mishti Dahi which were good but they were sourced from C.R. Park.

I will give its food a 4/5 rating.



To end I will give this place a big thumbs up for their food and hospitality. I have many Bengali friends and other people who want to relish Bengali food but most speciality restaurants serving Bengali food are highly overpriced in Delhi NCR and taste is also compromised. In Chatpata Bong you will get great taste and at a far reasonable price.

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  1. Definitely will try this restaurant when we are in Dwarka. Your review is well described and helpful. Thanks.

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