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A Startup That Promises to Quench Thirsty souls – Mexer Beverages

552a43821af9a9d27e603ac9e6c9f8ca0bc8f327There are numerous brands of juices & flavored soft drinks today available in Indian market. Most are branded with international companies and some manufactured & marketed by local companies. Leaving aside the locally promoted beverages which do not really qualify on both taste as well quality parameters; in the organized market with leading brand of beverages in place, there are some which claim to be ‘real’ without preservatives while some prefer to bank upon the taste quotient.
Well here’s a startup that’s teething with Mixtale and Spicetale bottles in their mouth!

Wondering what are Mixtale and Spicetale? Read On..

fotor_147349518898739Mixtale & Spicetale are the foremost offerings of a startup company called as Mexer Beverages. Both lines of beverage are ready to drink, non-alcoholic, caffeine free and are fizzy.
The ‘Mixtale‘ word is derived from the basic idea behind these beverages which are ready to drink mixers {with you know exactly what! :p} Flavors on offer are Mojito, Blue Curacao, Tonic Water, Ginger Ale, & L.I.I.T. Apparently very soon there are many other cool flavors coming up. Can’t wait to find out!
While ‘Spicetale‘ line of beverages will reintroduce your favorite Indian spices in the form of chilled fizzy drinks. The desi flavors in Spicetale are Nimbu Paani, Jeera (Cumin Seed) Soda, & Ginger Masala.

So who dreamt of creating the Mixtale & Spicetale – a Connoisseur himself may be?

{Don’t even ask me connoisseur in what…lol}
Introducing Siddh Desai – the mastermind behind Mexer Beverages.
A more formal introduction would be COO & founder of Mexer Beverages. So yes Mixtale and Spicetale first did the mixology thing with his mind. Further, upon a discussion with friends, he realized the gap in the Indian market of ready to drink mocktails which could also double up as perfect mixing partners with various alcohols to shape up as Cocktails at any location of your choice.
So one fine day in the city of dreams – Mumbai like-minded individuals and obviously the experts in the field of mixology got together to start this venture of making ready to drink beverages which are different from the usual fruit juices and fizzy drinks available in the market.
Apart from Siddh, team Mexer Beverages comprise of

Darshan Dadia – Co-Founder & head of Sales & Distribution.

In the words of my ex-boss, “Sales is the only asset department of the company.” Further a proper distribution channel is even more crucial for the product life cycle to function smoothly. Darshan holds an international degree in Business Administration and has an international work experience of over 10 years.

Ratheen Shroff – CEO & Production Head.

Chief Executive Officer & Production Head both roles sound so Heavy Duty, right? Absolutely! So the Mexer team found, Ratheen who studied MS and MBA in Corporate Finance from Boston, USA perfect for this role.

Hiral Desai – Business Advisor & Marketing

Business advisory & Marketing are no child’s play so Mexer Beverages has an ex-banker with more than 10 years of experience in company / equity analysis and advertising to lead the company in this vertical.

Shradha Shroff – spearheading Creative Head & Marketing.

Shradha is the chief contributor to the product design, product portfolio, and market placement. She with her knowledge of MBA from Cardiff, U.K. has been instrumental in the selection of flavors, product packaging, and final design. She is also an integral part of Mexer’s social engagement division.

Asmi Shah – PR & Communication Strategist

For positioning the brand correctly in the eye of media and for forwarding correct information about Mexer Beverages there’s Asmi holding the charge.

Rajiv Dadia – Brand Manager

Rajiv a writer by passion and having an entrepreneurial experience brings in the sharp insights and marketing nuances to work in favor of Mexer beverages.

Thirsty Already? Pre-Order Mixtale & Spicetale!

Mexer Beverages have tied up with Ketto – foremost Indian crowdfunding company. Well, Mexer Beverages are not exactly looking for crowd funding literally but thirsty souls including me can pre-order and try the assorted packs of Mixtale & Spicetale drinks.
The combos available at Ketto are:
For a payment of Rs. 350+: You get Novice Party Pack which has One Mixbox having 6 amazing Mixtale drinks.
For a payment of Rs. 700+: You get Party Guru Pack that includes 2 Mixboxes like above.
For a payment of Rs. 1100+: You get Party God Pack which comprise of One Mixbox (6 flavors) + Mexer Beverages Signature Spicetale Collection + Limited Edition Signature  Cocktail Glass Set.
For a payment of Rs. 2500+: You get Mexer’s Best Friend Pack which includes of Double Mixbox (2×6 flavors) + Mexer Beverages Signature Special Collection + Limited Edition Signature  Cocktail Glass Set + Limited Edition Gift Set.
On a concluding note personally, I love the idea of ready to drink mocktails and Indian spices fused fizzy beverages. I guess Mixtale is the first of its kind line of product offering in India which makes your cocktail mixing process really hassle free considering one doesn’t need to source different ingredients which are needed to make a cocktail rather you have one ready-to-mix mocktail that gives exactly the same pleasure to your taste buds. So are you game to try Mixtale & back this young startup on Ketto?

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