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JW Marriott, Mumbai Sahar – Hotel Review

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The year 2016 was one of the most blessed year’s of my life in terms of career especially. After all, life isn’t that glamorous for a lifestyle blogger like it is assumed to be. But, last year, remarkably, I was present at some exceptionally right places and that too bang on time!

So in mid-2016, I traveled to Mumbai to attend the launch of one of the best camera smartphones available in India today. It was roughly a two-day event and we had to stay at the venue of the event itself. The event happened in Hotel JW Marriott, Mumbai Sahar.


Now JW Marriott has two hotels in Mumbai; one in Juhu & the other one in Mumbai Sahar. The Mumbai Sahar hotel in which we stayed is close to both the domestic & international airport. This gives the property an inherent advantage of proximity, considering guests flying in from international and within India places. Plus being located in Andheri area of Mumbai, the hotel has great connectivity with touristy areas of South Mumbai area and suburbs like Thane etc.


JW Marriott, Mumbai Sahar is a five-star hotel! But gives a feel of seven-star luxe opulence. With the restaurant and ball-rooms situated on the ground level while the rooms, swimming pool, spa & gymnasium areas on upper floors.

The ballrooms are large & reflect grandeur. While restaurants exuberate the vibes of global cuisine.

The rooms are furnished with a lot of careful detailing in the pursuit of offering best service to the guests.

Room at a Glance:

As mentioned above rooms cater to even the smallest of the requirements that a guest may generally have while staying in JW Marriott hotel, Mumbai Sahar. The room I was allotted was a medium-big in dimension with a swimming pool view. It had a dedicated washroom area which was separated by a wooden sliding door. The bath area had a bath tub with organic toiletries.

Hair dryer, bathrobe, clothes iron, slippers, safe were kept in an almirah towards the entrance of the room. One corner of the room had a study table with notepad, pen and a telephone kept there. The master size bed was very comfortable with alarm clock and power sockets on the bedside table. Not to forget the mini-refrigerator & LCD TV to complete the flawless room experience.


The staff is extremely well behaved and courteous. From darban at the porch to customer service managers, they are extremely helpful which is a pro for solo traveling women like me.


Because I had arrived in JW Marriott, Mumbai Sahar as a part of the media for covering an event, I largely had the buffet corporate meals. The lunch & dinner had a mix of Indian & Chinese cuisine. The food tasted good. The breakfast menu too had a large variety of dishes spanning from North Indian, Maharashtrian, South Indian to American cuisines on the menu. The ground floor located restaurant has open kitchen kind of set up and a relaxing ambiance. 


The long distance that one has to cover after getting out of the lift before reaching the room and the forever empty remaining passage areas may fluster on the first sight. However, the hotel is safe even for women travelers. Innumerable CCTV cameras are in place for the best interest of hotel’s guest. Proper security checks are done on arrival of any outsider for averting any potential danger.


I would give the Hotel a 4.8-star rating which is near to perfect.

The hotel & its staff prove their mettle by living up to the stature of their parent brand name ‘JW Marriott’. Worth every penny to be here for a luxury vacation and business trips!

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  1. Stayed here and it’s certainly one of the best properties to stay near Airport. Very well compiled post.

    1. Thank you 🙂

  2. Great review Judy. Looks and sounds absolutely gorgeous. What a treat!

    1. Thanks Shazia!

  3. Judy! I’m so glad that you visited my country and am even happier to see that you liked it! I would urge you to visit more places here, maybe the North East?
    Very well written review. Sharing asap!

    1. Hi Manisha, I am from India only. But yes North East has been on my list for long. Thanks for liking the post.

  4. Loved this blog because both Marriott and Mumbai are close to my heart. I have not stayed in this exact property but have fond memories from my stay in Marriott, Bhopal. I would love to try this property too.

    1. Glad you liked the post Abhinav. Reading that you liked your stay at Marriott Bhopal I too wanna to review there Bhopal property someday.

  5. Yes, loving this bath tub!

  6. Haven’t stayed here, but have dined several times at their cafe. Personally love the food here as compared to the Juhu mariott 🙂

  7. travellingslacker says:

    It surely is a great property. I used to stay nearby at one pont of time.

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