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First Ever India-Seoul Friendship Bash held at Gurugram!

.Seoul the capital city of South Korea is surely one place that’s fast catching as more and more number of Indian’s travelling for holidays and more. Drastically in contrast to its sibling, North Korea is a friendly country to be in. This is one of the key reasons why the friendship bond between India and Seoul is really strong. Apart from being famous for sea minerals laden beauty products to giving the world some of the top technology companies, the country has much more to offer. 

Seoul itself has many unexplored places to visit especially for those Indians who love to travel for holidays internationally. Having almost equally deep seeded Buddhist & pop culture, Seoul and South Korea at large offers an immaculate variation to the travelers with its authentic and diverse culture. Not to forget, South Korea compelled the whole world to dance to the tune of pop artist Psy’s viral ‘Oppa Gangnam’ song.

The number of Indian tourists to the city was recorded in 2016 stood at 152,811 and is increasing day by day. Celebrating the cultural ties with India, The Seoul Metropolitan Government celebrated its first-ever Seoul-India Friendship Festival. The festival held recently at Cyber Hub, Gurugram had encaptivating Nanta, B-Boying & Taekwondo performance done by the Korean troupe. While from Indian side there was mesmerizing dance performance on Bollywood songs.  Nanta is a humour filled dance performance which has cooking and food as its base. Taekwondo as commonly known if the native martial art form of Korea. 

Seoul Mayor Park, Won-soon, himself was present and inaugurated the event along with other South Korean and Indian dignitaries, making this occasion even more significant. The dazzling B-Boying battle between Indian and Korean groups and the DJ session towards the end were the star attraction at the festival. In addition to this, there were quizzes and video gallery to know more about the city.

Seoul in a Snapshot:

  • It is a metropolis teeming with modern skyscrapers and high-tech subways. Yet it also offers a fascinating fragment of the past at its World Heritage–listed sites.
  • The city was ranked as the favourite world city by Asian tourists has boomed to become the world’s 10th most economically powerful city. It has become the second-largest metropolitan in the last 50 years.
  • Popular places to visit when in Seoul include Gyeongbukgung Palace, Bukchon Hanok Village, Jogyesa Buddhist Temple, Suwon’s Hwaseong Fortress and more.
  • Apart from this shopping and dining are also the prominent things to do when in Seoul.

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  1. Looks like a super fun event! 🙂

  2. First of all Congrats on the celebration Seoul-India Friendship Festival. Looks like a fun and great celebration happened there in Gurugram. Nice article!

  3. I really didn’t knw so many facts abt Seoul…thnx to you….

  4. The first-ever Seoul-India Friendship Festival sounds very interesting.. very well written

  5. I love attending such cultural events where we learn so much about others

  6. Even I was unaware of this place and that it follows Buddha’s culture.. thanks for bringing this

  7. That looks like an amazing event. So good to see people organizing it. This also increases tourism and the relationship between two countries

  8. wow the facts about the city are mesmerizing. You presented really nice information about the city. Great article.

  9. Thats nice to hear.. Pictures looks pretty exciting and fun full

  10. Deepika says:

    This looks like so much fun… I wish I could be a part

  11. That was an interesting read. Good to know some more about Seoul.

  12. This is such a great initiative. Hope u enjoyed

  13. This definitely looks like a great event!! The shots tell a tale of an event that we shouldnt have missed!

  14. Twinkle says:

    This really looks like an interesting event. Enjoyed reading this.

  15. South Korea is fast emerging as the next hot destination for Indians.

  16. jhilmil says:

    Such an interseting event to read and learn about, India – Seoul friendship. Seems this event was indeed a fun!

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