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Let’s get Freedom from these 5 Burning Issues of Modern India, Let’s Get Freedom RISING!

Source: Ted Talks

The dictionary meaning of the word ‘Freedom’ has two variations given of the same word as the context in which the word is used is also little different. One meaning depicts the word as the right to act, speak, or think as one wants to. While the second context depicts it as the state of not being imprisoned.

Basically, Freedom is an intangible subject, one which cannot be touched, smelled or seen.  But the actions done with the hand, words spoken through mouth, deeds done consciously and things seen by eyes are the ones that are very much tangible and can be noted by others too. The only flaw of freedom is that it is all in the head like a perception. When horses of the mind get out of control it can only create a havoc! The pressing need is to exercise control over this freedom and tame the mind to bring sanity.

#1 Freedom from Objectifying Women and Rape

Source: Free Press Journal

Men and even some women too can blatantly blame the victims for having worn provocative clothes or stayed out of home till late in the night. But the fact of the matter is rapes are happening every hour, every minute. A new low in terms of morality is being reached every day. New milestones being set daily be it the rape and murder of 8 months old child in India or the rape and murder of solo traveller in Costa Rica. Is it just the safety of women & children under a question mark or the beginning of human becoming in-human?

#2 Freedom from Crime Against Children

Source: News CLick

Who had thought that with increasing modernity in society children would become the targets of pervert minded! Heinous crimes against children by not just  old people but even minors have rocked the world like never before. Child safety in school and public places, which are considered one of safest havens for children other than home have shattered the faith of parents. With disheartening turn of events not just once but multiple times, the need is that people should disassociate children with illogical fantasies. Pervert minded should beoutcasted from the society. A safer world needs to be created for the next generatons to thrive & prosper.

#3 Freedom from Increasing Teen Offences

Teenage is that age which is generally considered the coming of the childhood age and entering into puberty. But with the increase in entertainment media, gadgets in hand and with internet at the ready disposal, teenagers now understand much more than their previous batch. Over the time the rights and wrongs have also changed; some for good and some for bad. Hence, the sudden surge of teen offences not limiting to being harmful to others but also sometimes proving to be self-destructive, sucidal in nature. The genration gap has always been there between two generations but the misuse of freedom in actions, mannerisms and more needs to be let go. Read more about teenage crimes here.

#4 Freedom from Mob Lynching

Source: Free Press Journal

Of lately this is the new ill-fated trend that finds itself highlighted every day in the newspaper, digital media and social media. One faulty news that goes viral due to irresponsible use of mediums like Whatsapp or other social networking websites and more is enough to provoke masses. Ultimately resulting in mass human shaming behaviour and even death. Freedom from being judgemental, impulsive should be our immediate action.

#5 Reckless Behavior on Road


Road rages aren’t supposed to be the usual part of any road journey but a horrific experience, most usually pray t not get involved in. This is on an increase despite the various awareness measures taken on the government and non-government levels. Plus talking on the phone, breaking the rules, jumping red lights are also becoming quite usual. However, it might seem to be very normal the result can be quite devastating for self or at least lead one in quite a soup. Actually, enough drama and action sequences have happened on roads and now it is time to get freedom from this act of taking liberty in the name of a hurry.

Freedom is a very positive word but only till the time it is responsibly exercised. So are you ready to halla bol and combat these 5 burning issues of modern India!

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  1. Reading your post it really makes me wonder what have we gained freedom from. In a lot of ways our country is shackled and distressed, and this society can’t say this is freedom. Hope we truly get freedom.

  2. Thats so thoughtful yaar even i have same feeling that we need to talk about freedom from this thing rather than how our nation got freedom

  3. jhilmil d saha says:

    All the points are very validly raised looking at today’s scenario in India. Crime against children/ paedophilia etc. should be regarded as a life threataning crime and punished accordingly. I would prefer to see a death sentence for those perverts.

  4. True. All of these are burning issues our society needs freedom from. Also, caste and gender inequality.

  5. Nisha Malik says:

    I can’t say which issue needs more attention as all of these must be addressed asap. Be it women and children safety or careless driving everywhere issue has absurd consequences .

  6. Sorry but we should not condemn the whole of India due to some bad people. There is no need to blame anyone, change is needed. Which we can start with ourselves.

  7. Objectification of women is one of the most important thing that people in India need to understand. Objectifying women even in movies and TV shows sends the wrong message to the youth

  8. It’s time again that we realize the true meaning of freedom in India and start our small contributions towards it. These are the burning issues and need a thought.

  9. Such valid and important points put forward.. women are always subjected to objectification.. we are yet to achieve true freedom.

  10. This is very eye opening topic.. After 72 years of independence we are not free… Very nice post

  11. Definitely a dialogue is needed about all the issues which you have raised. We say freedom, but honestly there is so much oppression in our society. From oppression of women to oppression from speaking our minds or practicing our culture.

    Thought invoking post. We need more of these.

  12. That’s very well with great points to ponder. Objectification of women is something we must look into. In a country where we worship women this is not expected.

  13. Amrita says:

    Citizen responsibility is an important factor to get freedom from the above.The question is will the individual take responsibility for own action?

    1. The problem arises right at this point. Blame game is widespread and responsibilities towards ones action.. oh nobody wants to do that

  14. Amazing and informative post. All the issues are very properly raised about women. Very thought provoking post.

  15. Good work

  16. Good article

  17. Nice

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