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5 Recent Hindi Movies That Are Sure to Give You An Adrenaline Rush!

Hindi films that give you an Adrenaline rush!
Hindi movies that give you an Adrenaline rush!

Hindi movies aren’t just about romance or family drama. Each year more & more directors are dabbling into different genres. One such genre that has really been popular in recent times is the Action genre. On that note, here are 5 recent Hindi movies that are sure to give action lovers an adrenaline rush.

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    Tiger Zinda Hai:

Tiger Zinda Hai Poster Source
Tiger Zinda Hai Poster Source

In this movie which was a sequel of Ek Tha Tiger, the lead couple Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif reprise their roles as spies from the prequel. They are on a mission to save a group of Indian & Pakistani nurses kidnapped by a terrorist group in a foreign country. While it was a gripping story, the action sequences from the film received immense praise for its epic scale. The hand-to-hand combat scene of Katrina Kaif deserves a special mention here. In fact, at the 63rd Filmfare Awards, this film’s action director, Tom Struthers, won the Filmfare Award for Best Action.

  • Commando 2:

Commando 2 Movie now streaming on Zee5

This Vidyut Jamwal starrer film is a sequel to his 2013 hit movie Commando: A One Man Army. Flaunting his perfectly sculpted body, Vidyut is a treat to watch in Commando 2. He is a trained martial art and a Kalaripayattu expert (an Indian form of Martial Arts) so the action sequences ought to give a major adrenaline rush. Whether it’s fist fights or parkour that would normally scare others, Vidyut’s sleek action sequences are the biggest reason why one would want to watch the movie again and again.

  • 2.0:

2.0 movie poster Source
2.0 movie poster Source

2.0 is an upcoming science fiction film which is a sequel to Enthiran. The latter is a well known Tamil movie that was released in Hindi, dubbed under the name Robot. It had South Indian superstar Rajnikanth & Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in the lead.  The upcoming movie sees Rajnikant reprise the double role of Dr. Vaseegaran and Chitti – the robot. The new addition to the cast being Akshay Kumar & Amy Jackson.  Touted to be the costliest Indian movie made to date, the recently released 3D teaser gave people goosebumps and promised of being an action bonanza. See the trailer of 2.0 here.

  • Baaghi 2:

Screenshot via Youtube

Baaghi 2 starring Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani released in March, this year. The film had great action sequences set in dense jungles and gritty urban areas which are sure to give you an adrenaline rush. The highlight of the film is surely Tiger Shroff and of course the songs apart from the fighting portions.

  • Parmanu:

Parmanu film poster Source:
Parmanu film poster Source

Released in 2018, Parmanu is based on the nuclear tests that were conducted in Pokhran under the leadership of late prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and under the guidance of late scientist Dr. APJ. Abdul Kalam. John Abraham & Diana Penty are in the lead roles with many seasoned actors donning the cap of senior leaders and personnel involved in giving this trial a success. The movie gives an adrenaline rush each time a new fact is revealed while the plot of the movie unfolds. The last scene especially is an epic sequence and has been filmed brilliantly.

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  1. I really love Vidyut and Tiger Shroff when it comes to such movies. Can’t wait to watch Parmanu & Commando 2 again.

  2. Dr. Surbhi Prapanna says:

    This is awesome list, I had already watched most of them. and I agree they are great movies. will watch parmanu this week.

  3. I had watched commando and loved it totally! Yet to watch commando 2! I am also really intrigued by parmanu! Gotta watch these two soon! ???

  4. I am super excited to see 2.0 and baghi 2 was a movie worth watching, would definitely watch the rest on this Sunday, thank you for sharing

  5. You have listed my fav movies here…. Tiger zinda hai and commando is really great movies to watch

  6. All the movies are just amazing and especially I like Vidyut in Commando 2 and Tiger Zinda hai the most.

  7. I would love to watch 2.0 science fictional movie, it would give an adrenaline rush for sure. Parmanu also sounds quite intriguing.

  8. I have only watched Tiger Zinda hai out of this list and my son is a huge fan of Swagg se karenge sabka swaagat song lol. I watched commando but need to check out commando 2.

  9. Wow nice movie collection I have seen all except Parmanu & 2.0. I like action movies will surely watch this one soon.

  10. I am a cinephile. I have this habit of not missing out on movies. Not really an action buff but cause Bollywood is love. Will check out 2.0 & Commando 2.

  11. I have seen all these movies and these definitely gets the adrenaline pumping. Tiger and Vidhyut are natural at these kind of roles.

  12. Monica says:

    I love movies that give me an adrenaline rush! 😉 Good for relaxing! 😛 I gotta watch Commando 2! Have heard so much about it!

  13. out of all the above, to be true, i just liked parmanu. rest are not my genre types and have not watched them as yet. if i get a chance, will watch them as per your recommendation

  14. I am a movie buff, and these flicks are just amazing to watch. Love the action and tight cineact by the actors in these movies. Great list.

  15. I’ve only watched tiger zinda hai from the list. Thanks for introducing the other 4. 2.0 sounds a power packed movie love to watch more for the list.

  16. I watched Parmanu and Tiger Zinda Hai from the list and enjoyed both. They were quite thrilling to watch.

  17. Akanksha says:

    I have only watched Tiger zinda hai from this list. My husband has seen all of these. He really likes Vidyut Jamwal & Tiger’s action movies. I’m not Tiger’s fan though.

  18. Nidhi says:

    I have watched all the movies except Tiger Zinda Hai. Indeed these movies are gripping and high entertainers. Not only they provide an adrenaline rush, but also send a good message

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