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Catch Harrdy Sandhu & Neha Bhasin Lockdown on ZEE5 to Recreate Two All Time Favourite Songs!

He has won our hearts with his hit songs likeSoch Na Sake‘. She made waves in the girl band VIVA and went on to rock Bollywood. That’s Harrdy Sandhu & Neha Bhasin for you! This time, coming together to be Locked down for 24 hours.

Harrdy Sandhu and Neha Bhasin pair up in Lockdown Episode 4 on Zee5
Harrdy Sandhu and Neha Bhasin pair up in Lockdown Episode 4 on Zee5


ZEE5 is the most comprehensive & largest digital entertainment platform for language content in India.  Lockdown is a part of ZEE5 Originals as a musical reality show.

The debut production venture of Badshah, ‘Lockdown’ brings together two famous singers from Bollywood and the digital space to collaborate and recreate two songs of their choice in 24 hours. In this web series, one can look forward to seeing extraordinary singers like Monali Thakur, Benny Dayal, Jonita Gandhi, Kailash Kher, Neha Bhasin, Shirley Setia, Sachin-Jigar, Raftaar, Harrdy Sandhu, Badshah & more coming together to unlock music like never before. Even better, every episode is shot in an exotic location that awaits the challenging pair to get their creative energies synced and create amazing music.

The fourth episode of Lockdown will see Harrdy Sandhu & Neha Bhasin work to recreate two amazing songs ‘Akhiyaan Udeek Diyan’ and ‘Khair Mangdi’.

Neha Bhasin is a versatile singer who has sung songs from various genres. On the other hand, Harrdy Sandhu, with songs ranging from romantic to Punjabi pop. Their diverse styles come together in this episode to recreate two amazing songs. Akhiyaan Udeek Diyan and Khair Mangdi.

Akhiyan Udeek Diyan was originally sung by Sufi maestro Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. The lyrics penned by Khwaja Pervez has a rustic Punjabi feel. As evident from the trailer, their base for this episode & music video shoot being Mcleodganj and the beautiful Dharamsala, we are actually looking forward to a beautiful rendition of maestro Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Sahab’s song.

Khair Mangdi is a Punjabi song written, composed and sung by Pakistani singer Bilal Saeed along with Dr. Zeus. The song was a viral hit and later on, was incorporated in the Siddharth Malhotra-Katrina Kaif starrer Baar Baar Dekho. Watching Harrdy Sandhu & Neha Bhasin synergise their creativity to create spectacular versions of these two songs in the fourth episode of Lockdown on ZEE5 was an incredible experience. I have watched the songs on loop and I am sure you would do the same.

Neha Bhasin recently took the Facebook route to show her happiness & excitement of being a part of this unique web series, Lockdown.

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    Episode 4 is live.

  • So, don’t forget to subscribe to ZEE5 Premium subscription today and watch these amazing episodes of Lockdown, because this time singers together are unlocking music!

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  1. Those episodes on zee5 are so good, even im watchimg this series all the time

  2. I am a big song lover so i definitely download the app and want to enjoy the song of my Favorite singer.. Thanks for sharing with us the nice information..

  3. The channel and its series of wonderful program liked by generations over the years. Looking forward to this one too

  4. This seems to be a entertaining show .I am planning to go for ZEE5 subscription and the shows look very entertaining. I am a huge fan of the song Socha na sake

  5. Neha Bhasin is my favorite . I will watch this subscribing to the premium plan now.

  6. These lockdown episodes are seems very interesting to me. Will check out this on Zee5.

  7. Great, this one is musically inclined n entertaining Thanks for sharing, will try to watch the show.

  8. Neha Bhasin is amazing . I would certainly watch Lockdown on Zee5. They’re having some amazing copyrighted content of different genres.

  9. This show sounds really interesting.Its all about music right? Zee5 is doing great. Will watch this one too.

  10. I recently subscribed to Zee5 and I am loving it. Every show is addictive there. All the songs you mentioned are my favorite too.

  11. I’m not one to watch TV often. Heck I didn’t even know about this show till one – but anything with music sign me up. Will definitely try to catch this soon.

  12. Zee5 looks have some amazing series to watch and enjoy. I would love to subscribe and enjoy the shows. Zee is one of the oldest channel and have all wonderful shows.

  13. I love the concept of the show. Must be interesting to watch these artists recreate songs with their skills and talent.

  14. Amazing and beautiful post. This seems to be best entertaining episodes. Definitely, check out this on ZEE5.

  15. Love the music of Hardy Sandhu. I bet this will be one dynamic episode as the songs and artists selected are really amazing!

    1. Yes it definitely is. I mean to come up with songs then recreating it in terms of music and reshooting it in 24 hrs that too 2 songs are nail-biting

  16. I’m loving the varied range of flicks and shows on Zee5. Lockdown sounds quite interesting show to watch.

  17. this is such an intresting show would sure going to catch up on zee5 …thanks for bringing this

  18. The show looks fabulous, I am big fan of ZEE5 series .they always come up with innovative ideas . I am going to check this out.

  19. I love the voice of Neha Bhasin! Watching Harrdy Sandhu and Neha recreate such hit and classic songs will be a treat!

    1. Surely dear it is an absolute treat.

  20. I am also watching the series in Zee5.. Really Zee5 is come with super serials and series and doing excellent work..

  21. This is best entertaining destination, catching up this content on the time that suits our time schedule and can be watched without any hindrance is great.

  22. Preetjyot says:

    Zee channel is one of the most entertaining one in our country. I wonder how I missed this. I am so fond of Music. It works like meditation for me. Will check this one out.

    1. Hop on to Zee 5 now in that case girl Rs. 99 for two months subscription.

  23. Zee is one of my favorite channels. I have not watched this show yet though. Need to catch up soon.

  24. Deepa Shri Rajan says:

    Zee5 always does a fantastic job. I am yet to go and experience this. Doing it right away

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