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Working Parents, 5 ways to Ensure Overall Development of Children & We Aren’t Talking Food Here!

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Parenting isn’t easy as a cakewalk though it may seem so. In today’s time where both the parents are working it becomes all the more difficult for them to balance out their work and life plus the new additions in their lives, ‘Children’. Actually coming to think of the scale of change ‘parenting’ brings in a couple’s life it can be termed as quite disruptive. We are sure most working parents would definitely be nodding their heads in admittance.

Here are 5 practical ways to ensure overall development in children:

  • An Hour for Outdoor Sports:

Outdoor Sports for overall development of children
Outdoor Sports for the overall development of children

Outdoor sports like football, cricket, basketball, lawn tennis and more have positive effects on kids in more than just keeping them engaged. This is crucial, especially, in today’s time when children have far more screen time than it used to be earlier.  Increase in the number of television programs, video games on mobile phones and even access to laptops right from very early classes are the key factors for causing this augmented screen time. As a result, they have a limited number of real friends. Playing outdoor sports build in them the need for true friends, team spirit, leadership skills, analytical power and boosts confidence. The impact of outdoor sports can also be seen in overall body growth. As playing under the sun, allows the body to receive Vitamin D naturally, strengthens muscles, & improves their body growth manifolds by increasing their appetite.

Encouraging kids to take up any outdoor sports is as equally important like encouraging them to concentrate on studies.

  • One Book, a Week & Goodnights after a Short Story:  

It is an accepted fact that book reading is a good habit but honestly how many parents actually put in the effort for getting their kids to start reading good books, not many isn’t it. Here, we are not referring to course-related books but reading books related to any other topic, general awareness, and fiction/non-fiction novels. In fact, it has been seen that kids having the habit of reading tend to have far more knowledge and have a better perspective of looking at a situation than the ones that don’t read.

  • Half a Mile or Two on Cycle:

Cycling is a great exercise for kids as well: Overall development of children
Cycling is a great exercise for kids as well: Overall development of children                                    Photo Courtesy: Indian Cycling League

Again, cycling is another way to make the kids step out of the house and indulge in productive activity. Cycling refreshes mind & soul and reduces stress. It also boosts concentration and improves balancing skills. The millennial kids are more passive and so don’t like to step out of their homes but taking up cycling shifts them to active gear thereby ensuring their holistic wellness.

  • Music or Any Creative Hobby:

Honing creative hobbies like playing musical instruments, painting, dance, photography and more are no less positive contributors when one talks about the overall development of children. In fact, these activities act to channelize the unsaid emotions which a child may not be able to express otherwise. These activities are equally entertaining like watching television and at times rewarding too. Participating in competitions on school level etc. is a confidence booster in itself, winning is surely a shot in the arm. Nurturing these creative skills act as a stress buster, mood changer, relaxing exercise, means of learning self –discipline and imbibing patience in children.

  • Green Time for Overall Development of Children:

Being in the company of nature is immensely good for overall development of children. Spending time in the garden or the habit of gardening itself is a mood enhancer. Plus spending some time daily in between green plants can prove to boost the immunity of children thereby facilitating their entire physical development. Children learn to appreciate nature and can understand concepts of biology & environmental studies by indulging in small practical experiments. They come to learn the core principles of life like conserving nature & importance of the tiniest creatures existing in this world

If the overall development of children is a priority then the need of the hour is to be living in a place where all of this is readily available and that too consistently. Independent houses and unstructured societies with bare minimum facilities may not have all of these areas for the overall development of children. Sending them to coaching classes away from home is a safety risk and it isn’t a cost effective as well

Developers have now started to realize this gap and so now have started to plan housing societies more kids-centric. Since working parents aren’t available for the children after they return from school, this is a safe bet. One name among Indian Builders that is emerging as a forerunner in developing such housing societies that ensure overall development of children is Ashiana Housing. They have kids-centric residential projects in Gurgaon, Bhiwadi, Jaipur, and more cities too. Check their carefully planned kids-centric homes here.

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  1. Noor Anand Chawla says:

    These are some practical and easy to implement tips. I particularly agree with the reading, the outdoors time and the environment friendly activities.

  2. Overall development of kids is very important. You have covered 5 way to keep their development on track beautifully.. loved reading ur post.

  3. This is such a refreshing article. We are finally talking about things that is not just focused towards food and health. Inculcating a reading habit or encouraging them to take up a hobby or art is going to help them in the future

  4. Amita Pandey says:

    This must read to parents.Overall Development of Children are very important. glad to know that AShiana housing projects are kids centric.

  5. This is such a brilliant post. My daughter totally enjoys reading . I always look forward to read good books to my little one. You have covered all 5 best things beautifully.

  6. In today’s fast track life kids do miss out on outdoor time and play time. This is a great society to focus on the overall development of the child.

  7. Im so happy to see this post as most parents only concentrate on the studies and forget about overall development. My son enjoys reading books and increasing his vocabulary. In his free time, he likes to ride his bike or build lego construction sets which boosts brain development. He also enjoys wide variety of craft and colouring. I need to enroll him in either swimming or football so he can be a bit more discipline too.

  8. Now thats a great choice of Kid Centric homes. Giving kids a holistic development with working parents is becoming challenging these days and with all facilities under one roof, things become so simple.

  9. These are some of the practical and easy to implement tips. Sometimes we only focus on their studies but it is necessary to give them some outside experience..

  10. I have loved and enjoyed reading this post. I do agree that overall development of kids is very important. I have enrolled my nephew for football and swimming. I want him to be more active.

  11. Outdoor sports, cycling, creative work, hobby and playing are very important for proper development of kids… Child centric homes are a necessity for the same reason! Loved the post!

  12. These activities are essential. They played an important role in our development involuntarily but with our kids we have to make sure that we show them the path. Very helpful post .

  13. Khushboo says:

    These are some really practical tips you shared in the post. It is very informative post for all parents for their kids.

  14. Having a kid centeric apartment is something that a parent should always take care of. It was a damn insightful blog one of my friends is planning to buy a house soon, will definitely share this blog with her.

  15. Children need exposure to nature and creativity to be stimulated. I loved reading about Ashiana housing. The right way to the future.

  16. Sounds great tips for kids overall development. Agree that developing habit of reading books, making time for hobby will help a lot

  17. Kids are our future. Giving them the best is our prime responsibility. Love the blog post totally.

  18. Wow! These are some awesome activities which will help kids to develop, brush up their skills as well as also have fun.

  19. All the points are going back to our roots and doing what kids have done all long. Agree with you on the above 5

  20. Ritu Kalra says:

    Great insight for all the parents..thanx for sure all the parents are concerned about their kid’s development so will keep these in mind

  21. The tips are truly helping for all working Parents ,very practical and something which looks literally possible to execute .I will be checking the kids centric home as I am looking for one .

  22. The overall concept of child centric homes is great. This is what we all need as parents

  23. In modern times with the advent of technological props like television and smart phones, it is a pity that children have stopped having the kind of fun at play they used to. It is so essential for them to get into the outdoors. These activities like cycling, and other sports are great ways to ensure holistic development of the children.

  24. The 5 pointers mentioned by you are very important for a child’s overall development. With less open spaces and the mall culture if a builder has all the facilities in the building itself it would be so much beneficial.

  25. The 5 practical ways is much helpful. It will surely help in their development.
    Sharing the post right away as all parents should read this & follow.

  26. It is amazing how developers are understanding the needs of parents and constructing homes in such a way so as to help them! Loved the idea!

  27. It’s really a good list. I am going to follow the list for my son as well.

  28. This is an alarming blog post. I am sure it will help many of us. A must read.

  29. As a parent we want to do everything to ensure the overall development of kids. Informative and helpful post for the parents

  30. I agree overall development of kids is very important. That’s a very informative post for the development of kids.

  31. Saarah says:

    I love all the tips for kids bonding that you have listed here and I totally agree with bonding over some creative hobbies and the likes.

  32. Kavita says:

    Those are some wonderful tips and would surely help in overall development of your little one. Green time is something we recently started with and my little one is enjoys it thoroughly.

  33. Edenseniors says:

    Great information. Really nice blog post.Sharing this information in other platform

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