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Planning Europe Travel: How to Narrow Down on the Best Countries for Your Next Trip!

Europe – the land of Winston Churchill and his voiced vision of ‘United States of Europe’ still holding true by & large is a continent that attracts tourists from all across the globe. Planning Europe travel is one of the most intricate trip planning one can ever do.. And if it’s your first travel in this part of the world then the excitement doubles up.

The rise of ‘Schengen Area’ which is the world’s largest visa-free zone by most European countries, planning Europe travel has become a little more enticing. After all, there are so many beautiful countries and cities worth visiting, which one to select and which one to keep for next time is the Big Question?

In this article, we try to simplify this one big bone of contention of selecting best countries and cities as per your preferences for the coveted Europe trip!

Season of Travel:

While planning Europe travel one of the important things to consider is your travel dates and the season during your trip days. Generally, the months from June to October are considered favourable for comfortable travel in most European countries. While the winter season is considered a not so good time for travelling to Europe. Winter season extends from October end but the low tourist influx phase continues right till the spring season ends which is around April.

During the winter season, there is an extreme fall in temperature and at some places, heavy snowfall can hinder your travel plans. Another issue during the winter season is that of daylight. One can expect the sun to go down around 4.30-5PM in the evening. Scandinavian countries experience extremely cold weather and countries from the northern belt of Europe like Switzerland are best not to be added in the trip itinerary if planning for travel in winters. Still if one wants to travel during the winter season to get a taste of Europe’s cold then they can select western European countries and places near the Mediterranean belt like Croatia, Greece. These countries are slightly warmer countries than in the rest of Europe.

Number of Travel Days:

While finalizing the destinations to be covered in the Europe trip the next important point to consider is the number of days. Considering the days in hand one can pick the destinations like for smaller durations like a week or so only a few places or neighbouring countries can be visited. While if one has a span of two weeks or more, then many more destinations can be fitted in the itinerary. The trouble aggravates because of internal travel. Even if one opts for flights firstly, it is a costly affair and secondly catching flights is also time-consuming. In the case of internal commuting by public transport like trains and buses, the frequency and timings are to be considered.

Go Region Specific:

One can simply pick and choose the countries as per the vivid regions of Europe. Northern Europe comprises of countries like Finland, Ireland, United Kingdom, Norway and more while Central Europe has countries like Belgium, Germany, France, Switzerland etc. Western Europe has majorly Spain and Portugal. The eastern belt of Europe has countries like Austria, Czech Republic, and Russia etc. which can be considered. The Southern European region has countries like Greece, Croatia, Italy and more. One can pick any region depending upon where the major interest area lies and can plan the trip.

Consider Your Interest Area:

Europe is a wholesome destination for all tourists of diverse interest areas. It has a rich cultural, historical background and then it has breathtaking cinematic views to offer. One can also indulge in adventure sports of a vivid kind in Europe. From sky-diving to skiing, you name it and the activity is available. So it is good to analyze where your interest area lies before planning Europe travel.

For adventure activities, Spain is the country to be while Croatia is for a chilled out relaxing holiday with a backdrop of ships and the sea. Greece, Italy, France, Belgium are those countries that offer both scenic views and have strong historical backing to witness. Belgium, Italy and a few others are also popular choices for food lovers. If you are planning a trip with family then you might want to visit popular museums and kids friendly attractions like Disneyland, Legoland and more.

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Planning Europe Travel Keep in Mind Your Budget for the Trip:

Again Europe has countries and places that cater to a different set of tourists with respect to the trip budget. Like the countries from the Scandinavian belt and Switzerland would classify well for high-end itineraries but for budget travellers France, Belgium, Eastern Europe countries and Mediterranean coast countries would suit better. Countries like Spain, Britain etc. can be both budget-friendly and luxury as well depending upon the activities that one would like to indulge in. If you are a budget traveller, planning long internal travels won’t be a good decision. Also worth considering would be Schengen visa member countries only if you don’t want to invest in the multi-entry visa.

While planning for a trip to Europe one does happen to become a little greedy in the want to cover more and more destinations. But for a no-rush holiday in Europe, the above points are really important to think over before preparing the final itinerary.

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