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Unearthing Powerful yet Simple Ideas of How to Reuse Junk at Home!

If you thought thinking out of the box only at work was a kickass thing to do then you might be losing out on a little something. Why not we think out of the box for the betterment of our daily lives and the world too! In 2019, China, India and the US together alone produced 47% of global municipal solid waste. That is a lot of trash, I must say. Imagine the amount of time, money and efforts required for recycling the same trash. Reusing things in more than one way or using them multiple times can reduce the amount of solid trash per household basis. Here are some cool DIY ideas to reuse the garbage regulars of your dustbins and put them to beautiful use.

As Mahatma Gandhi, once said, “If you want the world to change then be the change.” Like the yesteryear smart mommies who used to reuse a simple toothbrush in various ways we too can become a better world enthusiast.

Food Trash from the Kitchen:

Banana Peel:

This one is the secret that sailors know the best. Banana peels are excellent leather shoe shiner. So the next time you do not have polish by your side then you know what to put to good use.

Tea Bags is one trash that has multi-utility so do not throw it: DIY ideas to reuse garbage
Tea Bags is one trash that has multi-utility so do not throw it: DIY ideas to reuse garbage

Used Tea leaves & Tea Bags:

This is a dustbin regular that can be used in more than one way.

  1. Refrigerate the tea bags and once chilled it is good for soothing tired & puffy eyes.
  2. Alternately, it can be added after proper washing & drying to the plants as an organic nutrient supplement.
  3. The used tea bags after washing can be a great place for seed germination which can then be transferred to the pot for growing.
  4. Refrigerated tea bags are also a great first aid in case of bites and burns.

Old Bread:

Bread the one staple at the breakfast table is also one regular in the trash can as it expires fast. Keep the old bread in the microwave for a few minutes to make crunchy croutons. Further, if you are in need of bread crumbs then crush the croutons. Simple isn’t it!

Lemon Rind/Peels:

Instead of discarding the Lemon rinds after squeezing out the juice preserve them in the fridge. Whenever you need lemon zest, scrape out a little from this peel. Keeping lemon peels in the refrigerator can reduce the mixing of smells of different food items stored.

An eggshell planter: DIY ideas to reuse the garbage
An eggshell planter: DIY ideas to reuse the garbage

Boiled Egg Shells & Egg Cartons:

Why throw these natural containers when they can be used for executing some God’s work! Preserve them, add some soil and some seeds, sprinkle little water daily and see a new life taking shape.  After a few days when sapling is big enough for transferring to a pot, the entire sapling along with the eggshell/case can be sown. Meanwhile, crushing eggshells and adding it to the soil to boost calcium content in the soil naturally is another great idea.


Seeds of vegetable & fruits are common kitchen waste. Rather than disposing of put the seeds in the pot and grow your own veggies& fruits!

The wet kitchen waste can be shifted to the compost pot which can then be added after a while to the soil as organic manure.

Non-Food Trash from the Kitchen:

Plastic Bottles:

How cute is that!  DIY ideas to reuse the garbage
How cute is that! DIY ideas to reuse the garbage

Fill these bottles with water and deep freeze it. While going for a summery picnic or on a road trip, line these bottles along the periphery of a storage box and then keep food item in the middle. This will prevent food items from spoiling. Also, these bottles can be used in gardening for drip irrigation when you are not in the city for a few days ensuring plants do not die. Plastic bottles are easy to convert into mobile charging points.


Using newspapers and magazines for cleaning big glass surfaces is one utility that most people know. But have you ever given a thought of using newspapers and magazines for making paper mâché products? These products are easy to make and are easy to colour as well. Other than this one can make gifting envelopes, book covers and more using newspapers and magazines.

Pencil stands from toilet rolls.. WOW Photo Source: :  DIY ideas to reuse the garbage
Pencil stands from toilet rolls.. WOW Photo Source: : DIY ideas to reuse the garbage

Toilet Paper Cardboard roll:

This can be reused as organic planters for growing saplings from seeds. Also, the cardboard roll works well for packing and securing things parcel and journeys. Some cool DIYs pencil stands can be made out with these rolls.

Old T-Shirts: 

Apart from reusing old t-shirts for surface cleaning purpose one can cut them in strips and weave them to form beautiful vibrant rugs, doormats etc. The soft t-shirts can also be reused for drying hairs to ensure lesser breakage of wet hairs.


Once you loved wearing that sweater but now as it has started to wear off, one can make hand and foot gloves and socks. Otherwise, for that matter, a wintery crop top can be made with the same.

Glass Bottles: 

The Old Monk was never too old to house a beautiful plant, isn’t it? While mesmerizing night lamps and candles can be made using the wine and other glass bottles.

Broken Bone China:

Slightly damaged teacup, teapot etc. are great as garden pots. However, if the damage is more then pretty different collages tables and wall hanging etc. are possible with the crockery.

After all, someone rightly said, “Creativity is making a marvellous out of discarded.” Hope you liked these smart DIY ideas to reuse garbage.

Happy Sustainable Living!

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  1. Excellent.. these are awesome DIY ideas from wastage.. I will definitely gonna try out few from the options above . Thanks dear .

  2. That’s an amazing post. The trick of freezing old plastic bottles is impressive. So many hacks shared above are new for me. I am bookmarking this post for future reference.

  3. Beautiful post on how to use discarded materials that we throw only to clutter our surroundings. I use lemon rinds also for cleaning puja’s utensil. Well – compiled post.

  4. this is really cool. I use a lot of vegetable peels for my garden. I try not to get plastic bottles but reusing or repurposing things instead of trashing is a good idea.

  5. I believe in sustainable living and minimal wastage however at times we don’t understand what to do with particular leftovers this is a great post for people like us who believe and making things we used for recyclable

    1. Sustainable is the way ahead.. Kudos to you we need more believer in this concept.

  6. I also love using stuff at home to recycle it in a way that it is utilised so well. Using glass bottles and newspapers is my fav thing.

  7. These are some really great ideas! I love the diy garden decoration from bottles – i would love to try these out. can you suggest a DIY post/video i can refer to?

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