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Celebrating Halloween at Home: Here are 5 Easy yet Stunning Decoration Ideas for You to Make!

Decoration for Halloween Ideas

Once again the spookiness is in the air and the markets are bustling with all kinds of quirky Halloween stuff. But why to get all things from the market when you can make it yourself easily at home. Well, in this article we share with you decoration for Halloween ideas that are sustainable. Say no to plastic this Halloween and create 5 stunning decoration pieces with paper!

Well, in the midst of all this have you ever thought…

Why to celebrate Halloween every year?

What is Halloween?  Why to celebrate Halloween every year
What is Halloween? Why to celebrate Halloween every year

Now, for those who have watched the much-celebrated Oscar-winning kids animated movie, Coco, consider the festival celebrated in the movie, namely, Dia de Muertos, very similar to Halloween. But for those who haven’t watched this movie, first things first, do watch this family movie with a beautiful message.

Coming back to, Halloween, it is a festival that has its origin from Northern European countries like Ireland, the United Kingdom, France & more. Several years earlier than the establishment of Halloween, another festival with the name of ‘Samhain’ was celebrated as per Celtic Religious Tradition. During these days of celebration, it is believed that the divide between the living world and spirit world break down. So this is the time when living people can interact with their beloved departed spirits and ancestors.

In the 9th century, the then Roman Catholic Pope declared 1st November to be observed as All Saints Day and 2nd November as All Souls Day. This day marked the time of the year to remember and pay homage to the departed. Many of the Samhain rituals and traditions were adopted in the observance of All Souls Day. Today each year, 31st October is still known as ‘All Hallows Eve’ or ‘Halloween‘. Keeping the religion aspect aside for a while but isn’t it cool to simply spend a day remembering our beloved departed people. This way they continue to live in our memories. As for the rituals usually, these continue till 2nd of November that is All Souls day.

5 Decoration for Halloween Ideas

Whether you are a grown-up or a kid these Halloween decoration DIY ideas are sure to excite you to get up and get making them for your own home. Taking parents or an elder’s help is recommended while making these Halloween ideas for kids.

#1. Paper Pumpkin

Paper Pumpkin: Halloween Decoration Ideas
Paper Pumpkin: #1 of 5 Halloween Decoration Ideas
  • Take A3 size Orange card stock sheet paper and cut 8-10 equal-sized strips lengthwise.
  • Now arrange these strips in a flat circular arrangement keeping one end of all strips over each other. Secure by stapling the common end.
Arranging the strips in circular arrangement for making Paper Pumpkin.
Arranging the strips in a circular arrangement for making Paper Pumpkin. – Decoration for Halloween Ideas
  • Pick one by one the other end of each strip and again keep it one above the other and secure with a stapler pin.
  • Cut one strip from the green colour sheet and attache it on top of the orange pumpkin body so as to make a handle for hanging.
  • Lastly, draw the triangular eyes and that scary crooked smile. Paper pumpkin is ready.

#2. Vampire Hanging Bat

Vampire Hanging Bat: #2 of 5 Decoration Ideas for Halloween
Vampire Hanging Bat: #2 of 5 Decoration Ideas for Halloween
  • Cut a rectangular piece from black card stock sheet. Roll it lengthwise to form a hollow cylinder shape. using Fevi-stick or Fevicol stick the last end of this cylinder roll.
  • Take a red sheet and draw the bat wings. Add your choice of detailing to the wings. Cut using scissor and then stick these wings to the black cylinder body of the bat.
  • Stick googly eyes at one end of the cylinder. Also, stick two small isosceles shaped triangles made using red paper at the edge of the cylinder roll which is near to the eyes of the bat.
  • Draw the crooked smile.
  • Lastly, for hanging the bat upside down at the farther end from the eyes make two holes and put a black string. Secure it by putting a knot inside the body. Your scary vampire hanging bat is ready.

#3. Tissue Paper Ghost String

Tissue Paper Ghost String: #3 of 5  Halloween ideas for kids & adults
Tissue Paper Ghost String: #3 of 5 Halloween ideas for kids & adults
  • Take 4-5 small rubber balls/paper balls or round marble. Now wrap it from the centre of a square-shaped kitchen tissue paper. Tie it from the neck with the help of a string. Let the rest of the tissue paper fall freely.
  • Draw ‘Scream’ movie-inspired eyes and mouth of these tissue paper ghosts and then connect all using the same kind of string to make a fabulously spooky wall or door ghost string.

#4. Halloween paper basket for Tick or Treating

Halloween paper basket for Tick or Treating - #4 of 5 of Decoration Ideas for Halloween
Halloween paper basket for Tick or Treating – #4 of 5 of Decoration Ideas for Halloween
  • Take one A3 sized orange card stock sheet and draw the pattern outline as shown in the below picture. Measurements can vary. The centre square I had measured at one small scale that is 6inches.
  • Makes the crease of this paper basket using a scale or blunt knife. Now fold the paper to form the walls of the basket. Secure the corners using Fevi Stick.
Pattern to be drawn on A3 sheet for Paper Basket making
Pattern to be drawn on A3 sheet for Paper Basket making
  • Add detailing of eyes, nose and mouth using the black sheet.
  • Lastly, attach a green strip to the orange basket so as to form the handle of your basket. Flaunt your own handmade paper basket during the Tick or Treating activity.

#5. Vampire Eye Mask

Vampire Eye Mask - #5 of 5 of Halloween ideas for kids
Vampire Eye Mask – #5 of 5 of Halloween ideas for kids
  • Draw Vampire eye mask shape on a black card stock sheet using a white crayon or white pencil colour.
  • Cut the eye mask along with the drawn shape.
  • Add detailing to the mask using orange paper.
  • Lastly, punch two holes on the corners of the eye mask and put across a thread or elastic to complete the Vampire eye mask.

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Like it, Share on Pinterest!

Do try these 5 decoration ideas for Halloween and celebrate Halloween at home with all pomp & gusto.

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  1. I am absolutely loving the DIY vibes around the festivities everywhere. Such amazing ideas to have fun and spend quality time with your child. Love the Halloween crafting work you have done, so neat and amazing.

  2. My kid just loved these ideas. Thanks for sharing such creative blog. This will help our child to be little more creative and it also help them to remain engaging.

    1. That’s great to know.. do let me know how they felt while making this..

  3. I love your Halloween craft and they look super cute scary and interesting. my daughter will enjoy making it

    1. Hey did your daughter try making these..?

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