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Why Pokhara, Nepal is a Great Destination for Your Next Relaxed Romantic Getaway!

A picturesque lake view with a road bending to house hotels & resorts, the relaxed slow-pace life, Pokhara in Nepal is a perfect destination for your honeymoon or a romantic getaway with or without friends and family. It is one of the best places to visit in Nepal. In this article, get to know more about Pokhara and the must-visit romantic places in Pokhara, Nepal!

How to Get There

Pokhara is located in the heart of Nepal. One can reach the city from Delhi via a flight or .can first reach Kathmandu and take a connecting flight. Alternatively, one can reach Pokhara from Katmandu via road also. It takes about 5.5 hours to reach this way. Visa for Nepal is not required only one needs to carry an Indian Government-issued photo identity card preferably an Indian passport.

View from Terrace of hotel in Pokhra, isn't it romantic place?
View from Terrace of hotel in Pokhra, isn’t it romantic place?

Packing for Pokhara, Nepal

While you might be inclined to pack wintery clothes for Pokhara, I would urge you to carefully pack and not overload winter clothes. However, if you are going in the peak winter season then you might require a layer more for visiting beautiful romantic places in Pokhara. In months like March, April, May, September, October, and November you may also pack shorter dresses as in these months the temperature here is comfortable. We also recommend packing an umbrella as rains are a little unpredictable here. Nepal, being a little more culturally focused country, carrying decent clothes in order to visit some of the magnificent Pokhara temples is recommended. Lastly don’t forget to pack your toiletries depending upon the kind of hotel you have checked in you might or might not get these in your hotel rooms.

Where To Stay in Pokhara

The central attraction point of Pokhara is the lake and so most hotels and resorts are made facing it. The best part about Pokhara is that one get stay options for all budget ranges. Most of the guesthouses that are there in Pokhara are quite reasonably priced and have good amenities. From the rooms, one can have a lake view. While from hotel balconies or terraces one can see the mesmerizing Annapurna mountain ranges of the Himalayas and enjoy a lazy breakfast or the evening tea time.

Phewa lake (Fewa lake) is one of the best romantic places in Pokhara
Phewa lake (Fewa lake) is one of the best romantic places in Pokhara

Romantic Places in Pokhara & Things To Do There

Go Boating in Phewa Lake

Phewa lake (Fewa lake) is the biggest lake in Pokhara. It is also the most mesmerizing one among the many lakes in this city. Hence it is one of the best romantic places in Pokhara. Couples can go boating and enjoy quality romantic time here while gazing at the landscape. One can also seek blessings of the divine at Tal Barahi Temple which is located on a small island in the Phewa lake.

Go Hiking & Trekking

Those couples who have the adventure streak in them can also indulge in mountain hiking. Being close to Annapurna mountain ranges, there are many small and long hikes that one can indulge in. Like one can opt for a small 3-day trek like Poon Hill Ghorepani trek. Or take up a long trek one of them being the Annapurna Base Camp trek. Spending time enjoying a common passion is romantic indeed.

Annapurna Ranges from Pokhara hotel
Annapurna Ranges from Pokhara hotel

Visit Shanti Stupa (Peace Stupa)

The World Peace Pagoda is a must-visit romantic place with your special someone. Located at an altitude of 2100 mtrs., the Shanti Stupa offers serenity and panoramic aerial views of Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, and Manaslu mountain ranges. It is located approximately 7 kilometres from Pokhara city centre.

Sarangot – For Breathtakingly Stunning Views and Indulge in Adventure Sports

Sarangkot is a beautiful place worth visiting for couples. The place is known for its heart-melting sunrises as it is located at an altitude of 1600mtr. Snow-capped Annapurna and Machhapuchre ranges can be seen from above. Here the world’s longest and fastest zip line is there. The zip line begins at the top of Sarangot hill and it ends near the Yamdi river giving breathtakingly beautiful views. At Sarangot one can also indulge in paragliding.

Such a romantic Lake view of Phew Lake in Pokhara
Such a romantic Lake view of Phew Lake in Pokhara

Enjoy Nightlife in Pokhara

Pokhara though has a not so romantic nightlife but still, there are a few places where couples can head to. There are few resorts that have Nepali dance performances alongside the dining open areas. Also, there are few night clubs and places where jazz performances are there.

That’s it. Everything you need to know about romantic places in Pokhara. Leave us a comment below with your favourite experience from Pokhara or if you have any questions and we’ll try and help you out.

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  1. Wow, thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures in your post. Travel has taken a backseat since a year, reading helps.

  2. Alpana Deo says:

    The pictures, scenic beauty and your write up..al together is making Pokhara a must visit destination. Lets see what it can be materialized.

  3. Ever since our friends have shifted there, we have wanted to go and check out Nepal. Saving this for the time we are able to go visit Nepal. Hopefully in this year or perhaps the next.

  4. Nepal is a true beauty, Pokhara is such a alluring place, perfect for a romantic getaway. I love everything about the place, the scenic view, hiking trekking .. wow ..

    1. Hansa says:

      Nepal has been on my travel list from my collage days time when one of my friend went there and was all gaga about it. Hopefully soon after the pandemic, we will plan a trip.

  5. This is a complete package of holiday definitely I am going to planning out thanks for sharing the detailed information.

  6. Dr. Surbhi Prapanna says:

    I had heard a lot about pokara place before and after reading your post felt it is must visit place to explore some amazing natural beauty. would love to visit this place some day with my family.

  7. Though my husband and I are avid travellers, we have not had occasion to visit Nepal as yet. Hopefully we will after the pandemic abates.

  8. Travel is definitely not on my list right now but I do look forward that there will be one day when things will get better in the world and will definitely consider Nepal on my travel list.

  9. This is such a detailed and informative post. Never thought of going to Nepal but reading your post I would live to visit piokhara.

  10. Just yesterday my husband told me that for our next post pandemic holiday we should go to Nepal and here I am reading this blog. How telepathic this can be. Nepal is indeed very beautiful and scenic and a wonderful place to be.

  11. Wow, the place looks so serene and the mountains covered with the snow is breathtaking. You have covered all the details so well to plan a holiday in Pokhara.

  12. Since last two years we are planning to do a trip to Nepal but couldn’t. You are right , Nepal is a beautiful place to visit.

    1. Nepal is one of the beautiful country for Hiking, trekking and cultural heritage tour. Pokhara is always one of the favourites plase to visit for every tourists. Thank so much visit Nepal.

  13. After reading your post, I can’t wait to travel. Bookmarking this post for a future use when this pandemic scare vanishes.

  14. This seems such a dream destination to be in. Loved these places to be in Pokhra. hope some day soon once the situation settles we all can start travel again

  15. Your post made me miss travelling even more!, It will be a while before we can plan a vacation but Pokhra is a lovely place to spend time with family.

  16. This place looks so divine! romance or not, definitely want to visit and spend some time in such a beautiful surrounding.

  17. Wow never heard of this place before. Nepal is on my bucket list since forever. Can wait to go trekking once the covid situation subsides. Thank you for the information.

  18. delhifundos2014 says:

    Nepal is really beautiful place to visit. Thanks for sharing this guide with us. Its already in our bucket list and we are planning to visit when this pandemic is over.

  19. Pokhara is really beautiful. Still remember the boating on the Phewa lake and the views from Sarangkot. A really beautiful getaway.

  20. I never visited Nepal ,this place seems perfect for our next anniversary trip. Eager to enjoy boat ride there.

  21. This is definitely on our wish list now sitting and planning very seriously today and referring to your article.

  22. I have not been to Nepal but would love to visit Pokhara soon. Your post is giving me some major travel goals and inspiration. Well done!

  23. Such a comprehensive guide backed with stunning pictures! I visited Nepal when I was a child. Therefore Pokhara has to be done with my husband 😅

  24. Nepal is a beautiful place to visit. Few days back my mom visited all these places and captured the essence of Pokhara. Really great write up

  25. Pokhara has a nice location on a lake side, with 2-3 Kms of cheap local goods…great shops and a huge variety of places to eat.

  26. Pokhara was the first place I visited during my 10 days Nepal backpacking trip a very long time ago. I agree the place is stunning and I loved every bit of it. The lake is very pretty.

    1. I am definitely missing going to Nepal. The country has such amazing places and I was in love with Pokhra, so pretty with lots of mountains and rivers. I think I should go back again.

  27. Nepal has been on my bucket list for so long, guess will have to wait longer till the pandemic gets over. Then will surely use ur blog to plan the trip

  28. Nepal is a beautiful place to visit.

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