We actively offer the following services:

  • List of Contents

    Content Writing:

Plagiarism free Feature Writing, Copy-writing, and Proofreading. The articles can be featured on this website or a website of your choice.

  • Travel & Lifestyle Writing:

We extend our support to travel-related online & offline companies and publications in the form of writing travel and sustainable lifestyle related articles. 

  • Product Reviews:

With our vision of spreading the right information related to ‘Sustainable Lifestyle & Sustainable Travel,’ we are exercise our discretion is promoting brands. We are committed to promoting information about any brand with utter responsibility. For the same, we reserve the right of giving honest, first-hand opinions about any product/ place/ service on this website.

  • Blogger Fam Trips:

Travel to a nomad is a part of their existence and so it is for us. We promote destinations, hotels, resorts, restaurants and tours on sponsored blog trips, which includes blog posts and social media coverages. We are eager to collaborate with tourism boards, hotels, resorts, airlines and other travel companies.

  • Photography Services:

We usually use self-clicked photographs for all our articles on this website especially the travel section. If you like the way we click then do get in touch. You can also visit our Instagram handle to see our work.

  • Planning Your Next (Solo/Couple/Family/Budget/Luxury) Trip & Designing Travel Itinerary:

Having journeyed through solo, couple & then the family phase of our lives and yet travelled from budget to luxury destinations of the world we feel we can help you to plan your next domestic/International trip better.

Cost-effectiveness and saving you loads on your precious time is what we aim for. Of course, we will be charging a petty fee from you but not burn your pockets like the big trip planners. From hotels to places to see we cover it all!

Please write to us at otherbraininc@gmail.com or fill this form to get in touch with us for any of the above.

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