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Mom Movie (2017) – A Viewer’s Review

After refusing a meaty role in the blockbuster film Bahubali, Sridevi is back with a new film in and as Mom. Her last film English-Vinglish was a success at the box office and it won hearts too. Mom Movie (2017) is the new film that released this week.  The film is a saga of how a mother becomes an avenger for the wrong done to her daughter.

What Worked for Mom Movie (2017):

  • Sridevi is known for her brilliant comic timing however in this thriller film she has come up with an equally powerful performance. She has gotten under the skin of her role as a mother very well, portraying both the emotional and revengeful aspects brilliantly.
  • The story line is crisp barring one or two loopholes.
  • Nawazuddin Siddiqui meets the viewer’s expectation.
  • The film directed and executed by debutant director Ravi Udyawar is a no-nonsense one. It hits hard to the viewer. It has everything that moves one to think about issues like women safety in India, judicial system’s take on the same and more.
  • The not to miss scenes from the film are the mom- daughter interaction post the ill-fated event and Sridevi’s car chase.
  • The film is not an out and out a gory showcase.

What Didn’t Work:

  • The end is a bit predictable.
  • Akshaye Khanna has been wasted big time. 
  • Some statistics about rapes in India at the beginning or at the end of the movie could have been presented.


Sridevi a mother of two girls and teacher by profession is leading a good life. Post attending a party with friends, Sridevi’s elder daughter gets gang raped. This incident changes their lives forever. Akshaye Khanna playing cop arrests the culprits but after a failed attempt of getting justice through judiciary system, they are released from jail. This is when she decides to take up things in her hand. 


4/5 stars

Sridevi starrer Mom Movie (2017) is an extremely thought-provoking story of a mother taking up a stand for her children’s safety. The pace and storyline of the movie are good which keeps the viewer glued to the seat. In short, this movie has everything that makes it a must watch!

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