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Chennai Express – a viewer’s review

#Chennai Express is a hindi Bollywood romance-comedy movie with a tollywood twist in it. Released on  August’ 2013 (Eid) it has #Shahrukh Khan & #Deepika Padukone as the lead pair.

It is also the first movie of #Shahrukh & #Rohit Shetty together (Former a stupendous superstar actor & latter being a superb director known for his Comedy & action films.) As a matter of fact this combination had led me to conclude much before its release that this movie will surely cross the 100 crore (10 Bn. INR.) mark.

This film to me as an audience and as a hardcore Shahrukh Khan fan, felt a must one time romantic-drama-comedy movie. People going to watch the movie should not go with a notion that this would be an out & out comedy movie since it has Shahrukh so romance would obviously be there. Songs like Ban ke teetli & the title song are good and have become chart busters. The acting is fairly good (as a viewer view) however I would like to see the witty & more realistic humor from Shahrukh same like he does while anchoring at award shows. We would also like to see him in strong scripted movies like Swadesh, Chak-de India etc.

What worked for me in the film were songs, some comic scenes, some fight scenes and yes, “Never underestimate the power of a common man!”. What I didn’t like in this film was the song-dialogues sung by the actors themselves in initial part of movie and some comic scenes; they were definitely not matching any SRK movie class..

The story line goes like this..

This film revolves around a 40 yr. old boy Rahul (Shahrukh Khan) who meets Meenalochini (Deepika Padukone) during his journey by Chennai Express train. Meenalochini is the daughter of don and hails from Komban Village in Tamil Nadu, India. She apparently tries to run away from an arranged marriage however she gets caught by her father’s gang members and so ends up travelling back to her village in Chennai Express. 

Meenalochini tells Rahul to accompany her  to the village where she introduces Rahul as her lover.  Instead her father wants her to marry Thangaballi as he is mighty & powerful. Rahul tires to flee from the place but again lands up back in Komban village. However to save his life from Thangaballi & Meena‘s father,  he takes Meena along and they flee successfully to another village.  Here both of them act to be a newly wedded couple who had to flee for marrying and it is here the Rahul & Meenalochini fall in love with each other..

Rahul tells Meena about leaving secretly from which she declines and he leaves behind Meena only to get caught by Thangaballi’s men.With villagers help they manage to flee when  Meena persuades him to immerse his grandpa’s ashes at Rameshwaram. After which they decide on what next has to be done;  Meena says she would go to a friends place and Rahul dcides to go back to Mumbai but over the night he drives Meena back to her father’s place where a solid dhishum-dhisum (fight) between Rahul & Thangaballi  happens as he confesses his love for Meena. Eventually Rahul  emerges as the winner in fight and Meena’s father accepts both of them..and they live happily after…

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