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#Selfie with my Better Half
#Selfie with my Better Half

Dalai Lama XIV once said:

“Give the ones you love wings to fly, roots to come back and reasons to stay.”

In daily life many a times we tend to take people near us & the value added by them in our lives for granted. Only to experience few moments that shake you up and make such people standout, shine and prove as blessings of God!

I was just carrying on with my life in a rhythmic monotony: From school to college & then some more college. After which I was literally pushed in the rat race of churning career & money for myself. In this rush I never found time to introspect deep inside, never found time for self-development. As time went on I met my better-half.

I like the word ‘Better-half’ because he in many areas is better than me. (I am sure he also thinks in the same way for me in many other areas of life 🙂 ) He is a good friend, a good listener, a great cook, a solution provider and so on. Most importantly he is the one who teaches me to sit back at times from the mad rush, relax and appreciate the small things of life that gives me real happiness.

He is #myrolemodel.

Not that he is a super hero but a commoner who inspires me to take on each responsibility coming my way with a smile and taking situations of life in a stride. At difficult times and at times that I have messed up (read in life or in food recipes), he is the one who bails me out. Call it his inner steel or call it his inner strength that makes him ‘the solid independent guy’. The one who has a simplistic approach and the will to win the minutest to the toughest of situations with an onlooking awe struck me!

Then I say miracles aren’t expected from role models but each day of life lived miraculously with responsibility, care and patience… and Inner Steel is like an apt shave, each time you are out with it, it enhances your beauty – inner & external.

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