Salaam, Namaste & Konichiwa at Kose Blogger Meet..

First of all for those people who aren’t very familiar with this company named ‘Kose’, I would like to throw some light on it. ‘Kose’ is one of the leading Japanese cosmetic companies with a number of beauty-enhancing products already amongst the bestsellers in Japan.

Some quick facts about Kose:

  • Did you know that Kose was the company that invented Powder Foundation!
  • Did you know that the first Beauty Serum was invented by Kose!

On second thought, I feel you might be wondering that how come I know so much about this brand? Well! courtesy Indiblogger’s fabulous #KoseMeet.

We Blog, Therefore We Are..
We Blog, Therefore We Are..

On 10th April, 2015 in an invite-only and an all ladies meet (except few gatecrashers :D) Kose India announced their first range of cosmetics dedicated exclusively for Indian beauties. It was my second blogger meet, but I feel and have heard many other bloggers saying that if it’s an Indiblogger meet, it has to be grand. Even the venue as always was one of the finest hotels in Delhi NCR namely Hyatt Regency.

From the day, I had heard about this meet I was excited to be a part of it but the only constraint that was pulling me down was that there was nobody to take care of my little one. Finally two days before the meet I was able to convince my husband to do babysitting while I attended this meet.

So finally the day arrived since I live in Gurgaon and had to travel to Delhi I made it a point to start early and reach the venue on time. I reached roughly around 6 P.M. and soon after the registration process the meet was informally started by Anoop with introductions of bloggers who were a newbie to the blogger meet concept. The next thing after this was a lucky number game in which I was so unlucky..:(

A selfie with Maitreni Mishra..
A selfie with Maitreni Mishra..

Anyhow this game did pep up the mood in the hall after which bloggers got some time to meet and interact one on one. Some people whom I met include Maitreni Mishra, Yogita, Shwetabh Mathur, Rinzu Rajan, Amrita, Savita and offcourse the fabulous Indiblogger team. I must say it was awesome and the one thing that left me self-introspecting was that many fellow bloggers already knew me thanks to the Indiblogger forum where I am usually active.

Kose Team..
Kose Team..

Then started the presentation of Kose team which included an opening speech by Japanese Ambassador to India followed by a formal introduction of Kose by M.D. – India Operations and Kose R&D Head.


The highpoint of the event was when the most awaited product range of ‘Spawake’ was launched.

Promotional advertisement of Spawake featuring Aditi Rao Hydari..
Promotional advertisement of Spawake featuring Aditi Rao Hydari..

Adding a glam quotient to the event was Aditi Rao Hydari who is the face of Spawake range of cosmetics.

Kose Team with brand ambassador, Aditi Rao Hydari..
Kose Team with brand ambassador, Aditi Rao Hydari..

Some FAQs about ‘Spawake’:

  • Kose has launched an initial range of fairness products.
  • The products contain Laminaria algae and sea salt.
  • It is priced in a middle range.
  • The products are light and aren’t very greasy.
Stealing the limelight..
On the table..

The presentation was followed by the question-answer session where vivid questions were asked. Meanwhile, a pack of Spawake fairness day cream were given on each table. The bloggers (including me) for the first time held the just launched product.

Next was a short and sweet dance performance by a dance group which was inspired by the Spawake’s sea and water connection.

Lastly, it was time for getting clicked before the dinner started. 😀 True to Hyatt’s legacy the dinner spread was delightful especially for a foodie like me. The most choicest of the dishes were on the menu and the desserts...simply yummm..

Around 10 P.M., it was time for ‘Goodbyes’, ‘Sayonara’, ‘Cheerio’ but not before getting on the Indibus. Some of the female bloggers had opted for getting dropped via Indibus facility extended by Indiblogger so soon all the bloggers who had to travel via this started to gather region wise. As for

As for me, I was the only one going towards Gurgaon and so had to wait a bit while the Indiblogger team arranged a safe means of transport. Standing there along with Inditeam, I realised the amount of pain that the team takes in the form of arranging Indibus each time there is a blogger meet in Delhi for the safe return of its participating bloggers. Kudos and Thanks! to the whole Indi Team for this effort.

For the Happy Endings and the Good Times sake, here’s the picture of the loot ka maal (return gift) from this blogger meet..

Gorgeous wooden gift box with Spawake products inside..
Gorgeous wooden gift box with Spawake products inside..
Loot ka maal.. (Just kidding! Thanks IB and Kose for the lovely return gift..)
Loot ka maal.. (Just kidding! Thanks IB and Kose for the lovely return gift..)

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  1. Hi Judy it was lovely meeting you! Great post!

    1. Same here.. Meanwhile please participate and the spread the word about my blog’s giveaway contest..Rules will be changing at 3P.M. today to be simpler..

  2. gatecrashers???? lol…

    kahin ishaara meri taraf to nahin tha???

    1. Obvio I meant you only..:p

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