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Enroute Neemrana with #BoltDrives..

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“A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.”
                                                                           – Tim Cahill
This all started with an intentionally ignored email that kept lying for good three to four days. When I read it finally I was excited to see an invitation for participating in an event. It was the first invitation from BA team in the one year or more span of having signed up with them and so no matter what I had to be there. As I confirmed my presence for the event I was all pumped up as it was the event for Tata Bolt and a superb drive was planned by the team from Gurgaon to Neemrana Fort.
Now anybody who lives in Delhi or Gurgaon area will surely be knowing about Neemrana fort. For others let me tell you a short intro of this place.
Neemrana fort is located in a small town called Neemrana that is located in Rajasthan state boundary. It was once the palace of Prithviraj Singh Chauhan and now it is a posh hotel and a luxurious holiday destination.
So on 10th of May, 2015 all the bloggers were supposed to reach Godfather Lounge in Galaxy Hotel of Gurgaon at 11.30AM. Obviously people knowing me would have predicted that I didn’t reach on time. It was the first time I had been to this lounge and I must say the arrangements made there by the team were very good.
Seeing only fifteen bloggers in the house with the fabulous Harish, Anuja, Ankita, Inderpreet and Avnish as hosts of the event I felt privileged to be chosen for this event. But on the other hand unlike other meets where I have some known faces to be with somewhere I had a strange little feeling that often a newbie faces.
15 Goodie Bags for 15 chosen Delhi bloggers..
15 Goodie Bags for 15 chosen Delhi bloggers..
After customary hi & hello the starters were served. A good spread I must say post which Anuja got hold of the mike and officially started the event. All the bloggers were divided into teams of three or four people and the team names were like R1, R2, R3, D1 and D2. All teams were given time to have small intro session within the team and basically get familiar with each other. After which one member from each team spoke about his or her team members and obviously introduced himself or herself also. In my team, there were Jaideep Khanduja Sir and Ragini Puri. As Ragini was late and had missed the intro session with us, as a cute punishment, she was asked to introduce herself and us.

Next After the inroductions, it was time understand the car better so Inderpreet Singh, Product manager with Tata Motors addressed us. He explained us the distinguishing features of Tata Bolt as against the car of same category plus he also explained us the entire day’s course of events. {To know the amazing features of Tata Bolt please read my old post about it}

The Amazing Tata Bolt line up..
The Amazing Tata Bolt line up..
Understanding what was lying in store for us we all left to see our cars..but not before lunch and a goodie bag stuffed with a Bolt Cap, badge & a digital clock. Five bright red Tata Bolt cars were waiting for us. Seeing the car line up I was really excited. We were amongst the first two teams that were flagged off. Considering that our drive was to be of two hours or more, one side, in the car there was a box full of water, juices, biscuit & more for us to replenish ourselves and finish our journey without getting exhausted.
Yours truly..
Yours truly..
Finally, it was time for us to start our journey. We had two pitstops in our way to Neemrana Fort Palace. First was at the Leisure Valley ground & second Aravali Resort where arrangements were made for us to test Tata Bolt and facilitate teams for exchanging diesel & petrol engine cars respectively.
Journey is beautiful 'coz on the way we make friends with Ragini Puri, Priyanka & Manjulica
Journey is beautiful ‘coz on the way we make friends.. with Ragini Puri, Priyanka & Manjulica
For the first half part of the journey Jaideep sir from our team drove the car while for the latter half I tried my hands on the suave Tata Bolt. Luckily I got to drive the petrol engine car which has three different modes namely Eco, Sports and City. While driving we had some rules to follow like driving below the speed on 90Kmph., wearing seat belts at all times even for people sitting on the back seats. etc. During the drive to the fort we were accompained by ‘Captain Bolt’ through connectnxt.
After a shaky start, I soon found that Tata Bolt car has many finer features that enhance a driver’s driving experience. I tried the ‘sports mode’ and man the car just zoomed effortlessly. Soon we reached the Neemrana Fort Palace which is an ageless beauty, one that is hard to describe in words. Amidst a small town is this grand holiday destination which gives you a taste of royal luxury.
The first glimpse of the beautiful Neemrana Fort Palace..
The first glimpse of the beautiful Neemrana Fort Palace..
After a small climb to one of its restaurant’s we first refreshed and replenished ourselves and then headed for the hotel tour. I must say being in such royal palaces makes me wonder the grand life that the kings and queens had.
A super happy Ragini after winning Tata Bolt
A super happy Ragini after winning Tata Bolt
As the event headed to its finale, brunch was served and then came the final baap (father) of all surprises it was the announcement of Ragini Puri, my fellow teammate winning a brand new Tata Bolt car for herself. More than Ragini, I guess, all others including me were ecstatic of her win. The return journey was rather quite unlike the morning journey. It was late and all were tired too. As we departed we took with us some new found friendships and a bundle of happy memories.

“A Sunday well spent at #BoltDrives with BOLT from TATA Motors in association with BlogAdda.

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  1. Loved reading this and re-living the day!

    1. Thanks..It was lovely to meet you.. 🙂

  2. I missed the thrill but enjoyed reading it in your words. Nicely done 🙂

  3. It was great connecting with you Judy… And it was a great day in the blogging calendar…

    1. Same here Manjulika.. 🙂

  4. It must have been an awesome experience!

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