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The New Destination for a Better Life – SENS CLINIC (Delhi NCR.)

An Interesting Fact:

Did you know that since the  20th Century, there has been an exponential increase in life expectancy, resulting in ten times rise in the number of people aged 65 & older?
Well, it’s the truth and being the blessed generation if we are having an opportunity of living a long life then why not live a Better Life! One that is more healthy in a 360 degree way. As it’s a common saying these days that ‘the age of 40s’ is the new 30s”. 
For a better living good health is the foremost aspect that is required. I am not just talking about better physique & better looks but also better inner-self. In today’s fast-paced world where we are exposed to several kinds of pressure like work related stress, hectic daily life, tedious home-office-home travel. An average youth in his mid-30s’ or even late 20s’ start to have varied kind of diseases like thyroid, heart disease, diabetes etc. The physical strength, immune system, body agility & youthfulness also goes for a toss leaving the person looking older than his own age.
‘SENS Clinic’, the latest offering from the well-known business house WAVE Group, is the newest end to end health care and anti-ageing clinic in Delhi NCR. With a focus on giving ‘Sensible’ healthcare solutions, SENS Clinic is set to become a leader both in thought and action as against the several other players in the health care industry.

What is the Offering from SENS Clinic?

SENS has teamed up with Dr. Graham Simpson from U.S.A (Primal MD – UAE), Neil Petch, Chairman, Primal MD, and other world-class doctors to bring innovative solutions in the preventive healthcare services and proactive age management domain.

Path-breaking health care facilities for:

  • Outer Body Wellness is mainly aimed to beautify the looks with procedures like Body Sculpting, Eyelash Extension, Eye Brow Extension, Cryo Therapy, Platelets Rich Plasma Face-lift etc.
  • For Inner body wellness therapies like Functional & Regenerative Medicine, Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, Well Man/Well Woman Program, Specialized Cardio-metabolic Programs, Weight loss programs and much more.
  • For healing the Mind & Soul, vivid alternative medicine sessions of Yoga, Acupuncture, Ayurveda, Reiki, Meditation, Hypnotherapy etc. will be planned.

Adding further there is Comprehensive Health Screening for individuals and corporate companies to diagnose any upcoming diseases, proactively manage health so as to halt such diseases.

The Result as promised by SENS Clinic:

The benefits that can be reaped from enrolling in the above therapies are innumerable. From helping in quality aging to managing diseases like Obesity, Coronary Artery diseases, Hormonal imbalances, Hypothyroidism and more. Apart from this increased energy levels, increased libido, reduced body fat, improved cholesterol scores & immune system, better mood and stress management are the essential impacts on SENS members.

Further for now SENS’s first clinic has been launched in South Extension -II, New Delhi but this is just the first stepping stone. Answering one of the queries regarding the affordability of these life changing therapies founder Director, Shanam Chadha, said that the health care services will fit well in a middle-class man’s pocket as against the cost incurred during the treatment of any of the cardio-metabolic diseases.
So while I look forward to getting one or more ‘SENSible’ health care treatment in the guidance of world class doctors done for my better life, I will leave up to my avid readers to read carefully about all the therapies & their benefits and then take your call.
Do write to me about your experience at SENS Clinic.
Till then Chao!


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