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VLCC Sun Defense Range Sunscreen SPF 30 & 40 Lotion Review

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Hey Divas,
Uff ye Summers! Yes, I know like me you all must be experiencing the summer heat and the harsh sun. Tanning being the major concern these days among us, ‘the most beautiful’ lot among human beings.
So what to do with it? Does using a sunscreen really help or an unnecessary expense?
Well, according to the medicine journal
Sunscreen has two ways of protecting your skin against having tan or sunburn.  One by either absorbing the UV wavelengths, or scattering & then reflecting back. Some organic compounds like octyl methoxycinnamate, and oxybenzone that absorbs UV-B light, and radiates in the form of heat while some inorganic compounds like zinc oxide and titanium oxide reflect & scatter UV-A radiations before it is absorbed into the skin. So, the ingredients of a sunscreen decide the kind of protection your sunscreen will help in and the levels of protection is quantified in the form of Sun Protection Factor (SPF).
So, it’s decided that we all need a good sunscreen lotion before stepping out in the scorching sun. Now the next obvious question will be that out of the numerous brands of sunscreen in the market which one should you choose for yourself.
Here is my experiential review of using VLCC SPF 40 &  SPF 30 Sunscreen Lotion. Now one might say that both these products have been there in the market for many years but few people know that companies keep on improving the quality of their product and update for any flaws in them quite similar to the mobile apps that need to be updated timely for better features.

Shelf Life:

Both the sunscreens have an enormous shelf life of 36 months.


SPF 30 lotion – Rs. 300 for 100 gms. pack
SPF 40 lotion – Rs. 350 for 100 gms. pack


Both lotions come packed in an attractive yet sturdy tube with a plastic lid on that will keep the lotion intact until the expiry date.

My take on VLCC Sun Screen Lotion SPF 30:

Be #SummerReady
I have used the product for a few days now and have found it to be quite useful. It is off-white in color possibly due to Wheat germ oil & turmeric extract. Here are the pros of the product.
  • It is suitable for all skin types.
  • As promised, I felt that the sun screen does give you a matte look  and is non-sticky.
  • It gets absorbed well through the skin.
  • It is an ayurvedic product so very safe to use.
  • Does not cause sweating after application.
  • Not a very strong fragrance but a mild pineapple sweet fragrance.
  • A coin size amount of the lotion is sufficient for the whole face.
  • I am not sure if this sunscreen is Paraben free or not at least the labels on the tube doesn’t have a mention of it being free.

    Verdict for VLCC Sun Screen Lotion SPF 30: 4.5/5 ★★★★☪

My take on VLCC Sun Screen Lotion SPF 40:

pixlr_20160609003104126I also used this product for few days and here is my take on it. It is Pure white in color. The pros of the product are:
  • It nourishes the skin as well guards against ill-effects of the sun.
  • It is Paraben free which is a preservative that can cause breast cancer and has been banned in several European countries.
  • Protects the skin against tanning well.
  • Best suited for dry skin.
pixlr_20160609004200643However, I felt that there are a few significant cons in this lotion:
  • As soon as I applied the lotion it triggered sweat on my face.
  • It didn’t get really absorbed too well in the skin and felt heavy on at least my skin.

Verdict for VLCC Sun Screen Lotion SPF 40: 2/5 ★★

Now you choose any of these two sunscreens but the ideal time to apply this sunscreen is 15-20 minutes before stepping out of the sun mainly because this lotion gets sufficiently absorbed in your skin. Also, one needs to repeat the application of the lotion after a frequent interval for better results.
In the end leaving you with a generic chart about which SPF sun screen you should use according to the skin color.
Hope you liked my review. For more information regarding any VLCC product visit their website.



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