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Traveling by Train soon? Check out ‘Rail Yatri’!

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Travelling has always been my passion. Maybe the world is divided into two set of people. One set of people consist of those who hate traveling and do not want to budge a bit from their place. While the other set of people including me is different as the people of this set are born nomads. We are one of those tribes that superficially look settled at one place but we hate sticking to one place.
No matter which group you belong to  first or the latter one but sometimes or the other, one needs to travel. In India, a train is the most common means of traveling to different cities of India. However, if I ask you what sort of difficulties have you faced while traveling by train, then the list will be really long.
India being a big country, the train network is enormous. Also, we have just started to become technology savvy but still there is a long way to go for most of us especially the sluggish government systems like the ticketing software, informative government websites etc. that are there in place.
p1So this is where Rail Yatri application comes as an aide to the train travelers of India. Now Rail Yatri works both as a website format and as a mobile app that is suitable for Android, Windows & iOS platforms.
With 1 million downloads already  done and with a 4.4 star rating out of five stars  this application is set to revolutionize our train travel experience.
Where all this application helps:
  • Time Table of the train:

p2As you click on this tab and enter the train number Rail Yatri shows you the time-table of your train and if there are any lags between the stations. Plus it shows you the approximate delay in reaching the final destination.
  • Platform Locator & GPS-enabled Live Train Status:

p3Every time one travels by train there is a constant worry and hurry to reach railway station as one  isn’t really sure about the platform on which the train will be coming. Also if one wants to track the train running status this application helps you in this brilliantly.
  • Check Seat Availability & PNR status:

p7If you are looking forward to buying train tickets or you want to check your ticket status then this application can be of great help. Since it also goes a step further by forecasting the chances of seat availability or the chances of your ticket getting confirmed. All this it does by a proprietary mathematical algorithm based on 15 lakh PNR numbers.
  • Book Meals on Train:

p10This is the latest feature added in Rail Yatri application where you get food in train. Recently, on one of the visits to Dalhousie, our group had to travel without a proper dinner. It was really hilarious though for the other passengers traveling with us to see us gorging on all kind of snacks  at the wee hours. To avoid such situation this new feature works ingeniously. It shows you the food stations available at all the major railway stations coming in between your journey and pre-books it. Once you book the meal it will reach to your train seat as the train reaches the said station. Isn’t this really lip-smackingly good!
  • Rail Wisdom:

p9This is a cool feature which really enlightens you about your destination city in terms of famous restaurants, shopping markets, hotels and more.

My Views about Rail Yatri Website & App:

p6I tried the website and app both personally and it works smoothly. It is extremely easy to understand and user-friendly. The best part of this feature in this railway app is that it shows you the mobile network through your train route. Also, there is a feature to find nearest medical aid in the case of any emergency. So that one can keep a realistic expectation in terms of mobile phone coverage. In my opinion, all train travelers should have this application on their phone.

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