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‘Diabetic Friendly Desserts’ – A Good News for Diabetic People!

According to the International Diabetes Federation Atlas 2015, about 69.2 million Indians are diabetic.

dftThere are a lot of reasons why Diabetes happens and there are many ways to prevent the occurrence of it. But even after all this, the disease does make a target then what? Post getting diagnosed with diabetes, people stop eating sugary food items so much so that they also skip vegetables that have sugar & starch content in them.  

Well, to manage sugar levels skipping things rich in sugar content is okay but eating nutritious and well-balanced meals with a regular fitness routine is even more crucial when we talk about managing diabetes. 

Apparently, with Diabetes there are a lot of myths related to eating habits like:

#1. People with Diabetes have to eat ‘Different’, ‘Healthier’ food:

With the introductions of natural & synthetic flavors that can be used in innumerable ways and many people shifting to healthier options of food, family members with Diabetes can have the same food as the rest of their family. 

#2. Diabetic people should avoid ‘Starchy’ food”:

Starchy foods have high carbohydrate content which is the key source of energy for the human body. The best idea here is not to avoid ‘Starchy’ food but limit the portion size and focus on eating a balanced diet.

#3. Diabetic people cannot afford Food Cravings.

Have you heard of the phrase, ‘Opposites attract’? Similar is the case with any type of restrictions one has to face. Incidentally, many diabetic people describe how after getting diagnosed with Diabetes they suddenly feel more urge to eat sweet things. Smaller portions and not indulging into binge eating is one mantra to satiate food cravings. Additionally, for such food cravings especially for having something sweet, the best option is to eat ‘diabetic-friendly desserts’.

‘Diabetic-friendly Desserts’ include everything from biscuits to ice-creams and yes, even cakes & pastries! 

15068958_1808725939369683_992240782772294390_oIn order to spread awareness about the same among millions of Diabetic patients in India and across the globe, Seema D’souza Pinto & her husband have come up with a brilliant idea of having a Diabetic Food Trail. Over 200 restaurants across 5 major cities of India namely Mumbai, Delhi, Pune Chennai & Bengaluru have joined hands for enlightening people about tasty diabetic food and serving the Diabetic special menu.

November 19th, 2016 saw one such innovative trail happening in Delhi which was spread across 4 restaurants. The participating restaurants in this Diabetic special Dessert Trail 2016 (Delhi Edition) were Bercos, GetaFix, Bohemia & G’s Patisserie. 

Each of the participating restaurants served desserts which were made from Diabetic friendly food ingredients. The idea here was to make the desserts healthy enough so that the Diabetes affected people can enjoy the little sweet pleasures.


GetaFix a quaint restaurant located in the busy M-Block market of Greater Kailash-, Delhi served Sugar- Free Carrot Cake & Sugar-Free Lime Pie. The Carrot Cake resembled very close in taste to its normal made-of-sugar version. While Sugar-Free Lime Pie with a beautiful lime jelly sitting cozily on a perfect crust base made from Britannia Nutrichoice Essentials Diabetic friendly biscuit was the one that stood out among both the desserts.



The next stop in this Diabetic Food Trail 2016 was Bohemia situated in N-Block market of Greater Kailash-1, Delhi. Bohemia served indulgent Sugar-Free Tiramisu and Sugar-Free Chocolate Fudge with Yogurt ice cream.  In Tiramisu there was a little taste of Sugar-Free coming. The coffee liquor at the bottom cut the sweetness and made this Diabetic friendly Tiramisu all the more lovable. The chocolate fudge seemed pretty much the same but the yogurt ice-cream stole the limelight. It was creamy and with subtle sweetness perfect for Diabetic and even health conscious people.



G’s Patisserie was the last destination of the Diabetic Dessert Food Trail 2016 (Delhi Edition). Chef Gauri of G’s Patissserie had made four assorted desserts that all had natural sweetening agents in it. She also gave a short masterclass in which she baked Oat Raisin Cookies. For the same, she used Zucchini extract which is very sweet in taste as the flavoring agent. Apart from this, G’s Patisserie displayed Warm Apple Cinnamon Cobbler,  Chocolate Zucchini Cake, Banana Oats bar with Britannia Nutrichoice Essentials Oats cookies.  

All the above desserts are extremely healthy with Sugar-Free Carrot Cake having the highest calories of 396Kcal. while Banana Oats bar with Britannia Nutrichoice Essentials Oats cookies having the least calories with just 87 Kcal.

Though the Diabetic Food Trail 2016 will end on 30th November 2016 but not without leaving ultimate healthy food inspirations for Diabetic and health conscious people. Check their website for more information about Diabetes and such food recipes.

Feature Image Courtesy: Diabetic Food Trail

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