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Cafe Shunya, Gurgaon – Restaurant Review

I was invited for a food tasting & review session by this fairly new cafe in town. So first things first it is a proper cafe in Gurgaon and they do not serve drinks as in some other namesake ‘Cafe’.

The owner Akanksha Rathi revealed the reason of naming the cafe as  ‘Shunya’ because Zero is a gift of India to the world. In this cafe too, all the dishes have local Indian origin ingredients which are rarely found elsewhere yet are super-duper healthy and rich nutrient wise.


Talking about location, it is situated in Crosspoint Mall opposite to Galleria Market in Gurgaon. So the mall gets full marks for location and accessibility. The location of the cafe inside the mall works both as a boon and a bane because a little effort is needed to locate this cafe. But once found the open space and the bliss of being located in the less rush side of the mall prove to work in favor of the concept over which this cafe was started.

fotor_148040416578233I will give its location a 5/5 rating.


The ambiance of this cafe reminds of the Scandinavian concept open restaurants & cafes with a lot of natural lighting used, minimalistic decor and see through glass usage instead of walls. It is actually one of the foremost cafes in Gurgaon where you actually feel that you are sitting in the millennium city.


The menu is designed to make aware the guests about gluten free & vegan options in the menu. The sitting arrangement is made in the form of Mango wood tables and chairs. But they have one table where guests can easily remove their shoes and enjoy their food while relaxing. 


fotor_148092952432051Plus there are freshly growing herbs like coriander, basil, aloe vera (which is plucked right from the pot while making an aloe vera infused smoothie) for increasing the aesthetic value of cafe.

I will give its ambiance a 5/5 rating. 


Service is pretty decent considering the restaurant is small and staff in proportionate number for aptly managing things.

I will give its Service a 4.5/5 rating.


For a health-conscious person, Cafe Shunya has a superb lineup of not just healthy food but super-foods! I practically tried half of the dishes on the menu of this cafe in Gurgaon cause almost all the dishes are new in terms of their ingredients used and taste. Actually, ingredients used aren’t really new to India but the lesser use of these native ingredients make them sound ‘exotic’ and new like Shakarkand, Kamrakh etc.

fotor_148092971489796In food, I had Shunya Classic Sandwich which had Tulsi infused pesto in  it.

fotor_148044418630592Jo-Jowar Salad which had nutrients coming in through the amalgamation of Jo & Jowar. The hung curd is  used as its dressing and lemon pickle to top it.

fotor_148092979934278Green Topic Smoothies is very healthy since it has vegetables like spinach, broccoli etc. pureed for taste there is Guava in there whose flavor empowers the flavor of smoothie to make it very tasty.

Homemade Muesli is a simple yet very pro-health combination of makhana, raisins, dry ber, nuts & seeds topped with rose petals and milk of your choice.  One gets the fresh flavor of rose petals in it.

fotor_148095073972099Superfood Salad is highly recommended it has the goodness of Quinoa, seeds, fruits, veggies, nuts and more. Pomegranate kernels are used as the topping which adds the tanginess.

fotor_148093284286173Chickpea Salad is also very tasty and has the interesting taste of star fruit in it with feta cheese as a dressing.

fotor_148093254120859The Beetroot Pizza was amazing with novel flavors. Thin crust pizza base with just adequate cheese and beetroot made it extremely good though not similar to Indianized pizza.

fotor_148095105757379Lastly to beat the cold windy wintery afternoon we had two different Tisanes. Tisane is basically herbal tea which has zero tea content in it so Ti-san. I personally liked Tisane number 2 with goodness oof ashwagandha,  cardamom and by & large all Indian whole spices. For me, it is the ultimate concoction for beating the cold. One can add honey for sweetness in it. This one too highly recommended.

fotor_148095159271384Pancakes were light with a drizzle of old monk sauce (you won’t get inebriated) and chironji seeds.

I will give its food a 5/5 rating.


I know it’s too early to give the place a full 5  but I simply loved the place & cause I want a bigger version of this cafe where more people can fit in very soon. Owners hope you work upon this!

A big, big thumbs up for this cafe. Most recommended for peaceful, relaxing meals, healthy super foods with mostly in-house produced ingredients and that are yummy to the core.

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