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Hey Itchy Feets,

How are you all? It’s been about a week since I have published a blog because I was a little under the weather. Trust me it’s shivering cold out here in Delhi. Most people from my network of friends on Facebook have left to warmer parts in India as well as abroad. 

With ‘Airport Look’ becoming a trend on social websites. Fashion has become significant while one is on the go. 

MKH is the newest fashion brand that boasts of fast-fashion clothing line. One that is comfortable to wear, premium fabric & style as its core.

‘MKH’ will be available online at their exclusive online store from 14th January 2017.

The product line as of now comprises of jog suits & joggers for men which are inspired by travel & fashion. Women wear will be available or sale from March 2017 onwards. The product range is set and a medium budget price range of Rs. 900 to Rs. 2700. International Shipping too, is set to begin soon.

MKH is the dream project for Mr. Sagar Handa as it is an accolade to his father Mr. Manoj Kumar Handa’s (MKH) amazing contribution to the fashion industry from more than three decades. For making ‘MKH’ a reality Sagar Handa & Ms. Mansi Aggi have joined hands to bear the responsibility and deliver in their areas of expertise.

An introductory BOGO (Buy One Get One) offer will be applicable for a limited period. The USP of the athleisure product line is premium quality wear that is manufactured with exceptional fabrics that vary from Indigos to luxury textures.

So do check out this brand new athleisure brand from India and grab the introductory offer only on their website


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