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Eagle-360- A revolutionary innovation by Goodyear

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The world is awaiting the advent of autonomous cars to take over the roads. While that will be a spectacle in itself, Goodyear has unveiled its latest concept tyre, Eagle- 360 which will be a classic example of a tyre that has already set a benchmark in the field of technology.

Eagle-360 is a tyre that has a spherical shape, 3-D printed tread-design which relies on magnetic levitation & is an example inspiring solutions for autonomous driving in the future. This incredible vision of the future tyre was presented by the tyre giant Goodyear in Geneva, Switzerland on March 1st, 2016. The brilliant technology of this tyre has been recognized by the Time Magazine as ‘one of the best inventions in the world’ and the ‘only one in the tyre category’. If you thought this was big, they have another honor in their kitty as well.

Goodyear has made sure that you will say goodbye to all your worries about the wear & tear of tyres, speed limit and the condition of the roads. Goodyear has developed a technology that has sensors to reposition and extend the tyres themselves to avoid wear and tear. It has received the ‘Good Design’ prize in the Transportation category by Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design and the European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies.

The tyres have Goodyear’s technology which will communicate about the weather conditions and regulate the speed. Another unbelievably smart feature of Goodyear Eagle-360 is that it is connected via magnetic levitation. It means tyres are not bolted to the car but are suspended via a magnetic field. Goodyear has made sure that it has everything you have ever dreamt of.

It will feel fabulous to be part of the generation which will see such innovative & luxurious technology.

Do check out the video above to know more about this new product from one of the most trusted tyre manufacturers of the world.

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