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32 Simple Ways of Finding The Right Partner for Marriage!

Are ‘arranged marriages’ happy? Or for that matter, even the love marriages! Marriage is a magnanimous change in anyone’s life. In this era of gender equality, it doesn’t really matter if you are a male or female, the impact will be of more or less of the same level.

So one hurried decision, one impulsive leap of faith or a simply going by the looks, education or the family can leave you in a dead pool state. {Not the video game or movie that we are referring to here!} 


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or a fatal hit & run accident



or in a castaway state on an isolated island!

No, we don’t intend to scare the hell out of you by quoting such situations in relation to marriage. But for sure, everything isn’t that rosy as shown in movies. Plus in the present day with the increasing number of divorce petitions and also the number of people opting to remain single, it has become even more crucial to find the right partner for marriage.


Here’s an exhaustive list of pointers which may seem to be idiotically simple but can help you like anything in choosing the right partner for marriage. These are different from the cliched questions generally asked while meeting a prospective bride or groom; those can be easily be lied about.

One can simply observe (recommended) or talk with your partner about these pointers before zeroing down to the right partner for marriage & saying ‘I Do’!

#1. Religious beliefs Orthodox/Moderate/Atheist:

Inter-religion marriages are very common these days and so this point becomes very crucial for one to observe about.

#2. Love for Travel or Stay at Home:

Source 1 & 2

Some people love to travel very much and explore different places while some others prefer to stay at home and spend their weekends at home. If you and your partner are opposites in this criterion then there are chances of suffocation of one or both partners in marriage.

#3. Family History & Well-being

It is often said by elders that the status and well-being of the two families should match for better marriage. No matter how much the younger generation ridicules this point but in most marriages it does work. So the families should match in terms of education (equally educated) or status, orthodox lifestyle or not & more.

#4. Honesty Level: Very honest /Opportunist Liar/ Serial Liar

‘Honesty’ is a core value which has to be judged while finding the right partner or the results may prove to be detrimental for a marriage as trust issues arise in the relationship.

#5. Eating outside on weekend or Eating at home

This point has multiple dimensions for you to judge your prospective husband or wife in terms of cooking food, extrovert personality, money spending etc.

#6. Liking for Porn/No Porn and in General for Future Sexual Life


In this era of vivid sexual orientations and perversions, it is important to not shy away with topics related to your future physical life. Judging the person right on this one is extremely important. However, in no case, we suggest you indulge in pre-marital sex for the same.

#7. Settling in Abroad or in Native Country

Everyone has a vision for his or her future, this point caters to the same. We would suggest not only for you to judge the other person on this but also give yourself a deep thought and evaluate carefully. The problem arises when the disagreement in the two people’s views about this matter get revealed post marriage.

#8. Settling in Metro city or Native city

In continuation with the above point, one may also like to know thoughts of the person on settling in a metro city or his or her native city. Big adjustment issues can arise because of this one single point.

#9. Short & Stylish/Jeans/ Conservative outfit

Now, this point is not just restricted to what one wants to wear or not but it can be helpful again in judging the personality of your ‘to be’. After all finding, the right partner for marriage requires a lot of wise thinking.

#10. Luxury Brands/ Mid-budget Brands or Local Stuff 

Source1 & 2

Earning money & its management is very crucial for a successful marriage. So you might just want to observe at this point. Also, a local guy and an elite girl or vice versa can adjust only in films not really in real life!

#11. Personal Hygiene

Marriage is all about living together for the entire life. So the level of personal hygiene matching between you and your partner needs to be taken into consideration. For observing this you don’t need to ‘Live-in’ but simply notice this aspect every time you meet your prospective guy or girl. You sure don’t want to be living your entire life with a STINKBOMB!

#12. Going to Disco/pubs or Relaxing at Home

Quite similar to point number #2. This pointer can be a cause of displeasure in marriage.

#13. Hobbies

Check whether the person is actually passionate about or just said to impress you.

#14. Money Matters

Views and practical implementation

#15. Choice between Super Cars – Bikes/Cars/Bikes/Cycle

Nothing wrong in any but would give you an idea of his/her aspiration level!

#16. Children/No Children/ Adoption


What if he or she doesn’t want children or lots f them or wants to go for adoption?

#17. Hereditary Diseases in Both Families and People

Anything after marriage though cannot be controlled but recurrence of genetic/hereditary diseases can be avoided. Though this may seem to overdo the right partner exercise but it is better safe than sorry.

#18. Alcohol/Cigarette


Generally, if a person says “I drink or smoke occasionally” then he might be a regular but in limit drinking habit and so on.

#19. Liking between Beaches or Mountains

Another personality matching point.

#20. Preference of Big Fat / Budget/ Simple/Court Wedding

Compatibility on this issue can start from before the marriage itself. Dowry matter too should be given a careful thought on.

#21. Idea of Romance

Mushy (giving gifts, celebrations etc.)/Practical

#22. Type of Friends & Social Circle


Friendship is a relationship that one chooses beyond blood ties. By observing his or her friends also one can judge a person’s personality.

#23. Watching Sports or Television Drama or Netflix

Did you know this is one of the primary reason why married couples fight? Ah! ask any couple sometimes and they wold tell seemingly hilarious tales of this type of fight.

#24. Core Value Check: Ego level

Can be checked by the way a person speaks with people inferior to him or her.

#25.  ‘Me time’

Check whether the person wants a ‘me time’ too often or too less. Surely you wouldn’t want to be living in isolation.

#26. Preference: Family

Don’t simply ask the person but observe their inclinations for a living in a nuclear/joint family through various ways.

#27. ‘Open’ or  ‘Only You Two’ Relationship


It takes two to tango but the presence of a third person may not be everybody’s cup of tea.

#28. Preference: Doing household chores

#29. Love for Mobile Phones, Other Gadgets, and Social Sites

Quite related to the ‘Me-time’ point. But in this era of digital life, spouses and children do feel left out with overindulgence of these.

#30. Personality: Mood Swings, Aggression, Passive Personality

While choosing a right life partner, it is very crucial for the sake of your mental peace & happiness.

#31. Food Habits Vegetarian/Non-Vegetarian/Vegan

You don’t want to end up having a separate kitchen, cooking your individual food or sulk & depend on outside food for your palate requirement!

#32. Workaholic/Balanced/Importance to life


Last but one of the most important personality trait you ought to judge for finding the right partner.

Apart from this, we would suggest taking a good amount of time to know the person well and wait until you find the right partner. Nothing in this life is wrong or right because it is your life & should be forever!

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  1. With such a big list , it seems finding the right partner is an uphill task ! On a lighter note – Pehle kyon nahin bataya 🙂

    1. He he. You know it is often said “Thokar khake hi aadmi seekhta hai!” :p But seriously one should choose the life partner very carefully. If I was unmarried now, I would definitely follow all or most of these points.

  2. interesting read Judy! Many options to chose from:)

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