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5 Face Yoga Exercises for Beautiful Face!

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Wondering how most actors and actresses manage to have a beautiful, glowing face even without any makeup? Oh yeah, one might reason it out in the form of luxury spas and salon services they indulge in. Partly it is true also but for long lasting effects many TV and film personalities have resorted to face yoga on a daily basis. Not only they service and reenergize their body muscles but they also do face yoga for a beautiful face which is flawless & ever growing.

Some of the common problem areas which can be tackled by Face Yoga are:

  • Dull face

  • Acne

  • Double Chin

  • Untimely appearance of fine lines & wrinkles

  • Frown

#1 Fish Face:

Face Yoga for Beautiful Face: Cheeks Area

Is weight on your beautiful face is a problem for you? Then making ‘fish face’ is a great face yoga exercise for toning facial muscles especially around cheek areas. Famous actresses like Angelina Jolie, Jacqueline Fernandez and more are often seen making this kind of ‘fish face’ on film and reality tv program shoots. For greater impact try and smile a little to create extra pressure on the cheek muscles. 

#2. Making the ‘V’  Face Yoga Excercise:

Face Yoga for Beautiful Face: Eye Area

This particular face yoga exercise makes your face look beautiful by working on the area around eyes. So problems like crow’s feet, puffed eyes & dropping eyelids can be resolved by daily practicing this face yoga. Many yoga experts consider it to be a natural alternative to Botox and other surgical therapies.  In this face yoga exercise, one needs to place the two middle fingers at both corners of the eyebrow and apply pressure of the outer side of the eyebrow. After which keeping the head straight in the same position rotate the eyes upward to see the ceiling especially the lower eyelid should feel a little pressure. Count til 30 and repeat it as and when it is possible in a day with a minimum count of five to six times.

#3.  The Giraffe Face Yoga Excercise:

Face Yoga for Beautiful Face: Neck Area

For a beautiful face, an equally beautiful and well-toned neck is very important. So this face yoga exercise helps to tone the neck muscles and the chin. In this exercise, you need place the fingertips of both hands on the collarbone and apply little pressure downward. Meanwhile, bend your face backward so as to create a pressure in the neck area. Hold for 30 seconds and then come back to normal position. Do it two- three times in one set.

#4. Smooth It Face Yoga for Beautiful Face:

Face Yoga for Beautiful Face: Forehead Area

Taking both the hands and keep it on the forehead horizontally with fingertips of both hands face each other in the center. Now slowly pull the skin of forehead outwardly with the help of fingertips. This will immensely relax the forehead muscles and thus help in getting a beautiful face sans the ugly forehead lines.

#5. ‘Look Up’ Face Yoga for Beautiful Chin:

Face Yoga for Beautiful Face: Chin Area

This exercise works to reduce the double chin problem that arises with a weight gain or aging. Here one needs to hold the chin with both hands such that the thumbs of both hands are below the chin. Press the chin from the lower side. you can also work this up on your entire jawline for two to three minutes.

Remember to cool down the face muscles after the whole routine like one does after a body work out session. For the same rub, the palms of both hands for few seconds and now starting with eyes put the warm palms gently all over the face for few seconds. As a must before each face yoga session wash your hands thoroughly so no dirt gets transferred from your hands onto your face. If this face yoga is done daily then you are sure to have a beautiful glowing face!

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