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Punjab Grill Tappa, Cyber Hub, Gurgaon Restaurant Review

A while ago, Cyber Hub, Gurgaon had become the talk of the town because of the honorable SC ruling of liquor ban near the highway. Well, it’s again in the news as restaurants and bars have got a clean chit in the same proceeding and have started serving Liquor again! For restaurants like Punjab Grill Tappa Cyber Hub, Gurgaon that serve north Indian fusion food, it will be a reason for warmer & wider smiles on the faces of employees while welcoming the guests.


Being centrally located on the ground floor in the main section of Cyber Hub makes Punjab Grill Tappa, Cyber Hub very easily accessible. One doesn’t have to go all lengths and breaths to find the place within Cyber Hub. But with newly altered routes leading to Cyber Hub, I will give the restaurants location a 4.5 rating.


Punjab Grill Tappa, Cyber Hub is a medium sized restaurant. It has a comfortable table setup in varying sizes where even families or a bigger group of friends can enjoy their precious moments. On one end of the inner seating area is the bar.

The bar that had turned into a juice bar for a short while. Now back to Bar!

There is also a little space outside for people to enjoy their food in the open environment.

I will give its ambiance a 3.5/5 rating.


A dedicated wait staff is assigned to each table. The wait staff are well trained and are courteous. The restaurant manager makes sure to visit each table and take a quick feedback. The food comes on to the table at a medium pace. Occasionally they also double up as babysitters for couples wth toddlers to enjoy their meal.

I will give their Service a 5/5 rating.

Food at Punjab Grill Tappa, Cyber Hub:

At Punjab Grill Tappa, Cyber Hub the things tasted were: 

A fusion Navratri Thali which comprised of Sabudana Pilaf, Samak Rice Sushi, Arbi Satay, Roasted Pumpin, Kuttu ki Puri, Fresh Fruits, Chickoo Shrikhand, & Iced Tea Thandai.

Sabudana Pilaf: Pilaf which is generally made of rice here it was replaced by Sabudana in this fast special platter. The pilaf at Punjab Grill Tappa, Cyber Hub had subtle flavors resembling Sabudana khichdi which is generally eaten during fasting days in India. 

Chickoo Shrikhand

Samak Rice Sushi: Samak Rice is not exactly a variety of rice but it is rather a fruit from the grass that grows alongside rice in the paddy fields. it is a very healthy substitute for rice and can be eaten in all types of fast.  The Sushi’s made of Samak rice were filling and less to medium spicy.

Roasted Pumpkin Sabzi and Kuttu Puri are the conventionally eaten fasting foods and they were really good. 

The Iced Tea Thandai is a standout refreshing drink which is a must have when at Punjab Grill Tappa, Cyber Hub.

Arbi Satays were basically yummy Arbi Kababs presented in Satay style.

Apart from the Navratri Thali which was available only for a limited period, the other dishes tasted from the regular menu were:

Tandoori Norwegian Salmon, Fish Tikka Ajwaini for starters. Fish Tikka Ajwaini hails from Amritsar where fish is marinated in a spicy marinade consisting of Ajwain. While the fusion starter of Tandoori Norwegian Salmon had hints of Saffron and Dill seeds.  Both were equally good and had clear flavors of its ingredients in every bite. 

Apart from this Aloo Prunes Chaat, Paneer Cigar and  Aam Papad & Lettuce Leaf wrapped Kurkuri were also tasted.

Aloo Prunes Chat has a sweet and tangy taste which so good. No one can have just one! While the Paneer Cigar Rolls had a similar taste like Paneer tikka which was okay, not really awesome. 

The Aam Papad and lettuce leaf wrapped Kurkuri was another milestone dish. This starter has a perfect balance of tanginess derived fro Aam Papad and Lettuce leaf that has subtle flavors while the core part is crunchy! A must try dish!

Jalei Churros with Malai Rabri at Punjab Grill Tappa, Cyber Hub … yummy

I will give its food a 4/5 rating.


The price point of Punjab Grill Tappa, Cyber Hub, Gurgaon is Rs. 1800 for two approximately. It is a more modern and younger version of ‘Punjab Grill’ which has been in place for many years now and has very good report card when one talks about North Indian food. This restaurant true to its legacy finds its strength in the north Indian food specialty. The fusion angle given to the conventional Indian dishes is a refreshing thing at Punjab Grill Tappa, Cyber Hub, Gurgaon. A must visit restaurant, especially for family lunches & dinner!


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